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This is a free service of Indiana Biolab. By clicking on the email address of anyone below you can send an email to the penpal. We hope this will be a way for you to learn about science, farming, climate, geography, plants, school, and other activities in distant states and countries. If you are single and hoping to correspond with other singles, you are welcome to say so.

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Date: January 1997    From:
Harold Eddleman, Palmyra, IN , USA. Ph. D. in molecular genetics (Purdue 1966). My interests include all areas of agriculture, crops marketing, food processing, fermented foods, crop breeding, new crops, and learning about life, crops, climate and flora in other countries. I especially enjoy arctic and alpine nature study and hiking. I hope to visit the tropics some day, but guess I never will. In 1957, I travelled 18,000 km in all the free countries of Europe by bicycle and youth hostels. I am currently breeding thornless blackberries using germplasm from several countries. I would like to hear from all ages, especially foreign countries. My languages are English and German and some French. .

Date: 21 Jan 98     From:
I am a U.S.A. Domestic Relocation Engineer. I handle 40 tons of product and am daily keeping America alive. You guessed it; I am a professional truck driver. I drive all 48 states, and enjoy seeing America first hand and upclose. If anyone is interested in emailing me, my address is

Date: Jan 98    From:
Hi, I am looking for a penpal to be friends with. I'm a 47 yr. old white female, living in Kansas. My interest are books, movies, and sports. I would be interested in learning about different parts of the country and the world. My e-mail address is

Date: 5 Feb 98    From:
Yes, i have just gotton this computer and dont know to much about it... i would love some computer pen pals.. i live in virginia.... am single my home address is i am 48 years old but very young at heart and think looking for male and female computer pals.... im 6ft 7in... 240lbs. white. so write please..... dave

Date: 14 Feb 98   From:
Hi, my name is Patricia and you can email me at I will respond to anyone wants to email. I am 44yrs.old and married but it makes no difference who emails. singles or married we are all people.I watch Sightings and I like sci-fi things and i like the unknown that can't be explained scientifically.My interests vary otherwise. Hope to hear from someone soon.

Date: 20 Feb 98   From: Capt. Lightfoot
G'day, I am Wes from Melbourne Australia and would like to make friendship with you. Age: 40 Born 18 February 1958 English born Australian (28 years)
Occupation: Electronics/Computer Engineer (Ex-Air Force Fighter Pilot)
Height 176cm - Weight 82Kgs - Blonde hair - Blue eyes - Strong/Athletic build Non smoker - Non Drinker - Non Gamble (Lottery) - Gentle - Kind - Intelligent - Resourceful - Very understanding I own and manage a very successful computer business here in Melbourne Australia and assist Chinese people in business assimilation. Have worked much in China in product development - Quality control - Product liaison and other business developments. Interests: Flying (Pilots License) Computers - Internet - Old Aircraft - Playing Guitar (Song write) - Golf - Picnics - Beach and mountain walks - Swimming - Homelife - Old Movies - Outdoors - Do things to my home - Travel and much more. I have very deep love of China and Chinese peoples and have lived in China for about 3 years. For many years I have wanted to find wonderful traditional values Chinese lady for my heart. But sad to say, this has not happen yet. It would be wonderful if you could respond Have a great day, Xi Xie Wes (Yifan)

Date: 11 Apr 98    From:

Date: 1998 May 13 From:
Walter D. Souza Sex : male, Age : 27 Date of Birth : 02/01/1970, Nationality : Indian (now living in Curacao ) Address : P.O. Box 2113 Otrobanda Curacao Netherland Antilles.
Comments : Hi, Friends, I am from India , but I am now living in Curacao, which lies in the Carribean Sea. I like nature, music, and poems . I want to know different cultures and people . I am an alien !!!*smile*. Are there any human beings out there who would like to talk to me ???? I don't care about nationality, sex or age of people. I want friends and will reply to all mail. Thanks.

Date: 16 May 98   From:
Family orientated female, wanting to hear about other lifestyles and cultures. enjoy arts and crafts, people, pets and social life.

Date: 17 Jun 98    From:
I am a 49 year old male. I am looking for a penpal of anyage. My name is Ronald Nance. My hobbies are camping, fishing, bowling, and bike riding. My email adress is

Date: Jun 19, 1998    From:
I would like to find some pen-pals. I am a 26 year old Irish girl. I love theater, cimena, music, dancing, traveling etc. The list is too long to get through it all. Hope you will write to me.. Talk to ya soon !!!!

Date: 7 Jun 98
single 40 yro white male, christian. College educated. Likes the outdoors fishing, gardening, photography, archery, biking and boating. I would like to meet a nice christian lady from the philippines for friends or possible lifemates. I can be reached at so please e-mail me,

Date: 21 Oct 98

I am interested in Masonry and Ham radio. I would be willing to hear from people of the same .
Dan Mellor

Date: 12 Jul 98
Hello, I am a 24 year old male student studying Science in England. My hobies are watching TV and Films (science/science fiction), Going to the theatre, music (soft rock), Reading (fantasy, classical literature), I tinker with computers. I E-mail on a regular basis (daily usually) and will talk about anything. I work for the Royal Mail (postal services) as a part time job whilst waiting to restart my studies.
Hope to hear from you soon.

enroll penpals (, 07/31/99 06:03) To: Indbio

Hello, my name is Jane

I would love to hear from anyone, I am a disabled person and my one real pleasure in life is my computer and writing to my pen pals.

I love music, I play the flute and the clarinet and belong to 2 orchestras, one primarily for the disabled the other I am the only disabled person in it.

I also love cross-stitch, reading and watching TV. My favourite type of programmes are documentaries about health, hospital etc., I love anything to do with medicine. I do sound gruesome don't I? I'm not let me assure you.

Hope to hear from someone soon.

Bye for now


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