Maker of Dulcimer - Feb 14 1995

This was a two page sheet Howard Huey Haub provided with a Dulcimer he built and sold to ___ ___. It is typed here exactly from the hand written copy by Howard.

Howard Haub was born 1-1-1912 North West of New Salisbury Indiana. In a log & Frame house where his grandfather settled when they came from Germany about 1850.

Howard's father & mother (George and Lucy) lived there until 1914 then moved to another farm near Palmyra Indiana. Where Mother passed away in February 19.

The family came back to thje original farm where his two sisters (Bertha & Margaret) and he spent their early years with "Dad".

They walked to school about one mile away at New Salisbury. The school had one room for the first four grades another room for the up to eight grade, one room with dividing doors and a small side room was the High school; the water supply was a bucket and a tin cup for all to drink from. Some times the cup was used to carry kerosene to start the fire in a large cast iron stove were wood was used to heat our room.

In 1918 we had a big snow Which drifted over the rail fences then sleet came on top and some of the High school boys skated to school "Tho Was before School Buses". Some opf the high school students live more than five miles away.

When Howard graduated from High School in 1931 the economy was bad there was no hope for college. He went to the Wenning Packing Co. where they butchered and processed cattle and hogs. he worked ten hours a day for seven and one half cents an hour (7 1/2) six days a week

He served in the U.S. Navy as a torpedo man WW.

When the war was over he and his wife etta bought his fathers farm between his father & he it stayed in the family & farmed it for 52 years. After which it was sold to Earl Book of Carriage Ford at Clarksville Ind.

Howard and Etta built a small house on what was left of his grandfathers (Conrad Haub) original farm and have lived there since 1973.

He served as Jackson Township [trustee] and on the school [board] for 8 years during which time a school corporation was formed with two other Townships.

He then drove a school bus for 18 years. When he became 65 years old the school board said he was too old to drive and would not let him bid again.

In 1978 he was asked to enter the race for the school board, he served there until June 30, 1994.

Etta his wife of 57 years is now confined to Rolling Hills Health care center.

He and his dog "TIM" are now living on grand dad's land making a few brooms & Dulcimers.

2-16-1995        Howard Haub

Additional notes by Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., son of Howard's sister Bertha:

During the last couple days of May 1997, Howard was not feelling well and was not speaking entirely congnetly, he was worse during the first few days of June. Also during this period Etta died. His doctor decided he suffered a minor stroke during the period and he was in the hospital a couple times. Since early June he has lived at home with the care of his sister Margaret. Howard has been able to get around on his own power all the time, but had been a good source of family history since May 1997.

At the family Christmas Dinner in the home of Margaret and Tom Ewbank, 1997 Dec 25, Tom Ewbank distributed copies of the above autobiography and at the end of the day (3:00 pm) Howard said, "They tell me I wrote that but I do not remember it."

Howard said that day he had made about 7 dulcimers and sold them for $150 each. I asked him if he ever heard of a Tennessee box dulcimer. He said "No, but I made a square one once, but did not like it." He claimed he had not known about square dulcimers, but had made it as a ideal of his own. I have not been able to learn anything of its construction or who has it now.

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Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

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