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Construction of this site began in Janurary 1997. We have begun by providing pages for beginners in science. As you progress in science, you will often find words you don't understand. We have provided a glossary to help you. When you are browsing (reading) any page, just click on the blue words and the browser will jump to the glossary page at our web site or some other place in the world to show you helpful information. When you finish reading that page, just click on BACK at the upper left of the toolbar and your browser will return you to the spot where you were reading. When the browser jumps to another website, it saves that page in your computer and turns the blue word to violet color. Then if you want to read that violet link again, just click on it and the browser will show you the saved version. If you fear that saved information is out of date, then click on refresh (at middle of tool bar) and your browser will recontact the remote site and get the current version of the page and replace the old saved version with the new version.

We have a pagelist which shows what is on every page in this site. The pagelist also tells what will be on pages we have not yet written. Pagelist has links to the pages which are ready to use. If a link fails it means we are in the process of installing that page and you should try again next week.

When you are studying one of our pages, you may want to look at the bottom of the page where we suggest links to other pages on our site or other web sites around the world. This site will information for beginners and experts. If you can't understand a page, go to a less advanced page. If you are on page g33 then try g1. The low numbered pages are simple and use materials found around the home. The higher numbered pages are more advanced and may require specialized items such as petri dishes.

It is very important to read our safety pages. Many talented young students have had serious accidents because they had not developed adequate safety skills. The most important safety rule is to understand the risks and dangers of what you are doing. Sadly, experiments often carry dangers you do not know about. Don't begin any experiments until your parents and teachers have approved your plans. Always use the buddy plan. Have a teacher or parent who understands all the risks to supervise all your experiments. That person should watch while you carry out the experiment. Adults often have serious accidents too. Safety is so important most college chemistry departments assign one professor the task of advising other faculty and students on safety. If you are not willing to work safely, please do not try any of the experiments found on this web site. Too often students don't have safety glasses, face shields, and other safety equipment. If you don't have the right equipment, don't do the experiment. In such cases, ask teachers, or local colleges if they can help you. In most cases, it is better to just pick a safe experiment where you do not have to worry.

If you have questions, suggestions, corrections, or comments, please send me an email message just by clicking on my email address here. ====> Contact Harold Eddleman ( However, not all e-mails get to me; be sure to send the contents of your OUTBOX or the messages may stay in your browser. I do not know how many of the e-mails I will be able to answer. In any event, your messages will help us improve our pages.

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Indiana Biolab offers glassware, cultures, media, books, and other supplies to schools, farmers, and industry. Many items are available to parents and students for use at home. Orders from students must be submitted on our Student Order Form. Orders from businesses and institutions may be submited on their regular forms. We make no guarantee that our cultures can not cause infection. We require the order include a signed statement that you have read and understand our safety page. If the order is from a student, parents must include a permission statement. Include your e-mail address if you have one.

Items to be edited: bookstore to be added, split first paragraph for kids plus adults, add www sites similar to this site or general science www sites. How can be avoid hiding www links on pages the reader won't turn to Maybe home page is best place.

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