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If you are planning to visit a country or state and would like to visit farms, fairs, trade shows, etc., you are welcome to post your message here. Anyone can then send the person an e-mail telling about worthwhile things he might want to see. They might even invite him to visit their farm after they become acquainted.

When the editor of this page was a student, he visited most of the American states and several foreign countries. Since he did much of this travel on foot or bicycle, he had better contact with the people than most tourists. However, it is not unusual for tourists to spend lots of money to travel to a foreign country or state and never talk to a native of that country. The purpose of this page is to foster friendships between visitors and the local people.

If you are a farmer or agricultural student and will be visiting another state or country please send an e-message and the FAW Editor will post it here. It will save the Editor lots of time if you send your message as a text file attached to an e-mail. State when you will be in the country and what you want to see. Perhaps, someone will send you an e-mail with the information you are looking for.

Some examples:

You may want to hike the Appalachian Trail. You could post a message here and folks that have hiked the trail may e-mail suggestions of best time, weather problems, and birds they saw.

You may be an Idaho potato farmer wanting to visit Peru and see some of the wild species of potato. You could post a message and a potato scientist from China might e-mail you about things he saw when he collected potato varieties in Peru.

You may be an Illinois grain farmer wanting to know about Brazil soybean farms. You might post a message here and soybean farmers in Brazil might answer your questions, or a Peace Corp Volunteer might write you what he saw when he was there.

You may be a city boy enrolled in agriculture and seeking farm experience, you might post a message seeking summer employment on a farm. When I was enrolled in biochemistry at Purdue, a grad student was sent to the dairy barn to get some alfalfa hay for a lab, he came back with bromegrass hay--the farm boys razzed him about that.

Information Requests
If can supply information send it directly to the address given

Indiana Biolab is a small laboratory currently devoted to micropropagation of virus-free sweetpotato which farmers use as disease free foundation stock. Visitors are always welcome 3 pm to sundown, by appointment. Please send an e-mail first. Construction in progress during 1997, not much to see now. Camping at Buffalo Trace Park is walking distance away. Wild Canada geese are already congregating at the park, 30 now at sundown and 200 expected by October, when snow comes, most will move further south.

Michael Marnewick, a hog farmer, age 30, Durban, South Africa, will be visiting the United States in late September and would like to visit fairs, farm shows, hog farms, anything related to large scale hog production in buildings. His visit comes after most state fairs have ended, if you know of events or websites giving details of farm conventions, or other useful events, please send him e-mail: See his website.

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Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

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