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Computer Science and Writing Web Pages

Computer Science

Using and Writing Web Pages

w40 - An introduction to the Internet for the beginner and HTML principles for page authors.
w42 - How to use the Indiana Biolab web site
w44 - How to build your own website - not ready
w45 - How to build your own website - early development - not ready
w49 - How to use Netscape Navigator Gold to write web pages. - early development
w51 - Important link sites on the web- mostly science - not ready
w52 - Some Scince web sites; only genome sciences at present - not ready
w98 - A simple example of a web page - not ready - partly written
w99 - under developement; empty

Indiana Biolab
Plant Breeding and micropropagation of virus-free sweetpotato and small fruit crops
Science Projects for Students and Amateur Scientists
Projects with bacteria, bacteriophages, yeasts, chemistry, insects, and genetics
Science Equipment and Supplies
Indiana Biolab offers high quality cultures and supplies to schools, industry, farmers, and students.
The Eddleman Institute
This on-line institute offers a quality introduction to the life sciences for students of all ages.
Fish Farming and Aquaculture
Aqua farming may be a viable new industry for our region and yours.
Computer Science and Writing Web Pages Not installed
Students can learn a lot from old computers and anyone can write his own website.
Southern Indiana E-mail Directory
Please enter your e-address and URL
Our Community
Palmyra and its environs offer caves, hill country, lakes and streams, hardwood forests, and parks.
Farms Around the World
These 60 family farms in 40 states and countries give you the feeling of being there.
The Eddleman Geneology Library
Traces Eddleman Families from 1700 in Europe to their settlement in USA and other Countries.
Currently it is mostly limited to Catherine Eddleman of KY 1778 descentants

The links below can help you find some of our best pages.

| Science Pen Pals Around the World via e-mail |
 | How to use This Web Site | Water Jars | Dung Jars | Lab Safety |
Biological Control of Pests |
| Experiments with Bacteria for Beginners at Home or School |
| Growing Bacteria | Pure Culture Methods | Isolating Bacteria | Identifying Bacteria |
| Your Home Laboratory* |
| Bacteriophage Biology | Isolating Bacteriophages | Bacteriophage Genetics |
| Growing Strawberries | Micropropagating Plants | Growing Cane Fruit |
| History of Indiana Biolab | Science Humor | Science Stories |

Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164
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