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Foreign Language Translations for your Farm Homepage

English-speaking users of the web are lucky because over 80% of web sites are written in English. Since the emphasis of Farms Around the World is on the international fellowship of farmers, it would be helpful if you could include foreign language translations in your site, especially translations of your homepage. For a good example, try this Japanese dairy farm. What you read on his two English pages helps you understand his Japanese pages.

If you have a page of photographs on your site, make sure visitors who do not read your native language have some way to find that page without reading a text they can't read. Perhaps, the word "PHOTO" as a link would do that.

Advice to English Speaking Page Authors

Since the emphasis of Farms Around the World is on the international fellowship of farmers, it would be helpful if you could include translations, especially of your homepage.

On your homepage you might include "Deutsch Blatt". A German speaker would read that as "German page" and he could click on it to jump to your German language page. That page could be a German version of your home page or a German list of the pages in your site or a short digest of your website. As a trial, I am working on a Deutsch Seite for the FAW homepage. I hope to do the same for other languages. Clearly, this becomes a huge task because every time I add a new farm to the FAW home page, I also have to add it to a dozen non-English homepages. It will be interesting to see how far I get with this goal.

Advice to Non-English Speaking Page Authors

If you can't read this page, you may not be able to get this advice. However, you may be able to read English, but unable to write English clearly. We can offer you some help. Do the best job you can of writing your page in English and then send the ascii text to me. I will do my best to edit it into good English and sent it back to you. If you can read some English, you may be able to determine whether my English has the facts correct. If I did not write what you wanted, we can try again. Examine the list of volunteers below. One of them may be able to help you.

Other Ideas

If you find a good farm homepage in a language you can't read. Let me know. If you know what language it is written in, please include that fact in your message. Perhaps one of the members or language advisors of Farms Around the World will be able to work with the site author and help him add a page(s) to help visitors who can't read his language.

Another approach will be for Farms Around the World to host an introduction page to that site. That introduction page could have subpages in various languages. Click on the LANG symbol to go to such pages. That symbol will be Deutsch for a page written in Deutsch.

Volunteers Wanted

If you know any non-English lanuage, even slightly, regardless of how poor your English might be please contact Harold Eddleman. You can be of great help in aiding the international aspects of Farms Around the World. If you have a computer program that converts one language to another please let us know. Such programs do a poor job, but a native speaker of the language would then have the facts and style of the page and be able to rewrite it in his native language. We especially welcome students to help us on this work and offer you the opportunity to assist a native speaker of the language you are studying.

Foreign Language Volunteers

These volunteers are not language professionals, they are willing to help when they are able. Click on any name to send a message to that person. They may be able to read your text and rewrite it into their native language. We suggest you contact one of the volunteers who is able to read your language and ask him to visit your URL. He may be able to write a good text in his native language for your page if he has time. If one of the volunteers you contact, is no longer able to help you, contact Eddleman so that his name can be removed if he is no longer able to be a volunteer. The amount of time a volunteer is willing to spend helping you will depend upon the amount of effort you have put into your site. You should credit him for this free help with your language page.

Name ---------- Native Language ---- Able to Read ---- Comments

Glenn Ray Eddleman - English -------- Deutsch ---------- Novice

Harold Eddleman ---- English --------- Deutsch ---------- Novice

Bernhard Vosteen --- English --------- Deutsch ---------- Novice; has a computer translator.

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