Thirty Lessons in Reading German

Based on a public domain book used by American armed forces
during the Post-War occupation of Germany.

Completion of this course of 30 self-study lessons will teach you to speak and read German. This course includes grammar, pronunciation, some jokes, numbers (cardinal, fractional, and ordinal), days of week, months, and more. There is overlap with Section ger200 vocabulary, but the two sections use somewhat different approach and you will find both useful. It will take over two years to write and type all the pages planned for this site.

Index of topics for Thirty German Lessons - Look here to see what is installed

Background preparation for reading and speaking German
  400a - The German Alphabet and the name of each letter, but not the umlauts
  400b - The pronunciation of German vowels, umlauts, and diphthongs
  400c - The pronunciation of German Consonants INCOMPLETE
  400d - Accent
  400e - Capitals and small letters
  400f  - The glottal stop
  400g - Syllabication
  400h - Punctuation
  400i  - Phonetic transcription used in this web book

Each Lesson will have the following subpages which you may click to:
xxxc = Conversation practice with classmates or alone using the words of the lesson
  xxxg = Grammar (nouns, pronouns, adjectives, sentence construction, numbers)
  xxxv = Verbs - weak verbs, strong verbs (4 classes), past, present, future, reflexive, strong, etc.
  xxxe = Exercises for the lesson, we hope to include answers for some.
Very little of the above is ready now. We welcome you help in typing, writing, proofreading.

401 - Lesson 1: Familie Schmidt = The Smith Family - Conversation - The article - Personal pronouns - Verbs: sein = (present) to be - Exercises -

402 - Lesson 2: Schmidts Wohnung = Their dwelling - Conversation - The article - Personal pronouns - Verbs: sein = (present) to be - Exercises -

405 - 5.Stunde = Lesson 5 - Der Chef ist überall = The Boss is Over Everything (book dealer)
    Conversation - Declension of Masculine Nouns - Understanding Verb Vocabulary Entries

413 - Lesson 13: Ein gemütlichr Abend = A Homely Evening - Conversation - Personal pronouns - Verbs: Future Tenses - Exercises -

415 - Lesson 15: Beim Barbier = At the Barber - Conversation - Demonstrative Pronouns and Adjectives - Compound Verbs - Exercises -

419 - Lesson 2: Auf dem Funkturm = On the Radiotower - Conversation - The Preposition: Prepositions governing the Genitive - Verbs: strong Verbs Class I - Exercises -

421 - Lesson 21: Beim Schneider = At the tailor - Conversation - Prepositions Governing the Accusative - Strong Verbs Class II -

422 - Lesson 22: Im Segelboot = In the Sailboat - Zwei Groschen - Conversation - Prepositions Governing Special Genitive and Dative - Verb - Exercises -

426 - Lesson 26: Kapitän Petersen erzählt über Schiffe - Wer Lacht Zuerst - Conversation - Fractional Numbers and Rules of Arithmetic - Verbs Class 3 - Exercises -

430 - Lesson 30 - It may be Spring 2000 before all 30 lessons are installed.

431 - More German Texts for Reading Practice With Vocabulary. NOT INSTALLED
  Die edle Schenkung
  Die schlechte Suppe
  Ehrlich währt am längsten
  Unglückliche Gewohnheiten

All the German texts and the English vocabulary in this course of 30 lessons came from the U.S. Government book and should conform to standard German and English. Phonetic English symbols are used for every German word in the early chapters to help English speaking persons pronounce German words. If possible, have a German-speaking person check your pronunciation. Otherwise, you may be able to use sound files on the web, tapes, and phonograph records.

439 - Idioms and other goodies save from dictionaries

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