William Charles Haub II
An Illinois Haub Family

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Subject: Haub Family
Date: 26 Feb 99
From: terryc@midamer.net

I am relatively new to the internet and the vast amount of knowledge available at one's fingertips. Tonight I typed in the words "Haub Family" and to my surprise, pulled out so much information that I couldn't believe it!

Haub is my maiden name, a very unusual name in my area of Southern Illinois. I know almost absolutely nothing about my family history. My father died when I was in my late 20's and he never talked that much about his family.

I do know that his father, William Charles Haub II, was killed in a coal mining accident when my dad was about 12. I believe that my grandfather was an engineer and the accident occurred above ground and not in the actual mine shaft. All of this is strictly what I was told and no one seems to know much, if anything about this family. My grandmother married again and my dad, his older sister and younger brother never talked about him to my knowledge. Both my dad and his younger brother died in their early 40's.

It was extremely interesting reading about this family with the same name as I use to have, apparently this was a family that people know a lot about. I saw your e-mail address and thought it interesting to write you a line. I will visit that site again and read more about the Haub family from Indiana. Who knows, I could be a distant relative.....

Editor: If you have any information about this family please contact Terry at the e-address above.

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