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Home Science Projects for Kids

For Preschool and Elementary Students; for fun, science fairs, or home schooling
For safety, parents should supervise young childern performing these projects.

New Science Projects for Elementary Students
These projects are quite safe for pre-schoolers provided parents assist and join in the fun.
Elementary students in the lower grades will need help understanding most of these pages. Includes pages of ideas and safety precautions for parents, teachers, and club sponsors.
| Letter to Parents | Water Jars | Dung Jars | Collecting Insect Galls | Letter to Students |
Red Cabbage and pH | IPM - controlling insects |
| Glossary of Science Words | more pages coming soon
Experiments For Kids at other sites
List of Great Sites for Kids Science - Chem, Physics, Biology, Computers, Math, Experiments
USDE - Two dozen fascinating, simple experiments for parent and child at home
Energy Quest's Science Project Page - Pictures and stories of kids science projects; how they did it
California Science Fair - Very useful page for working on your fair project: photos, ideas, links
Elementary Teachers Ideas - growing plants, "making fossils", more
Ms Foggle's Science Projects for Kids and Parents
Homes for Birds - by Baltimore Bird Club, welcome birds to your yard.
Kids Links on the Web - Hundreds of links to sites of interest to kids by a Canadian lady.
Free Computer Software
Only download test programs available now; superb programs coming in late 1998
You may download this freeware and use it to help learn your lessons and other interesting things.
Home Laboratory for Kids -not ready
| Lab Safety | Building Equipment | Using Household Items |
Computer Science: Learning from Old Computers -not ready
Students can learn a lot from old computers. Assemble a useful computer for $5 or less.
Computer Science: Writing Web Pages -not ready
You can obtain Netscape 3.04 Gold free for unlimited home evaluation. It contains Browser, Editor, and complete E-mail handling. You can use Java and Javascripts, sound, video, and more.
Use your Computer to do your Homework -not ready
Students have used their computers to learn German, Writing, Math, and all levels of Science

This kitten is not mine. It strayed into our lab off the Information Superhighway.

Never Attempt Unsafe Experiments
Be Wise - Practice Safety First

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