800 - German Food, Cooking, Menus,
Food Vocabularies, and Gardening

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This section of our site is designed to help everyone learn the vocabularies you need to grow a garden, shop for foods, cook meals, and read menus found in restaurants. There will be computer programs to help you learn all these. We have combined Gardening and Cooking because both need the names of the common fruits and vegetables. We will concentrate on keeping sentences simple and will be using german texts from cookbooks written for German schoolgirls. A German seed catalog will be used in the Gardening chapters.

The Main Chapers in this Section

Section 800 Food and Gardening - Menus from Restaurants, lists of vegetables, fruit, meats, measurements, pages on nutrition. We may include gardening here. Proposed; nothing ready. Send your questions and commets to aid planning this section.

810 - A vocabulary of fruits, meats, vegetables.

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