Virus-free Sweetpotato Production

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Indiana Biolab was the first Commerical Laboratory to offer virus-free sweetpotato plants to farmers. These plants were used in extensive multi-year testing by North Carolina State University.

100 -Sweetpotato Work at Indiana Biolab

Summary of the North Carolina State University and Indiana Biolab Sweetpotato Research
Micropropagation of Virus-Free Sweetpotato at Indiana Biolab
Low cost production of Seed Roots from Indiana Biolab Vine Cuttings

200 - Sweetpotato Production in Garden and Patio

300 - Commerical Sweetpotato Production

IPM: Management of Scruf, Sorage Rots, Soil Pox- North Carolina

400 - Sweetpotato Diseases and IPM

500 - Virus Diseases of Sweetpotato & Indiana Biolab

General Production Information

How to Spell Sweetpotato
North Carolina Sweetpotato production guides
Viruses and Sweetpotato
History of Sweetpotato
Nutritive Value of Sweetpotato
Ways to use Sweetpotato for Food
The Future of Sweetpotato
Sweetpotato Diseases
Sweetpotato Species
Sweetpotato Breeding
Sweetpotato Production in the Home Garden
Commercial Sweetpotato Production
We invite Growers and Scientists to contribute Information

Growing Sweetpotato in Pacific Northwest
Visual Guide to Growing Sweetpotato
Sweetpotato: a treasure for the poor
Commercial Sweetpotato Production in Mississippi
IPM Insect Control in Southern Vegetable Crops

1990 Summary of Commercial Sweetpotato Production in North Carolina

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