The Wastewater Management Site
By Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., Palmyra, Indiana, USA

This Site Teaches the Sciences of Wastewater Management
There does not appear to be any other website which goes into the details of biology, instrumentation, and management as planned for this site.

50 -- Introduction to Waste Water Management, types of systems, principles.- not ready
100 - Microbiology Fundamentals of Wastewater Management. types of microbes, how to get the ones you need, microbial sucession. bulking.
200 - Management of Wastewater Plants: residential septic tanks, farm lagoons, other lagoons, aerated tanks, anaerobic systems.
300 - Instrumentation and their inspection and calibration; process and laboratory. PLCs
400 - Laboratory assays and quality control
500 - Pumps and process equipment.
600 -
700 - FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - not ready
800 - Waste Water Science Projects for Students - not ready
900 - Information about manufacteurs and links to them.

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Introduction to This Website - Read this on your first visit
Calibration of a Final Flow Meter
- ready for comments
ww039 - Internet Calculators - 4,000 of them
Waste Water Directory - Add your name
Waste Water Index - not ready
Waste Water Web Sites - not installed
Collection System Management
Links to Related Web Sites
not ready

This website will become an online library of tutorials and reference materials which will be helpful to anyone involved in wastewater management. This site will have answers to frequently asked questions, links to other web sites, index of keywords, photographs, diagrams, and other aids for wastewater managers. As I develop this library, I will have in mind the information needs of everyone. Each of us is involved in the production, use, or treatment of wastewaters. There will be materials here for farmers, students, homeowners, and wastewater professionals at towns and industry. Wastewaters are one of America's most important resources and this site teaches how to use them safely, in accordance with regulations, and at the lowest cost. As a scientist with a wide range of experience, I particularly hope to encourage research into alternative uses and treatment of wastewaters. -- Harold Eddleman, Ph. D

You can Assist this Project

Students, farmers, homeowners, faculty, treatment plant operators, and others around the world having an interest in wastewater are invited to submit materials, book reviews, ideas, articles, comments to make this site more uesful.

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