Simple German Texts and Picture Pages
for Preschool and Elementary Pupils

This is the index for the German pages intended for pre-school and early grades or beginners of any age who want some simple German texts to read.

Information for parents about how to help your child use these pages. Revised 98 July.
Information for authors who are helping write the preschool and elementary pages. 98 July

Pages for parent and preschool child (105 - 119)

105 - sample picture page - for collaborators to discuss. Please send pictures or links to pictures.

Pages for Kindergarden and First Grade (120 - 150)
121 - Meine Bunte Welt - The first Reader used by kids in Kaiserslautern in 1957
  122 - Rotkäppchen - The story of Little Red Riding Hood with mouse over display TRY THIS
  1xx - Eins und mehr (plurals of die der das words) counting (one duck) two x, three y,

Pages for primary school to middle school (150 -199)

170 Animal Stories - Birds of America - Birds of Germany - Jungle animals - pitures when possible.
  171 - Birds: chickadee,

180 - Rain stories: Henry jumps into the ditch, Der Regen page 62, wind am Haus 61, Der Schirm 63,.
181 - Stories about the Sun: Der Sonne ist Gut (orig by hle w/ animated sun)

--------- Material below will be revised. It is here for online collaboration of the authors. ------

106 - Meine ________ - What pet or toy or ___ or persons, would be nice for a preshool kid
105 - 109 - pages for preschool kid ; serve equally well for kid in kindergarten; at play; at home.
   some of these can be pictures of pets or toys, etc with name in German and English.
110 - begin nursery school and kindergarten, first grade pages. This will be our German Primer

Editor's Note: Chapter 100 of this site is for teaching young childern to read German. It makes no difference whether they are German childern or natives of some other country. This is an international cooperative effort by the members of You are invited to join us. The final version of these pages should not look anything like this first effort.

I hope the first pages of Chaper 100 will be suitable for very young childern. My experience has been that young childern shown the words for hand, head, feet, fingers, and belly, can point to that part of their body. I painted those words on white cards. The letters were in red paint and 5 cm tall. When my son was age 17 months, he enjoyed this game so much that he often brought the cards to me wanting me to hold up cards so he could play the game. Now we can use a computer and the Times Roman Font. It should be simple to write a computer program in Qbasic which you can download for this exercise. At the top of the list could be the easiest words and lower on the list could be door, floor, and more difficult terms. The parent could enter the number 7 and the computer would display the the first 7 words randomly. If the child can't remember he could the - key of the numberic pad for help and get a picture. Or he could press + for the next word.

The members of could write these pages and those having childern at home or in their classroom could test the programs and report back to us. Reid Andrew Eddleman (age 3 months) are you paying attention?

104 - a sample page, please suggest modifications.

Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman

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Date: 14 Jul 98 23:23:04 From:

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Here is a simple text.I hope it would help you !

Peter geht zur Schule.      Pay- tayr gate zur shoe-la.
Mutter geht einkaufen.     Moo-tayr gate ein-kow-fayn
Julia geht in den Zoo.       ????? gate en dayn   zoo

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Peter goes to the school.      Manual >> Peter goes to school.
Nut/mother goes shopping.   Manual>> Mother goes shopping.
Julia goes into the zoo.          Manual>> Julia goes into the zoo.