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We do not mail this newsletter, but you may read it here online.

1997 Apr 10 - First day FAW was online.

1997 Apr 24 - A new farm home page has joined us nearly every day. We need farms from most parts of the world. If you know of good farm home pages send me an email. Most of these farms were recommended by readers.

1997 Apr 24 - Our hosting of new webpages for farmers unable to write their own pages or those having no place to install a site seems to be going smoothly.

1997 Apr 27 - Ernie Taft joined FAW today. His is the 17th farm to join FAW.

1997 Apr 28 - We have added farmsg.htm; this is a glossary of farm words which anyone may use. This site also has gloss.htm which is a glossary of science words. These files are in the public domain and may be copied freely for commerical or non-commercial use. No warranty is expressed or implied. Many other web sites have glossaries which you may find useful.THERE WILL BE A LINK HERE TO A PAGE OFFERING IDEAS FOR USING LINKING THESE GLOSSARIES TO YOUR PAGES TO DEFINE A WORD.

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