GermanList is an e-mail discussion group devoted primarily to helping beginners learn German. However, we discuss all aspects of learning German language and culture. We discuss travel, translations, writing, speaking, food, drink, occupations, culture, recreation, genealogy, and methods for learning language. The list welcomes everyone of all ages; we especially welcome K-12 students. We welcome students from Germany and help them learn English.

You may submit questions, facts, clean humor, puzzles, on any subject that interests you. Our group is a good place to ask about phrases you have not been able to translate or puzzling aspects of the culture of a German or English-speaking country. German is the native language in Germany, Austria, part of Switzerland, Alsace, Luxembourg?, Belgium?, Poland?,and small areas of other countries. We welcome members from all countries. We have members on continent except Africa and Anartica.

When you join the group, please introduce yourself by telling us your country, any trips to Germany or English speaking countries, any hobbies or interests you want to tell us about, and subjects you would like others to write about. You may remain anonymous if you prefer.

Harold Eddleman is building a small website for learning German. It is open during construction at A chapter "Building your German Vocabulary" has been started and is recommended to beginners. It will concentrate on the 1000 most used German words and how to build upon them to create several thousand common words. The website also has picture pages and stories for childern. Chapter 300 has intermediate simple texts for middle school and adults. Thirty German Lessons are being installed to help you with German grammar and vocabulary. If you have ideas for ways such a site could help you please send them by e-mail.

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