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Fish Farming and Aquaculture
in Indiana, United States

Aquaculture is the process of growing useful crops in water. Some crops grown in water are algae, other water plants, plants and fish for home aquaria, and seafoods of many types including fish, shrimp, and mollusks. It is not a simple process and requires careful attention to many factors such as temperature, ammonia, diseases, parasites, and predators. These web pages will be devoted to teaching the sciences needed for successful aquaculture. We will also make suggestions for pilot projects for the serious fish farmer or students and amateurs conducting science projects.

Fish farming is not yet an industry in Indiana. There is serious research underway. Purdue University has a study underway in Dubois County at the Southern Indiana Forage Farm in the many farm ponds of that station. They are looking into the possibility that during winter, trout or other cold water species could be grown to market size and then during summer warm water species could be grown to market size in the same pond by alternating the species grown in the pond.

In Kentucky, shrimp have been grown to market size in a few months of summer.

A recent issue of Indiana Business said that at huge multimillion dollar fish farm is planned by a large southern company. It would be built East of Seymour, Indiana.

We will add pages on the species of fish which could be grown. Not much is availabe on the web on fish farming. Most sites are merely announcing research projects.

I have been wondering if grass carp could be grown by feeding them chopped green forage. This fish eats plants. They will actually jump up out of the water to grab tree leaves when food is scarce.

Editor: Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., Indiana Biolab

That is the end of our fish page. We will add more pages as information becomes availabe.

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Notes to be used on my fish pages. This abstract discusses using 2 or more species of fish as well as plants and fish to produce 10 tons of fish per hectare.   A page of links to suppliers and research around the world.

Fish Farming Links for Indiana   via infoseek.

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To Whom It May Concern: I am Dr. Alex Cumbo and I am the Assistent Head of the Aquaculture Section in Malta (Europe-in the mediterenean seas, South of Italy- a very small island). My job is that of a fish-pathologist and my duties are to carry out a Health Monitoring Programme on the fish-farms of Malta. I do bacteriology, parasitology, microscopy, heavy metal analysis and others. Lately I have been involved in a share from one of Malta's best leading fish-farms, and I have got the duty (as one of the managers), to find any supplier from the southern part of the world (or even from the middle part or whatever) to supply us with any species of fish, preferebly Mediterenean fish, so that we would be able to combine our farmed fish (i.e.: Sea-Bass and Sea-Bream) with other species that have to obviously be fresh. I can't say that any frozen fish would not be considered, but we are not on that market line. We specialize in fresh fish and we are doing this, (i.e.: combining other species with our only 2 that we farm) to be more competitive on the world's vast markets of fish. Any information submitted will be dealt in the strictest confidence and treated business wise as well. We would like that the supplier will contact us personally via e-mail or phone, but any other suggestions from third persons would be appreciated. Best Regards, Dr. Alex Cumbo - Assistent Head of Aquaculture Section (Malta) f/ Malta Fish-Framing contact us on: tel : +356 657025 or +356 657362 or +356 249999 or preferably: Dr. Alex Cumbo or Malta Fish-Farming Ltd.