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besser deutsch zu lesen

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question (renate.kreis@bigfoot.com, 05/24/99 07:47) To: Indbio

How should a person say,"I want to read German better" or "I want to learn to read German better". Or some other sentence, perhaps a German would not use these phrases. I am thinking of puting this idea into German as the Title of a section of my website and I would like the German to be correct! -- Harold Eddleman Ph.D. Microbiologist. mailto:indbio@disknet.com Location: Palmyra IN USA; 36 kilometers west of Louisville, Kentucky http://www.disknet.com/indiana_biolab/ger.htm

Ich habe ein paar Leute in Deutschland kennengelernt, die in Brasilien gewesen waren, und ich habe immer den Eindruck gehabt, dass sie Portugiesisch schneller und leichter lernten als wir Brasilaner Deutsch lernen.


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From: "Miguel A. de Matos" <migma@zaz.com.br>

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Maybe you should devote your time to improving your garbage website instead of >abusing all of us.

Ich bin mit Harolds Meinung ueber den Gebrauch der deutschen Sprache in dieser Liste einverstanden. Ausserdem glaube ich, dass man ihre Meinungen hier zum Ausdruck bringen kann, ohne andere Leute zu beleidigen und grob zu sein.


------------------------------------------------------------------------ ONElist: where real people with real interests get connected. http://www.onHello Harold, I'm German, but that's quite a difficult question what you had. It depends on what you want to express. I want to read German better means Ich möchte besser deutsch lesen. I want to learn to read German better means: Ich möchte lernen, besser deutsch zu lesen I would prefer the second. It also depends on what is in this special section of your website. If you have any more questions about that or others, just mail me privately. I'll be glad to help, especially because I have sometimes some problems with my English. I teach English to young children. Best wishes from Germany


resources available on the Internet. Our main feature is dozens of pages of simple German texts for the beginning German student. These pages have been written or edited by German natives and are written in modern German word order and syntax. We will have pages on nature study, everyday words, cooking, occupations, German history and culture, and genealogy to make your study interesting and useful.

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The Main Sections of this Site

Section 050 Beginner's Starting Page - If you do not know a word of German, start here.

Section 100 Pages for young kids  Picture pages, short stories by kids, an original German reader for preschool and lower grades are planned. All these will be in simple German and most will have English translations. What else do you suggest? Adult beginners will find these simple pages useful. A few pages are ready now.

Section 200 Developing your German Vocabulary - Learn 1000 common German words and how to combine them so you can read newspapers and websites. Includes chapters on Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, and combining words to make compound words. Vocabulary is completed only thru F, but more coming soon.

Section 300 Intermediate German Readings - Lots of simple sentences, picture vocabulary pages, short stories, humor, fairy tales, cookbook and other simple professional texts for middle school students and adults. Learn German by reading simple German. We have dozens of original pages and links to hundreds of pages on the web. These simple texts are so easy to read that beginners do not have to give up.

Section 400 30 German Lessons from a WWII Public Domain Army Book - Grammar - German for everyday living - Pronunciation. Textbook lessons teach conjugation of verbs, declension of nouns and adjectives, sentence structure, etc. Each lesson begins with a story in German about incidents in the life of a German family in post-war Germany. Includes hundreds of everyday words useful to tourists and general reading. Only a few have been installed; work continues on others.

Section 500 Ich möchte deutsches besseres lesen - I want to read German better - I have been able to read and speak a little German for 50 years. I have never taken a formal German Course but I have learned a little more German every year and occassionally read scientific papers in German. Now I am making a real effort to learn German grammar.

Section 800 Food and Gardening - Menus from Restaurants, lists of vegetables, fruit, meats, measurements, pages on nutrition. We may include gardening here. Proposed; nothing ready. Send your questions and comments to aid planning this section.

Section 900 German Readings - simple to difficult German texts; some have translations. These will have general subjects as well as specific subjects such as cooking and occupational fields. Only one page at present.

Useful German Links - Our Main Page of Links

The Awful German Language - by Mark Twain. This famous essay by Mark Twain does a good job of pointing out some of the problems in learning to write German. Lots of good humor and useful grammar.

Click here for AltaVista Babelfish . Nadine and her fellow workers at Linz University in Austria have tested this computer translator and found it is good for simple sentences only. Type in your simple English or German sentences and see if you were correct.

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