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WEB Sites Useful to Scientists, Students, and Others
By Harold Eddleman, Ph.D.

This page gives information about WWW sites which I use. This list should be useful to scientists and others searching the web for data and information. It is particularly intended for science students and the general public. Just click on the blue underlined URL and your browser will take you to the web location. Notice most domain names begin with www, but not all do so. Notice URLs use lowercase and no spaces. Some of the URLs listed below appear to have spaces, but what appears to be a space is an underscore. All these URLs worked when installed, and I try to keep them up-to-date. If an URL fails, try omitting some of the /???/??? directories at the end of the URL; the remote server may have revised directories. Please email errors and problems to:

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Birds These URLs have information on attracting, feeding, building habitat, and studying birds.


Butterflies (or see insects)


Computing and Supercomputing

Computers in Biology computational biology


Ecology and evironmental

Education and Research on Teaching/Learning


Geology and Earth Sciences

Genome Sciences There is a worldwide effort to sequence the genomes of many organisms. The data is becoming available on the web for access by scientists and the general public. Many sciences are required: computer data bases, sequencing chemistry, data transfer, sequence comparators, etc. Some genomes being sequenced are Human, Maize, .......... Cooperative Human Linkage Project is developing human genetic linkage maps displaying easy to use PCR formatted microsatellite markers. European Molecular Biology L nucleotide sequence data base of DNA and RNA sequences collected from publications, patents, direct submissions by researchers. Genome Database (GDB) stores nucleotide sequences submitted by scientists worldwide and makes them available to anyone who can understand them. GenomeNet is a Japanese network for genome research and related areas in molecular and cellular biology. Genome Sequencing Center at Washington University in St. Louis is a large scale DNA sequencing lab. Human Genome Database supports biomedical research, clinical practice, and education by providing human gene mapping information. National Center for Biotechnolgy Informational (USA). The home for GenBank,dbEST, and MMDB (molecular modeling database). Which will be described below. .................. National Center for Genome Resources is a non-profit bioinformatics company providing genome sequence information and background on genetics and public issues. NIH Genobase Database Gateway provides access to Prolog-based GenoBase, an object-orientated molecular biology database. Protein Data Bank archives 3-dimensional structures of proteins, RNA? for scientists, teachers, and students. Prot-Web is a worldwide net of protein databases and related databases. SWISS-PROT Protein Sequence Database GESTEC (Univ of Texas, Genome Science and Tech Center) is mapping human chromosome 11, developing reagents, and studying disease related genes in detail. Genome Sequence Sampling, mapping reagents at high resolution. Southwest Medical Center.

Insects and other invebrates

Marine biology


Medicine and medical research

Molecular biology



Taxonomy and systematics

Teaching Science

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