Weather & Growing at Indiana Biolab
During 1999

This page provides local weather which is of interest to those following crop development at Indiana Biolab, Palmyra, Indiana.

The frost-free dates are May 10 to early or mid October. We seldom have frost in May or first half of October. Sometimes the weather is miserably hot in early May but more often it is too cold for short sleeved shirts.

April 18: Chilly, misty, no sun or shadows for the last 5 days. Forsythia is 2 days past peak flowering. Tulips are flowering and will be at peak sometime this week.

Mid May: Due to wet ground, I was not able to begin digging until mid-May. However some dirt piles were in good working condition. Therefore, in future try to build raised beds in fall and winter. I hope to dig out trench 5 feet wide and 1 foot deep and invite everyone wanting to get rid of yard waste to throw it in the pit. I will backfill all the soil that came out.

Last 10 days of May were definitely warm enough for plants to grow (I think). Next year begin setting plants in garden about mid may.

May 30 - soaked the seeds, putting seeds from a fruite in its own baby food jar filled 1/3 with water.

May 31 - Transferred seeds to one seed per 4 inch pot and placed in foam box with warm water bottles. Drained water out of the remaining bf jars and placed them in the warm box. Soil temp was

Pumpkin planting time is mid to late May.

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Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164
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