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Bacteriophages are viruses which attack bacteria. This is the index to dozens of safe, interesting experiments with bacteriophages which you can do at home. These experiments will open your eyes to many fields of biochemistry, biology, biophysics, genetics, molecular biology, and virology which would be difficult to study otherwise. Bacteriophage experiments are notable for their safety.

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P000 - Introduction to Bacteriophages - All first time visitors should begin with this page.

P020- Introduction to your own Home Bacteriophage Lab: introductory experiments, media, tools, and methods for beginners using items found at home--few or no purchases required.

B040 - Index page. Standard Methods used in Microbiology: This chapter shows you how to perform the techniques used in colleges, hospitals, and professional laboratories. A junior high school student many not have access to this equipment, but these pages help him design or select substitutes so that he is able to complete many additional experiments.

B060 - Experiments: Effect of environmental factors on the growth of bacteria. Performing these experiments will help you understand bacteria and how to protect your food from spoilage and poisoning by bacteria . Salt, sugar, pH, oxygen level, heat, and other agents are all used to protect and preserve foods. In these experiments you will aloso learn how different genera and species of bacteria differ in their response to environmental conditions.

B090 - The classification of Bacteria: main groups, families, genera, archeobacteria

B100 - Food Bacteriology: Experiments with the bacteria you eat every day INCOMPLETE

B200 - Isolation and study of bacteria from nature with descriptions of family, genus, species

Bottles can serve as culture tubes, or your teacher may loan you culture tubes and supplies. If not try a hospital, they throw away lots of items you can use and if autoclaved they are perfectly safe. Before you trouble a hospital for gifts, do a few week's work at home and prove that you are really interested and planning to work hard. Can lids, or flat bottles can serve as petri plates. Most students only have access to plastic petri plates, but is sometimes possible to reuse them.

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