Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Genetics

Basic principles of genetics for pumpkin breeders.
These principles should be useful to breeders of most crops.
This site will also concentrate on AG viruses and seek virus resistance

Atlantic Giant is an old heirloom pumpkin which has been noted for its size for a century. During recent decades, trying to grow the largest Atlantic Giant in the world has become a leading horticultural competition with huge cash prizes. Due to computer problems; progress has been very slow. Thanks for visiting. My interest is genetics of AG I am not trying for a record.

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000 - Unlike corn, the number of identified genes in pumpkin is very small. This web site is devoted to spreading current knowledge and fostering new knowledge of pumpkin genetics.

100 - Cucurbit family botany species, orgin

200 - Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

200 - Lessons taught by modern molecular genetics

300 - Model breeding systems.

400 - The Genetics of Atlantic Giant

700 - 1999 Atlantic Giant Reseach and Testing at Indiana Biolab. Page 700 is the index to the diary page of each cooperative research project. Look there to see how your seeds are doing in the Indiana Biolab test plots. 702 = Weather and general crop progress at Indiana Biolab during 1999.

800 - Viruses Diseases of pumpkins.

900 - Other Cucurbits - mushmelon, squash, pumpkin, watermelons, cucumber are all in the same botanic family and many of these will hybridize. include this in section 100

Pumpkin Sites

The Pumpkin Nook - A large comprehensive pumpkin site
The Pumpkin Patch - Everything you need to know to grow the biggest AG - He says
Read the Pumpkin archives. The stored e-mail from mail list.
Pumpkin State Records - Records for each state (USA) and foreign countries.
Mike Nepereny's Cucurbyte Site - Mike displays the pedigrees for the leading giant pumpkins
Pumpkin species - Good grouping of squash and pumpkin cultivars by botanical species.
Pumpkin Flowers - also tallest sunflowers.
Nic Welty - High School Student has grown AG 6 years. Leading source of advice. Lots of info.
Ottawa St. Lawrence Growers Association -
Rocky Weekly Updates on his and local folks during growing season.

I welcome comments and any kind of information for this site please send your comments today while this site is being designed. You may have observations which along with others can help us identify more Pumpkin Genes.

You may send private e-messages to Dr. Eddleman and he will reply, usually within 24 hours.

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