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Current Science Projects

This page is intended to encourage students to correspond with others about their current research. We want to publish a description of current projects by elementary, high school, and graduate students. Include your email address if you are willing to answer questions from other students. Currently, we have plenty of space and can publish whatever you send. If space becomes limited, we will edit your article. Rewrite your article for 10 days to make it interesting and helpful, and as short as possible for the information you are submitting. Submissions by graduate students may be an aid to younger students. If you wish we can omit your name, but we want to include school, city, and state. Please feel free to send an email to the students who have projects that are interesting to you. We encourage professionals to email students with ideas for improving their project.

Another page Completed Science Projects contains reports by college students and professionals who hope you can learn from projects they completed in elementary or high school years ago. They will explain how they did the project and how it helped them later in college or elsewhere.

This is a fake (but accurate) example to give you a possible format for your report on this page.
Collecting Insect Galls. Lots of different kinds of insects cause swellings on plant leaves or stems and live inside them. I am collecting such galls and using entomology books from the library to identify them. I carefully dried leaves that had galls between paper or cotton so they were not crushed. I labelled each with the name of the host plant. I know they are galls because I cut some open and they had insect larvae inside. I put nylon stocking around some galls on plants and caught the adults when they emerged from the galls. Some galls are very small. I saved lots of extras in small bottles of isopropyl rubbing alcohol so I can cut them open in winter when I am able to use the school microscope. My uncle, a farmer, got me started on this project. Some galls have insects living inside that did not make the gall. Sometimes the visiting insects are just seeking shelter, but some are parasites or predators on the gall insect. I want to trade DEAD galls with people from other states. If we trade living galls we might introduce a pest into another state. If you are interested in insect galls, please Email me and I will email you a LONG message I have written about galls. 1500 species of insects make galls in the USA. I have 37. Sammy Sams, grade 7, Gall Elementary School, Goldenrod, IN.

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