Revised 1997 May 4

A Simple Page

This page is an example of a simple template.

When you need to write many HTML pages having a common style, it is best to strip much of the text from one of the pages and then use it as a template for all the pages in the group. Then you will have a uniform appearance to all the pages. I save templates as tempagex.htm where x is number.

At the bottom of each web page it is a good idea to have a link back to your home page and other key pages in your site. Many people come to your site via a link and may like what they see, but unless you provide links to your index pages, it is difficult for them to find their way around your site.

I often show at the bottom of a homepage (index.htm) a list of accurate sentences which enable the visitor to quickly see where he wants to go. That sentence then provides the topic or theme for the subpage I am writing to link to that sentence on the home page.

WWW sites having content related to this page

Using templates can save lots of work. If you are in Editor Mode, you will notice the target symbol on this line. Point your mouse on the target to read its name.

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