Typing Umlauts ä ö ü ß Ä Ö Ü

Early IBM DOSes enabled typing of 128 special characters using the alt key.
Not all of these are still available for HTML editors.


While holding the alt key down type 132 on the Numbers Keypad. Release the Alt key and ä appears. If you made an error use backspace once. This does not work with the numbers across the top of the keyboard. This method works with many word processors and HTML editors but not with all.

ä 132 Ä 142
ö 148 Ö 153
ü 129 Ü 154
ß 225

Textpad and Word

Subject: [germanway] Re: Polterabend and Umlauts Date: 2 Sep 98 12:11:48 -0500 From: germanway@onelist.com To: Indbio

From: "Zhiwen Chong" <wen@2020.net.my>

Hans G Mueller wrote: > > Just type Ctrl + : (Control, colon = Control-Shift-Semicolonkey) and the > > vowel on which you want the umlaut on. To get an eszet It is Ctrl + & + > > S (Control-ampersand-S). This works with most wordprocessors. > Thank you Zhiwen - this works great for the eszet (scharfes s) and for the > Capital (upper case) Umlauts. Does anyone know shortcuts for lower case > Umlauts, which will work in Microsoft WORD?

You're welcome. Hmm... the above method will work for all umlauts. For instance, if one wants an o-umlaut, one presses

Ctrl + : + o

For a capital O, just substitute it with a big O,

Ctrl + : + O

And so on... capital A, small a, etc. it even works for the French e-umlaut.

I discovered this shortcut in Textpad, my favourite text editor. I tried it on MS Word and it works.

Bitte, was bedeutet "scharfes"?

Zhiwen Chong

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Regina S Netterfield wrote: > The Capital letters work wonderfully, but the scharfes (which normally means hot > as in spicy, but in this case it refers to the funky s) ß and the small umlauts > do not work. Also that Cntrl colon/semicolon and letter thing does not work in

That's quite odd. I am using Word 95, and Ctrl+:+vowel works. Ah yes, the Ctrl+: combination won't normally work with e-mail proggies; it only works with certain products. For software that don't support it, I think Tom Urich's suggestion is best; type the Alt-xxxx four letter combination, or pick it out from the Windows Character Map.

Or perhaps do what German's do on the typewriter... substitute the umlauts with ae, ue, or oe...

essage-ID: <35F0B671.4746E4C1@2020.net.my> Date: Sat, 05 Sep 1998 11:56:33 +0800 From: Zhiwen Chong <wen@2020.net.my> X-Mailer: Mozilla 4.05 [en] (WinNT; I) MIME-Version: 1.0 To: Regina S Netterfield <Regina.S.Netterfield@kp.ORG> Subject: Re: [germanway] Re: Polterabend and Umlauts References: <"034BC35F055C81A6*/c=us/admd= /prmd=kp/o=colorado/ou=ccmail/s=Netterfield/g=Regina/i=S/"@MHS> Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

> thank you all for your replies, but I don't know what kind of word processor you > all are using, but in Word 98 I have that same problem that somebody else had.

Oh yes, perhaps you could go to Microsoft Word Help. Look at Index (forget answer wizard, it doesn't help). Look for Languages. Under Languages, there is an entry called "foreign language characters and symbols". Click on that, and there is an entry called "Type international characters". Click on it and it'll list all the key combinations - don't ask me why, but one cannot find this bit of information using the Answer Wizard.

Perhaps you could see whether the key combinations have been changed in your version of Word... btw, I thought the latest version of Word was 97 or something like that?

Hope that helps.

Zhiwen Chong

I used my Windows 95 CDROM to obtain the keyboard language modules; now I can type the letters very easily in several languages, including the German Umlauts and eszet. BTW, the German module works fine in MS Word 7, too. I used to use ALT plus 3 numbers on the right numberpad, but this is lots handier now. :-)

Gene in MN


m: Hans G Mueller <hmueller@acsu.buffalo.edu>

On Sat, 5 Sep 1998, Zhiwen Chong wrote: > > Bitte, was bedeutet "scharfes"? > Hi, I got all the Umlauts to work, thanks again.

The word "scharfes" means sharp. When discribing an "eszet" one can also say "zwei s" (two s)/(double s), or "scharfes s" (sharp s).

mfg Hans Mueller

http://pages.vossnet.de/aussies/html/charact.htm may have info not found above.

See hyde Filippo page can your pC speak German at Mining co.

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