Konrad Haub from Darmstadt, Germany

Konrad Haub and a brother Philip came from Hesse/Darmstadt, Germany, but we do not know whether they came on the same ship or ever met in America. According to family tradition, their father had already lost a son to the wars of the prince and he wanted his two sons to escape to Ameria. Philip settled in Pennsylvania, but nothing is known of his success in Ameria. Konrad settled in Indiana on the Rooster Church Farm and never left it. map

* = Birth date and place;   + = death date and place;    = burial;   oo = marriage date and place;
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Ia. Konrad Haub * 1826 Oct 28 in Germany; +1901 Aug 17, age 72, Harrison County, IN
  oo Margareta Heuser in Germany; *1835; + 1907 March, age 72, in Harrison County, IN
  Became American Citizen 1850, arrived same year; farmed the "Rooster Church farm"
  Donated 1 acre of his farm for location of German  Reformed Church; it had Rooster wind vane.
   both buried Central Barren Cemetery. I need to give location of Cemeteries, etc on sep. page.
  Childern: 4 died as babies and are buried at the Rooster Church. Conrad Jr. died age 16.
  1. Henry *1850 Jan 27 Liverpool, England enroute to USA. farmed Argenta IL. see IIa
  2. John ( - ) baby  at Rooster Church Cemetery
  3. Anna Dory ( - ) baby at Rooster Church Cemetery
  4. Conrad * ; died age 16. Central Barren Cemetery              
  5. Philip ( - ) uncle Philip see IIb
  6. Jacob *    +1937 age 78y 20 day see IIc
  7. Fred *1863 Jul 4 ooAnna Berkler of Argenta IL; after 10 years, farmed near Palmyra see IId
  8. Maggie * + - lived and died Argenta IL. see IIe
  9. Joseph (    -     ) baby  at Rooster Church Cemetery
  10. William * + => Ezra, Mary Kahl, Cora Heintz, Rosa Wolfe see IIf
  11. Baby not named ( - )at Rooster Church Cemetery
  12. George H. *1875 at Rooster Church farm; married Lucy C. Klinker of Palmyra. see IIg

  IIa. Henry W. Haub *1850 Jan 27 Liverpool, England; +1924 May 7 Peoria IL 
    Friends Creek Cemetery obit
    oo I first wife  Cedar Hills Cemetery Corydon IN; Henry was a shoemaker in Corydon
    oo II wife   Cumberland Cemetery at Agenta IL; prob farmed at Argenta
    oo III wife   Cumberland Cemetery at Agenta IL.
    oo IV wife   Cumberland Cemetery at Agenta IL.
    Childern: These survived him; looking for list; this info from Obituary
    Mrs. Margaret Rude living Willshire OH
    Charles living East Moline IL
    Toba living Peoria IL
    Mrs Stenning Cook living Argenta IL
    His brothers George, William, Fred, Jacob living in IN; Sister Mrs Wm. Kaufman Argenta IL

  IIb. Philip Haub; *1859 Aug 13; +1921 Nov 11;  Central Barren Cemetery
  ooCatherine Haub; *1885 Feb 20; +1906 Sep 2

  IIc. Jacob Haub; *1861 Jul 3;Central Barren Cemetery
  oo Barbara ____; * ///////// 1918 Aug 5; age 86 yr; Asleep in Jesus; confusion on stone

 IId. Frederick Haub(1863-1931); Anna C. Haub wife (1864-1959) only text on stone at Central Barren Cemetery

  IIe. Maggie lived and buried Argenta IL

  IIf. William C. Haub (1871-1956); wife: Sophia M. (1870-1941); son Hugo 1898-1926

  IIg. George H. Haub;   *1875 Nov 18;  + 1960 Oct 25;   Central Barren Cemetery
  oo Lucy C. Klinker; *1879 Apr 8, 1 mile NW of Palmyra; +1915 Feb 4;  Central Barren Cem.
    IIIa Bertha Leola Haub *____ ___ __; +19__ ___ __;  Milltown Cemetery
    ooI Claude Eddleman, Milltown, Indiana. =>Harold, Marg, John, Bob, Betty; Milltown Cem
    ooII Arvil Wolfe 1969 Nov ?? *____ ___ __; + 1977 May __;  Central Barren Cem??
    IIIb Margaret Eloise Haub *19__ ___ __;
    IIIc Howard Huey Haub *1912 Jan 1;
    oo 1937 Aug 8 to Etta F. Voyles 1909 Oct 9; + 1997 July 17 Central Barren Cemetery

Conrad Haub +1960 Oct 28 Harrison County farmer =>Gene Haub, Dorothy Krush, Della Spray, Connie Haub

Henry H Klinker * 1836 Mar 27; +1929 Sep 27Central Barren Cemetery
  ooMary F. ____ *1846 Jun 29: +1916 Feb 23; parents of Lucy C Kllinker