American Indians as Plant Breeders

The American Indians developed an astonishing number of vetetables.
Squash, pumpkin, potato, sweetpotato, pepper, and others.


The wild ancestor of corn is unproven. Not only did the Indians develop corn by some unkown method, they developed five types of corn: flint, dent, popcorn, pod, and sweet. Modern breeders have not created any new type of corn.

While their theory of selective breeding differed from ours, it gave the same results. If they wanted yellow corn they planted yellow corn so the Great Spirit would know what kind of corn was desired. If they planted blue corn and some came out yellow, they probably thought they had not made the message clear to the great spririt or perhaps they felt the great spirit knew best.

More later after if find more info. It may July or October. I have no info on pumpkins.

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