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This is a FREE service of Indiana Biolab. By clicking on the email address of any student below you can send an email to the penpal. We hope this will be a way for students K-12 and college to learn about science, farming, climate, geography, school, and other activities in distant states and countries. K-12 students: please check with your parents before joining Penpals for Students, and please share the replies with them. College students who are willing to act as mentors to K-12 students are encouraged to say so in their listing. Please do not use all capitals; it makes your letter hard to read and readers will move to the next person.

How to Enroll in Penpals for Students

You may enroll your name in penpals by clicking on this address ( In the body of the message say whatever you wish (interests, favorite school subjects, countries you want to hear from).

How to DisEnroll from Penpals for Students

Please remove your name when you want no more messages. To disenroll, click on this address ( and the mailto: message blank will appear on your monitor. For the subject of the message enter "disenroll penpals1". If you care to give a reason for disenrolling, you may enter that reason in the body of the message. Your reason may help us manage this page.

How to Reply to a Person Below

Listed below are students who would like to receive an e-mail from other students. To send an e-mail message to one of them click on the listed email address and the mailto: message blank will appear for you to enter your message. If your browser doesn't support mailto:, send an e-mail by your ususal method.

Date: 1997 July 20    From
I am 15 years old. I live in Tennessee. I like to skate, swim, bowl, movies, music, reading, shopping, and love volleyball. I would like to get a christian penpal. Please e-mail me.

Date: 5 Feb 98    From:
Hi, I'm in 6th Grade I live in U.S.A I enjoy sports animals and video games e-mail me at

Date: 14 Feb 98    From:
Hi! My name's Ine,and I'm from Indonesia. I'm 13 years old this year and I really love cyberchatting.I'm looking for penpals from all around the world.That's why, if you maybe want to be my penpal, please e-mail to Thank you! Ine

Date: 21 Feb 98    From: louise@gate.tan.dn
I am a 17 year old English student and love music and literature. I would like a penfriend with whom I can discuss everything and become good friends.

Date: 26 Feb 98    From:
Hi, I am Pamela Li from Singapore (age 15), wishing to know more friends from the web. I will be waiting for replies.

Date: 14 Mar 98 From:
I enroll myself. I am 15, from South Dakota. I just want a pen pal. Please e-mail me at Thank you!

Date: 3 Jun 98   From:
Searching for penpals in australia. We are live from Hollywood California.

Date: 11 Jun 98  From:
All subjects, females and males 7th and 8th grade. Interests vary. Mostly Basketball, Football, cooking, fun, reading,

Date: 16 Jun 98  From:
Hi, I am a 17 year old girl from germany. I go to a school for art.I like drawing, music,reading (T.Pratchett!!) and any kind of sport.I would like to have panpals from all over the world ! I hope you will write me. C.U.

Date: 30 Jul 1998   From: Michael Carpenter
Names Michael. Age is 15. Cute. Looking for possible relationship. I like to play on my computer, my nintendo, and go biking, running, rollerblading, and I'd like to here from people in Aurora, IL.
Michael(I go by Mac)

Date: 10 Aug 98   From:
My name is Eu Jin Voon and I would like to be your pen-pal. I got all your e-mail addresses from my freinds like May Wong and Faye Tan. I am 11 years old and a male but that doesn't mean I can't have girl friends. Please reply me if you would like to be my pen-pal but I would really appreciate it if you all become my friends. If you don't wish to be my friend, please sign my guestbook at my page at

Date: 13 Aug 98  From:
My name is Erica Levy. I am From Canada. I would like to be your penpal. Who are you? What age? I like horses and guys. Erica.

Date: 7 Sep 98   From:
I came across your penpal site and I'd like to have my name added. My name is Heather, I'm 19, and I live on the West Coast of the USA. I am interested in art, animals, music, old cars, lots of stuff. I'm a college student, but I don't know what I want to major in. I'm LDS, and I have a younger brother and a younger sister. We have 3 dogs, 2 cats and some fish. I'd like to write to anyone with similar interests, and I can be reached at
Thanks! Heather

Date: 31 Oct 98   From:
My name is Justin, and I am a 23 year old American college student. I am studying both German and Russian, so I am always looking for penpals in Germany and Russia. I like poetry, music, photography, traveling, nature, animals and hanging out with friends. If you would like to know more about me, please feel free to ask.

Date: 2 Dec 98  From:
Hi my names is Steven. I am in grade 7. I like to write stories, draw, and play computer games. I am looking for a penpal from Australia or Asia. I live in Canada.

Date: 10 Dec 98

Date: 2 May 98   From:
Hi, I am a medical student who wants to chat to others sailing on the same boat.

Date: 17 Sep 98  From:
I am a student in Melbourne, Australia looking for penpals from all around the world. My interests are skiing, hockey and going out to the movies with friends.

Date: 20 Sep 98  From:
Hi there, I am a 21 year old student studying Business at degree level, I most enjoy pursuing goals i have set for myself, one of these goals is to learn more about Yoga and how to integrated successfully into life with a view to spreading peace throught my life and the lives of those i meet. If it is possible to chat to a indian student whom also is interested in yoga ithis would be very exciting. I am also interested in football, being with friends , paying drums in a rock band at concerts and reading.  Andy

Date: 4 Dec 98   From:
David Veto 66 Nelson ST. E.Longmeadow, MA 01028 USA
I am interested in a pen-friend from another part of this world! I want someone who is nice and honest! Someone who is not mean and cruel! Thanks!

Date: 15 Jan 99   From:
Jordan Keith- girl-8yrs old, 3rd grade. Maryland,USA Enjoys rugrats, spicegirls, stuffed animals. E-mail

Date: 23 Jan 99   From:
Hi I am a 15 year old Female from Massachusetts and I love the INSANE CLOWN POSSE!!!!! I love getting to know all people and hope you will e-mail me. It doesnt matter where your from or what sex you are but please no older than 20.
Keep it Real! Peace Out! ~Mandy~

Date: 24 Jan 99   From:
my name is micheal i live in ny i like playing football and reading books i am 11 years old i am looking for someone to be a penpal for all over the world

Date: 25 Jan 99   From:
17 year old male (almost 18) looking for female email pals to write to. If you have a scanner or photos are yourself thats a plus. C-ya

Date: 25 Jan 99   From:
I am sorry for any inconvenience in writing the message, but hope that you do not get me wrong. My name is CIA0007, 25 yrs, male, dark hair, brown eyes.... I currently hold two master degrees and I would like to have friends.. any.. if they really want to share their interests or any.. with me. I would be glad to answer any questions if you have.. Happy to hear from you.
Truly,  CIA0007

Date: 1 Feb 99 09   From:
French pupils (15 to 20 years old) are looking for penpals. Thank you for answering.
Their teacher, Christelle Winckel

Date: 1 Feb 99   From:

Date: 31 Jan 99  From:
hey i'm a 15 female from canada.willing to chat to anyone about my spare time i lie to play sports,listen to tunes and just hang out with my buds.e-mail me at hope to hear from ya.

Date: 7 Feb 99   From:
I have been looking for a penpal for a long time
Looking for:Mexican,black hair,brown eyes,13-14\female
Interested in:N`sync,skating rink,movies,basketball,cheerleading,and boys
NOTE:Please do not e-mail me because my e-mail address is messed up
WRITE TO: Tabitha Woodard, 108 Concord LN, Victoria TX,77901-3608

Date: 22 Feb 99   From:
my name is melanie and i am a freshen in highschool....i am 15 years old....i enjoy friend... talking on the phone and everything else fun.... i would like to hear from peeps my age but it really doesnt matter.....from any country..welli hope to hear from every one..mel

Date: 22 Feb 99   From:
My name's Rachel Seccombe. I'm from New Zealand and as part of my course in computer studies we are to find a penpal from off the net. I would like to find someone of my own age (16-17) in another country to become my penpal. Reply soon please. Thanks.

23 Feb 99
Lindsey New York, USA whats up? i would like to have a penpal that is 11-15 male or female. i'm 12-f-ny. i like to play sports, listen to music, and go snowboarding. i hope to hear from someone. thanx lindsey.

12 Mar 9
i am a 12 year old girl, would like to hear from anyone who likes music, and loves to sing!!

Date: 13 Mar 99
Hello my name is Sandy and i am 16!! I'm looking for interesting people to be my penpals! Think you fit the bill? Then write to me. Have a great day!!!

Date: 24 Mar 99
my name's Zora i'm 17 live in australia and would love a penpal from england or anywhere else write soon...bye write to

Date: 17 Mar 99
i am a 15 year old male from fort worth, texas and would like to have a female penpal who is funny and likes wrestling, but if you dont like this i would still like to talk to you

Date: 3 Apr 99


Hi, I am a 13 y/o female wishing to email a guy 13-14. I live in Nevada, and my interests include the arts, french, internet, and music. I hope you write me! my email is Thanks!

My is Michael I am 15 from Greensboro N.C. I am looking for some one to date.I do have a job so we can go out.I like to bowl, play basketball and go to the moves.You can e-mail me at

enroll penpals1 (students) (, Wed 01:34) To: Indbio

hi i'm a 16+ gal from Singapore i'll like to make friendz from all over the world i like to play basketball i love music & drama too! all sexes are welcome!

Penpals (, Thu 03:37) To: Indbio

Hi! I'm Tyler and I'm a 18 year old girl from Middlesbrough in England (U.K.). I'm intrested in most types of music but mostly rock and goth and I am fasinated by foreign countries mainly the far east and india. Sound like you? E-mail me

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PenPals (, 04/18/99 18:34) To: Indbio

Hi, my name is Nadav and i am from Wisconsin, USA. I am 12 years old and i enjoy fencing and friends. I don't care what age or from were my penpal comes from.

=== Nadav Lelkes

RE: Eddleman Geneology (, 04/19/99 19:28) To: Indbio


We live in Edmonds WA, just 16 miles north of Seattle WA, on Puget Sound. Cliff and I are both native to WA state. Cliff is retired from IBM, 12 years ago in an early retirement incentive. He was 48 years old at that time. We now both work part time in a local hobby store. We have 3 sons, Mike, who works at the Galaxy Hobby Store; Paul who works for IBM; and Larry who works for Boeing. All are married and we have 9 grandchildren.

Cliff is the Eddleman relative. His gt grandmother was Isabella (Bella) Eddleman. She died in Snohomish WA and is buried there.

Betty Shaw

enroll penpals1 (students) (, 05/05/99 12:44) To: Indbio

Hi! My name is Maria, I'm from England. I'd like to hear from anyone my own age ( or around 18 ) from the USA or Germany. I like reading , writing and all music. W/S Luv Maria