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This is a free service of Indiana Biolab. By clicking on the email address of anyone below you can send an email to the penpal. We hope this will be a way for you to learn about science, farming, climate, geography, plants, school, and other activities in distant states and countries. We hope this will be a way for teachers of all subjects to exchange teaching methods, teaching ideas, and learn about schools and methods in other countries.

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Harold Eddleman, Palmyra, IN , USA. Ph. D. in molecular genetics (Purdue 1966). My interests include all areas of agriculture, crops marketing, food processing, fermented foods, crop breeding, new crops, and learning about life, crops, climate and flora in other countries. I enjoy arctic and alpine nature study. I hope to visit the tropics some day. In 1957, I travelled 18,000 km in all the free countries of Europe by bicycle and youth hostels. I am currently breeding thornless blackberries using germplasm from several countries. I would like to hear from all ages, especially foreign countries. My languages are English and German and some French. My two web sites are devoted to science education--I am particularly interested in corresponding about Education Via the Web. (

Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman (