Family Farms Around the World

These 150 farm homepages give you a feel for life on the farm in 40 states and 18 countries around the world. Most include information about life on their farm, animals, crops, wildlife, marketing, problems, economics, soil, climate, and other information of interest to farmers, students, and the general public. Each farm has included a mailto: and would be delighted to hear from you. They will answer your e-letters as quickly as farm work permits. Add your farm to this list now.

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Listed by name of country, then state or province


Acevedo - Commercial farm growing Onion and grass seed in the irrigated Rio Colorado Valley


Bamboo Australia - Commercial farm producing edible shoots, timber, seeds, animal food.
Big Foot Emu Farm - Pictures of Emu and uses. Very little info about farm.
Broken Arrow Australian Lowline Cattle - Two brothers improving Lowline angus breed.
Hillgrove Farm - 100 acres, honey production and rock melon pollination service. West coast.
Inverina - South Australia, 2100 acres, wheat, beans, lupins, canola, chickpeas. Map. Schools.
Star K Ranch - History of Murray Grey cattle. On clover pastures using MIG. Bulletin Board.

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A few dozen farmers have their own Web sites. The majority are sheep and cattle studs, using the Web to advertise their genetic products and services. Others are niche commodity producers (eg, macadamias) using the Web to promote their industry as well as their own product.

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Products from 750 farms offered via a sales organization. German and English pages.


E-Krant - an E-zine devoted to Agriculture and Horticulture
Guy Wauters - Pioneer ostrich farmer in Europe. Page is in English, French and Dutch.
Japanese Wagyu at Altembrouck - Wagyu breed history; fthe breeding program at Altembrouck
Martinushof Holsteins - 55 Holsteins producing 8400 kg/year. Nice pictures of the farmstead


Bluewater Shrimp Farm - 4,850 acres, Gulf of Mexico, 22 weeks to harvest, fed twice each day.


2B Bar Salers - Family farm growing Salers cattle (a French breed), near Edmonton, Alberta.
Beaverhill Lake - 4th generation family farm offers hunting in major goose staging area, Alberta
Ellis Bird Farm - Originated by Charles and Winnie, crops, cattle, 400 bluebird houses, Alberta
Alean Farm - 35 milking Jerseys, Morgan horses, run by two brothers, Harrow, Ontario
Arbour Farms - 1000 acres of Christmas trees sold in Canada, USA, and Carribean
Birtch Farm Page - Entertainment farming, apples, vegetables, Apple Festival, Halloween, Ontario
Gammondale Farm - Percheron horses, strawberries, school and group tours,Thunder Bay, Ontario
The Braemere Farm - Registered Jersey farm, milking 50 cows, auction, Ontario.
Picard Peanuts - family farm growing peanuts "Valencia" variety and making confections in Ontario
Salem Farms - Spectacular strawberry farm photos and info on advanced production methods.
Bridon Jerseys - Jersey farm in Canada operated by the Sayles family. Picture of farm. little info.
Burger Farm - Organic production of vegetables and herbs at foothills of Rocky Mts, Alberta
Cornwallis Farm - 500 acres, 45 Holsteins, 20,000 hens, 55,000 broilers. Port Williams, Atlantic
McGregor Stock Farm - Red Angus and South Devon cattle, NE Alberta. Superb photos.
Ohler's Acres Farm Vacation - NW or Edmonton, East if Jasper National Park. Wildlife
Leslie - Canadian farmers fight to market their grain, superb list of worldwide ag links. Manitoba.
Froese Farm - A family from Russia has grown crop seed nearly a century, Altona, Manitoba.
Glen Osprey Farm - Salers and Highland cattle, cattle managment, hay production, maple syrup
Roanoak Holsteins - 3 generations family farm, registered holsteins, embryos available, Quebec
Willow Creek Farm - 2500 A. grain farm: durum, mustard, wheat. west-central Saskatchewan
Howell Pumpkin Farm - 40 acres of pumpkins and entertainment farming in Fonthill, Ontarion

Cosa Rica

Rain Forest Aquaculture - Commercial production of Tilapia fish from the Nile River. Good info.


Rold Skov Angus - Angus cattle. Nice photos of beef farming in Denmark.


El Rosaria Shrimp Farm - 4,000 hectares, 3,200 kg / hectare/year; hatchery


Charles Coffin - Dorset, milking 140 cows 3 times per day; 8600 lts, maize& grass silage, rape, soy
Ford Farms - 14th Century Devon Longhouse. Sheep and Beef on grazing, hay, and silage.
Kingold Holsteins - Cheshire, in top 1% if English herds by profit index, no info about farm.
Mark Turner - Honeybee pollination and honey production. Excellent bee education site.
Paul Stanbridge - General farm, 500 acres, outstanding year-round diary of farm work, family, map
Woodpightel Ryelands - Fine wool Ryeland Sheep, England's oldest breed, breed history, photos
Swanton Farms - south coast near Dover in Kent, 425 hectares, 600 breading ewes.
Whitfield Aberdeen Angus - Tour of pedigree Aberdeen Angus Herd and farm history. Community.


France Autruches - 2,000 ostriches, 3,000 emus, largest ratite farm in Europe. English and French.


Huber - Potato and vegetables sold at farm, nice air photos of red tile roofed buildings.
Mooshof - vacation on a family farm in the low marine plains of Northern Germany
Kurt Nelles - Ag Engineer, former ostrich grower, top international links and info on ostrich.
Jansen Seite - Ostfriesischen milking sheep. Management and general info. German language.
Hohenloher Hof - Vacation farm fun in the Odenwald.
Gerhard Vockelmann - Milkcows, hogs, corn, wheat, oats, barley, sugarbeets, and grassland. I am having trouble with this link. Vorpommern, germany


Agri Web - Not a farm, but gives links to Irish agriculture
Bourke Farm - Includes links to Irish Agricultural agencies and farm groups.
FitzGerald Nursery - Nursery liners, dairy farm, bed @ breakfast. Under early construction.
Jason Rankin's Dairy Page - Northern Ireland, very detailed, unsurpassed report of his farm.
TullyWeary Farm - Northern Ireland, 70 Holsteins on 160 acres grass, tourist cottage, local info.
WWOOF in Kerry - A family farm where you can visit and help tend the farm. 40 acres.


Alpicella - on coast near France 30 acre olive oil farm accepts guests


Bonny Windy Farm - English page, dairy farm, pumpkins, scenic views, community and school.
Hiroe Mori - English pages: countryside, learn about Japan and its people; assisting FAW
Pyon - Japanese teacher has English, French, and Spanish pages and is assisting FAW pages.

New Zealand

Clements - Dairying on year-round pastuere, photos, plenty of info on farm management & family
Farm - 100 year family farm grows beef and orchard. Page by accounting student. URL went bad.
Greenville Station - 7,500 acre hill country sheep and beef station has diary of activities of the year.
LLamedos Emus - Two ladies are growing emus commercially near Cambridge.
Riverlands Farm - 200 A. 175 Friesian Cows on North Island. Excellent photos and intro to NZ.


Elza Hoeve - 24 hectares Holstein dairy farm in SW Netherlands on grass. Excellent details.


Melhus Farm - since 1611, viking grave, salmon fishing on farm boundary, 750 kM north of Oslo


Quebracho Ranch - 10,000 acre family farm. 2,500 cows, 400 sheep. Learn about Paraquay


Welcome to the farm - a virtual farm in Scotland. Pictures, family info.


Noppkärr Farm - 400 acres of wheat, barley, oats, rapeseed. Many photos of farm and family.

South Africa

Culzean Farm - Details of hog industry and management, 45 minutes west of Durban on East Coast.
Larsen Salbu Farm - Norway and Africa, flowers, photos, electronics, family history, amateur radio
Meonvale Farm - Vegetable farming west of Durban. Hilton grows corn, spinach, lettuce, beans,
Sea Breeze Jerseys - Family farm selling fresh bottled milk, breeding stock. Genetics info, photos.


Sahlin - Ostrich farmer. Page is in Swedish Language.

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Alabama, USA

Blosl's Rhode Island Reds - Profuse photos and information about this important meat/eggs breed
Lucky T Farm - Beefmaster cattle, heat tolerant breed, Bahia and fescue grass
North Alabama Emu Ranch - a few 'bama jokes. under construction. needs more farm info

Arkansas, USA

Unfinished Chores Ranch - Broiler houses, angus cattle, crossbred beef, Barnes genealogy

Arizona, USA

Santa Cruz Valley Pecan Orchard - World's largest irrigated pecan orchard

California, USA

Applebite Farm - Throughbred horse breeding, nice aerial photos of Stockton, California is the the new or old URL?
Calstrawberry - Four California strawberry families: growing strawberries, recipes, life on the farm.
Desert Weyr - Diary of farm activities. Dexter cattle, Black Welsh Mountain Sheep, horses.
Farmore Farm - Welsh Ponies; no info about farm; they should give some pages about the farm.
Huston-Ferguson Honey Farm - 12,000 hives, photos of beekeepers work.
Moo Milk in Turlock - educational site, health and nutrition of cows, photos, milk 2,000 cows.
Our Farm - Members buy a subscription and share the produce. New letters. Info. in Woodside
Rancho de las Piedros - Peruvian Paso horses, history of farm and breed
Rivenrock Gardens - Edible and ornamental cacti. Superb photos. Deutsch & English.

Colorado, USA

Dr. Bob Scott - Denver overgrew the family dairy farm. Ask your food animal questions here.

Connecticut, USA

Bishops Orchard - five generations, 300 acre orchard, vegetables, fruit, market open all year.
Bush Meadows Farm - New family farm; visit and follow development of their market garden.
Lyman Orchards - 1,100 acres of fruit and fun for your family in Middlefied.
Maple Lawn Farm - a working sheep farm in Stonington since 1735. Cotswold breed. Much info.

Delaware, USA

University of Delaware Cattle Herd - Beef. Not much here, but is the only farm in Delaware!!

Florida, USA

5-T Ranch - Senepol and Senegus heat tolerant beef cattle. Gainesville.
SugarBrook Farm - Hunter and jumper ponies, hand reared for gentleness.
VanWagner Dairy - dairy farm

Georgia, USA

Bland Farms - Onions. 200k , slow loading, illegible. If you have the time, may be worthwhile
Fieldstone Farm - in the Piedmont near "Tara" (Gone with the Wind); farm history.
Reproductive Progress - Information about all aspects of cattle reproduction
Robinson Farms - Five generations, 130 years, Vidalia sweet onions, pecans, peanuts, market.

Hawaii, USA

Tropical Flowers Direct - Farm growing tropical flowers for air shipment, photo farm tour.

Idaho, USA

I J Farms - Irwin and Judy and kids working many places, near Paul, Idaho.
Lindale Murray Greys - Careful breeding program of Australian Murray Greys in Southern Idaho

Illinois, USA

Angelic Organics - 22 acre family farm offers shares of the coming years vegetable crops.
Koeller Farms - Parents and 3 sons (all college grads) operate, 5th generation in flat Pike County
Outback Emu Farm - family farm has wealth of information about emu, nutrition and products

Indiana, USA

Ramsey Popcorn Company - A family farm selling popcorn around the world.
Claude Eddleman (1938-1958) - A story of farm life during Depression, WWII, kids to college.
Fairacre Farms - 1100 acres corn, 400 acres soybean, winter wheat, hogs for market, ham radio
Horner Farm - 1500 acre, corn, soybeans, wheat, excellent commodity charts by Mr. Horner.
Hornish Farm - Family farm growing tomatoes, map, no information about farm.
Indiana Biolab - An ag scientist supplies virus-free sweetpotato and small fruit plants to farms.
Notes by Editor - $40,000,000 proposed Indiana aquaculture venture: oyster, shrimp, fish.
Long Lane Farm - Brown Swiss Dairy Cattle for 50 years; shipped stock to 4 continents; embryos.
Rose Acres Farms - large corporation egg production farm. Photos, history, cooking.
Starlight Daylilly Gardens - Located in the entertainment farming and fruit region at Starlight.
Stewart seeds angus - long time family farms producing seed corn, newsletter, in Greensburg
Zook Farm - Pork, Corn, Soybeans. Nice page, but nothing about the farm.

Iowa, USA

Da-Es-Ro - Four generation family farm producing purebred Angus cattle breeding stock

Kansas, USA

Family Farm - family farm, custom silo filling and forage harvesting, computers. Goessel KS.
Neff Family Farm - herbs, bedding plants, vegetables, and ceramic dinnerware in the winter.

Kentucky, USA

Bristow Farm - Huge family farm, southern KY, timber, cattle, tobacco, local and family info.
Heiskell's Hereford Beef Farm - Old family farm, Bardstown, raises Hereford beef from grass.
My Old Kentucky Home - A family farm in Appalachian Mountain valley (1900-1944).

Louisianna, USA

Shady Pond Tree Farm - Christmas trees, details of tree production and species, 45 acres.

Maine, USA

Chase Tavern Farm - Raising Alpacas in the snows of Maine, photos. Tavern (home) built 1767.
Goldenrod Farm - Huge variety of animals on 70 acre family farm in northern Maine.
Oxwood Farm - Oxen provide the main income on this farm. Learn about ox driving.
Whistling Wings Farm - Pesticide-free farm on Maine seashore: strawberries, animals, info.


The Big Apple - Family orchard and vegetable farm: tours, apples, peaches, berries, farm year.

Michigan, USA

Jack Griffes Honeybee Farm - Honeybee improvement, bee links, honey farm, horseshoeing


Jim and Sandy - 600 acres, alfalfa, corn, wheat, soybeans, 50 Holsteins, Ayrshires. West Minn
CowPage - Farm fun by Jim and Sandy. Learn to make cowpies from an expert.
Berry Hill Farm - Mazes, hayrides. pumpkins, squash, apples, ornamental corn, Anoka

Missouri, USA

Bucks and Spurs Dude Ranch - pictures, ride in Mark Twain National Forest.
Life on The Farm - Monthly activities, antique tractors, flying, west of St. Louis, farm show links

Montana, USA

Ernie Taft Farm - Welcome to wheat farming in the Big Sky State; site under construction.
Hildreth Livestock Company - Since 1890. Raising Chiangus cattle at 7-10,000 feet. SW Montana.

Nebraska, USA

Farmers Wife - life on a farm of 1500 acres of corn and 1500 acres of Alfalfa.

New Jersey, USA

Blew Family Farm - Growing peppers for the New York City Market. Chili Pepper Magazine

New York, USA

Fesko Farm - 1200 acres, corn, wheat, oats, alfalfa, soybeans, 250 Holsteins, Central New York
River View Orchards - 100 year Dutch Apple Orchard on Mohawk River, free hayride tours.

North Carolina, USA

Story of the Peanut - Origin and growth of the plant. This is not a farm; this firm roasts peanuts.

North Dakota, USA

Stevens Farm - Their farm, community, and state. Four kids. Custom grain cleaning. Near Canada.

Ohio, USA

Owenlea Holsteins - Purebreed Holsteins, lots of wonderful details for the dairyman, pastures, etc.

Oklahoma, USA

Ankeman Ranch - Tarentaise beef cattle tolerate heat and cold, 975 acres, cattle and farm photos.

Oregon, USA

Family Partners - A child's desire led to this family farm breeding fine Welsh Ponies and Cobs

Pennsylvania, USA

Pure Earth Organic Farm - Good food grown the Old Fashioned way on a family farm.

South Dakota, USA

Black Hills Dream Ranch - info on birds, mammals, flora, cattle, pictures, Indian lore
Belle River Outfitters - large working cattle ranch. Hunt and vacation with them. It is for sale.

Tennessee, USA

Oak Hill Farm -

Texas, USA

Gourmet Gardens - Family farm markets its berries and sorghum by mail order.
Halliburton Farms - British White cattle history in England and North America. Photos. Information
Kings Orchard - Nice year's diary of chilling, flowering, ripening dates. U-Pick Peaches, berries.
La Casita Farms - Rio Grande City raises Onions, melons, and potatos part of Starr Produce Co.
Moseley Bison Ranch - Bison for meat and bees for honey on 345 acres of tall grass prairie.
Texas Blueberries - Family in East Texas piney woods ships blueberries nationwide. Photos.


88 Ranch - Cattle and Pig farming on the salty desert 8 miles south of the Great Salt Lake.

Vermont, USA

Putnam Family Farm - Family sugarbush since 1854, 3000 taps, making maple sugar.

Virginia, USA

Chris Simms - Student; home farm: peanuts and cotton; URL devoted to all aspects of agriculture.

Washington, USA

Timber Trails Farm - Olympic Penisula family farmstead details how they farm, greenhouse.
Wheatina - Dryland wheat farming in eastern WA, farm links, farm kids penpals, dry beans.

Wisconsin, USA

Bell-Air Farms - 800 acres of heifers, hogs, beef, corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and kids; equipment.
Kaehler's Mill Farm - Sustainable farming; management intensive grazing,; Galloway cattle, sheep
Willow Run Farm - Milk and organic vegetables. Trip to Ukraine.

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Halliburton Farms British White Cattle - Home page for a small British White Cattle Ranch in Texas, USA. British White are a unique and old breed of cattle. Check out our site and we think you will agree. URL does not work.

Muddy-H Holsteins - 60 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. Beautiful Holstein no farm info

John Reifstock Farm Home Page - The farm is 160 acres located about 6 miles south and two miles west of Champaign, Illinois. It is owned by my father George Reifsteck, and has been in the family quite a while. It is one of several tracts that I farm in Champaign County. URL has error

Peninsula Jerseys - Peninsula Jerseys was established in 1958, by Jacob and Annie Vander Meulen. Since then we have been breeding quality Jersey cattle which have been in demand by some of the finest breeders from around the world. Our goal is to breed cattle which are in demand in today's market. No info about farm

Heather Hill Sheep Farm

Bulletin: 1998 June 28. Today in AgriSurfer, the Agricultural e-zine, Bill Drew, originator of Not Just Cows, the first ag website, listed this page as one of his top 10 favorite agricultural sites. Thanks Bill. We want to list your family farm site or help you get started if you do not know how. We can give you enough help (free) to get started if you don't know how. We even have some free webspace (free hosting). You should read AgriSurfer regularly because each issue has many useful Ag Web sites.

The third grade teachers and students of a California school will be studying farms during the 1998-99 school year. Read about it. If you live on a farm they would like you to write them and invite a student to write to you and learn about your farm. This is a very interesting Farm/City project. Here is an E-zine story about the project.They want to write by e-mail to farms in every nation. December 13: I don't think they need any more farms.

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