The Family and Lives of
Mathias Bausser, Jr., and his Wife
Anna Elizabeth (nee Edelmann)

An Edelmann/Bowser Genealogy Workshop

We are trying to recreate the life of this couple. They married in Europe and arrived in Philadelphia, 1733 September 28, with two childern, their parents, and some siblings. We welcome historians and genealogists to contribute any data they have about this family or the communities where they lived in Euroupe or America. Text in blue is explanatory comments by Harold Lee Eddleman who compiled this page

The Ancestors of Matthias Bausser, Jr.

Click here for a map showing Sissach, Switzerland, ten miles southeast of Basel. You should be able to zoom in and out and move the center of the map.
Matthias Bausser, Sr., father of our Matthias Bausser, Jr., may have been born in ____ sw if Sissach.

Click on the URL below to get a map showing both Wissenberg, Alsace, where the Baussers must have lived prior to coming to Ameria in 1733 and the area southeast of Basel where the Buser family lived before 1700.

A section on Buser of Switzerland is listed below. Buser ==> Bausser ==> Bowser

The Ancestors of Anna Elizabeth Edelmann

Her father was Hanss David Edelmann, citizen of Rott, Northern Alsace. Her father's story is told on page eg907, but we know little about his life before 1733. We are hoping that this Workshop on Bowser, who came from Switzerland, will help us learn whether Hanss David Edelmann also came from Switzerland

EUROPEAN RECORDS: Provided by William Rodney Eddleman,
Hans David Edelmann, citizen in Rott, and wife Anna Margaretha had children:
  1. Philip Jacob b. ca. 1708
  2. Anna Elisabetha bp. 13 May 1713 (bp.=baptised)
  3. Maria Ursela bp. 6 Sept. 1716
  4. A daughter b. 9 June 1718, bp. 11 June 1718

Steinselz Reformed KB (church book):
  Philip Jacob Edelmann, son of David Edelmann of Rott, married 15 Jan. 1732 Maria Margaretha Wenner, dau. of Simon Wenner of Oberhoffen.

Zweibrucken Manumissions Protocoll, Cleeburg, 1733:
  David and Philipp Edelmann of Steinselz move with wives and children to Pennsylvania.

The Marriage of Matthias and Elizabeth Bausser

We have no record of their marriage. Since their first child was age 1.5 years when they arrived in Philadelphia in 1733, they may have been married about 1730 or 1731.

The Life of Mathias and Elizabeth in Europe

I have not found anything about their life in Europe. Where did they live? What did they do to earn a living. Does the fact they were able to travel to America indicate they were wealthy?

Matthias and Elizabeth voyage to America

Matt and Elizabeth arrived in Philadelphia 1733 September 18 aboard the Richard and Elizabeth. The list of passengers on that ship and some stories of their shipmates are on page eg927. Also on board were all four of their parents and some brothers and sisters and others of unknown relationship. Since many of the passengers were from Alsace, we hope we can learn something about the live and times of the Bausser and Edelmann families by collaboration with decendants of the other familes on this voyage.

The Passenger List of the Richard and Elizabeth

A List of the Passengers imported in the Brigantine Richard and Elizabeth, Captain Christopher Clymer, from Rotterdam and Plymouth, Sept. 28, 1733 (From Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance and Pennsylvania German Pioneers)

* = took oath of allegiance; if spelling of name differs, the name in ( ) is from the oaths of allegiance spelling. Numbers are age of the person.

The letters m, w, b, g before the age are for man, woman, boy, girl. When I got the list it was in four parts and I added the gender prefix to the ages because in two instances the person's age was too great to be a girl. Also some names might not indicate gender. -- Harold Eddleman

The ship list (men, women, boys, girls), and the notes from Burgert's book were provided by William Rodney Eddleman.

Ship List follows, with notes added, reference is given for each note. A bar separates possible families. See eg927 for complete list of passengers on the Richard and Elizabeth.

Mattheus Bausser* (Matthes Bouser) m63 and wife Esther Bouser w49 - Parents
Christian Bausser* (Christian Bewser) m18 - Son? of Mattheus and Esther
Daniel Bewser b11 1/2 - son? of Mattheus and Eshter
Jacob Bewser b9 1/2 - son? of Mattheus and Esther
Magdalena Bewser g7 1/2 - dau? of Mattheus and Esther
Anna Maria Bewser g4 - dau? of Mattheus and Esther
Elisabetha Bewser g7 - Who is this?

Matheis Bausser, Jr.* (Matthes Beser) m22 & wife Anna Elisabeth (Edelmann) Bewser w20 -- We think she is dau of Hanss David Edelman. She may be the mother of some of the kids below:
Anna Catherina Bewser g1 1/2   Anna Catherine b. 1731,
Anna Maria Bewser g17 weeks   Anna Maria b. 1733
Notice the Surname is spelled both Bewser & Bausser here. I am sure I have seen it spelled Bowser also. The ages of some of the childern do not fit the ages of the adult females on this ship. Perhaps their parents are not on this ship. If this family is related to the Edelmann family by marriage, then the Bausser family may be from Rott/Steinseltz area. There is no proof this is the family that Hanss David Edelmanns dau married into but the names are fit. Can we find WHE's notes on the relationship? --Harold Eddleman.

Origins and Destinations of Some Passengers (From Annette Kunselman Burgert. 1992. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America. Picton Press, Camden, Maine)

The Lives of Matthias and Elizabeth in Ameria

Rebecca Fodi, , a Bowser descendant, provided the message below and wrote: "Mathias and Elizabeth Bowser had 11 childern and their son John was a ranger in the Rev. War."

Subject: Mathais and Anna Elizabeth Bausser
Date: 1 Mar 98    From:

Dear Harold:
I'm sorry I have no info on the father of Anna Eliz. or her siblings. However following is a list of the children of Mathais and Anna Bowser.

Anna Catherine b. 1731 - appears on the ship list
Anna Maria b. 1733 - appears on the ship list
David b. 1738 Married Elizabeth (no maiden name)
Anna Margaret b. 1739 (baptized Lancaster 5/12/1739)
John b. 1740 Married Mary (no maiden) died 1813 (my ancestor)
Jacob b. 1745 Married Elsie Kal ? died 1834
Noah b. 1748 Married Eunice Ditto?
Valentine b. 1750 d. Armstrong County, PA 1836
Samuel b. 1755
Abraham b. 1758 died 1853 or 1855
Esther b. 1758 married John Martin

Mathais Bausser Jr. father was Mathais Bausser born 1670 and his mother was Esther Borth 1684. Arrived aboard Brigantine Ship "Richard and Elizabeth" Chris Clymer, master, from Rotterdam. [PA Archives, 2nd series, volume 17.

John Bowser b. 1740 was a ranger on the frontier in Northumberland county during the American Revolution and bought land in Yellow Creek, Hopewell Township, Bedford County, PA, April 5, 1797, Deed Book vol 1, page 479.

John and Mary have the following children: Rebbeca, I need help formatting these
John Bowser (no date)
Jacob 1770 Mathias   b.12/16/1773   d. 1/4/1830 Kittanning, Armstrong County, PA.
  Married Christianna Loy Valentine  b.1777 d. 1852
  Married Elizabeth Fluke b. 1782 d. 1879 Montgomeryville
Nicholas b. 1781 or 82 d. 1862 Hopewell twp. Married Elizabeth Peter Bowser b. 1786 d. 1879 (my ancestor) Married Sarah Russell b. 1787
Mary no bd married john Burnhamer
Elizabeth no bd married abraham swigart
Catherine no bd married peter kline
Julia ann no bd married david flenner
Barbara Bowser md Joseph Bowser b 1791 d. 1873 (this looks rather suspicious i'm not sure)

Peter b. 1786 died 1879 Pine Creek, Armstrong County, PA. He was the youngest son of John. Peter was an early settler of Armstrong County and bought land on Pine Creek two miles east of the Allegheny river. I have this line on down but don't know if you are interested. I get excited and start typing away. It's so much fun to have someone interested. I once saw a book that I believe was written in the 1920s or 1930s called the Bowser Book. I don't know if I can track down a copy. It was to be reprinted, but that fell through. Let me know if there is more info I can share.

Rebecca Fodi

Tom Nagy wrote to Harold Eddleman:
The BOWSER Family History published in 1922 by A. B. BOWSER says:
"Matthias Bausser lived in Lancaster, Pa. until 1739 or later, then made permanent settlement in Paradise Twp., York County, PA. He owned two plantations and two mills in York County. He was a member of the Dunkard (German Baptist) Church in 1770, the Little Conaways Congregation. He owned land near Abbotstown, once York, now Adams County. This tract is now the Paradise Church property, first called Brandt's Chapel."

I believe the following was first found by Dr. William H. Eddleman, of Dorchester, MA, who intended to write a book on the Eddleman of America but died about 1959 or 60 due to cancer. His papers are in the Philadelphia Historical Society (I need to check name of this Library).

Records of First Reformed Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Births:
These records were examined by Eddleman researchers; the records need examined again for mention of Bausser.

1737 John David Edelman son of Jacob; b. Dec 1, 1730; bapt. May 15, 1737. Can this be the birth of the David Eddleman who married Catherine (maiden name unknown) and lived on Abbotts Creek, North Carolina. We need to learn whether this Jacob is the Filb Jakob Edelmann of Rott, Alsace.

1739 Anna Margret, dau. of Matthew Bauser and Anna Elizabeth Edelman
baptised May 12, 1739 shows Bauser is correct spelling

1739 David son of Mathew Bauser and Anna Eliz. Edelman, bapt. May12,1739
shows wife of Matthew Bauser was an Edelman maybe dau of Hanss David Edelmann zu Rott. It also appears that this family did not use the Edelmann nn spelling in America. Since David is a rare name, the name suggests this boy is the grandson of Hanss David Edelmann zu Rott.

Insert here other records of the above church to aid our study.

In 1957, Dr. William H. Eddleman, recognized Anna Elizabeth Bowser was an Edelmann by examining the above church records.

Swiss Family Buser

Members of BOWSER-L@rootsweb have supplied the following messages which may relate to the parentage of Mathias Bausser, Jr.

Subject: [BOWSER-L] Rümlingen-Büßer
Date: 7 Mar 98

Francis Busser writes: his ancestor, John Buser, left Rümmblign (called Rümlingen today) in 1671 and went to Elsaß (Alsace). (Rümlingen is south of Buus and southeast and very close to Tenniken). Francis asked about Farnsberg. He also asked about the religion of the villages controlled by the Reformed City-State-Basel. John Buser ( became Busser or Büßer) was thought to have been Roman Catholic. Francis asked if Rümlingen was Reformed - or was it Roman Catholic in 1671? The histories I have available and this includes a friendly scholar in Switzerland, report that City-State-Basel became Reformed in 1529. They also report that the Bishop of Basel left (fled) in 1528. He is reported to have gone west to Porrentruy where the Bishopric had its seat. The Bishop's Cathedral Chapter moved to the Austrian Freiburg in Breisgau and the Prince-Bishop's administration went to Altkirch in the Sundgau region. Another source, supplied by my Swiss cousin Max Knecht, states "...the Bishop of Basle changed his seat to Pruntrut and has lived in Solothurn since 1828 (I am checking - this may have been a typo for 1528.)." In 1330, the Count Sigmund I. Thiersteiner and his son Otto I. built a castle on Farnsberg, naming it Farnsburg. (Burgen von A bis Z. Burgenlexikon der Regio. Meyer,Werner. 1981.) The castle served this family for four generations as their primary residence. In 1418, the male line of the Thierstein (Farnsburg) family became extinct. The daughter Klaranne Thierstein von Farnsburg married Baron Hans Friedrich von Falkenstein. Two young sons, Hans and Thomas, were placed under the guardianship of two city-states, Bern and Solothurn. In 1461, City-State-Bern, one of the guardians of Hans and Thomas (Falkenstein), granted City-State-Basel the Burggesass, the right, to use Farnsburg in the protection of Landgrafschaft Sisgau. Basel's Landvogt resided in Farnsburg governing Landgrafschaft Sisgau, which included Buus but not Rümlingen. For a short time, even as Zwingli's Reformation swept through the land, the Bishop of Basel retained control of Landgrafschaft Sisgau. In 1525, fearing his Protestant neighbors to the east, the Bishop rebuilt the ancient castle of Farnsburg. The castle was strengthened with additional towers and fortifications, but the Bishop had no army and he soon gave up Castle Farnsburg. By 1546, Farnsburg was again in the hands of the Reformed. Hans Conrad von Stein a Deutschritter was the commander of Farnsburg and Fridrich (Friedrich) von Honberg, was Komtur zu Bicin. The mighty castle provided a safe haven for more than 40 provincial governors - until 1798 - when angry farmers tore it down stone for stone and burnt it. The above account implies that the villages under the control of City-State-Basel all became Reformed soon after the Bishop left the city. Is that the way it happened? Or did some of the villages still have practicing or perhaps "quiet" Old Believers? - I will post this in German as soon as possible. Sources Klaus-F. Augustiny, Psychiatr. Poliklinik Universitaet Bern and material supplied by Walter-Luc Haas. Hal

Subject: Alsace Eddleman Clan
Date: 1 Mar 98

Hello Harold

My name is Sam Bowser and I've been researching the Bowsers pretty actively since 1991.

There was a John Bausser who died in Washington County, MD, in 1792 and through studying his will, I found that he originally was Johannes Buser of the village of Tenniken, Kanton Basel.

He had a 3rd cousin once removed named Matthys Buser b. in 1670, the same year as Mathias Bausser. He was from the village of R'umlingen; also Kanton Basel. (Note that in the passenger lists, the name also appears as "Bewser".)

I suspect that area (east of Liestal, around Sissach) is not where the Edelmanns originated.


Subject: Re: Baussers Date: 2 Mar 98 06:47:14 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Hello Harold

Jules Billeter, a noted Swiss Genealogist who I've been told worked for or with the LDS did a tremendous work on the Buser family for a lady by the name of Mundwyler sometime between 1920-1940 I think it was, tracing both her Mundwiler and Buser ancestory.

Apparently she was an American since Billeter translated his work to English and noted the Lady's relationship to each individual in the right hand margin of his work where applicable.

Fortunately, the Johhannes Buser I mentioned in my previous message as well as Matthys Buser's families are documented therein.

After locating them in "Mundwiler of Tenniken", I ordered copies of both men's immediate families baptisms from the Swiss Archives to verify Billeters work. It was accurate.

"Mundwiler of Tenniken" is available from the LDS Film # 1045498 European Region.

There you'll find the families of Matthys and Johann Buser.

With regard to the 1922 "The Bowser Family History" and the earliest Bowsers- forget it. The authors account concerning "Three Brothers, John, Daniel and Henry" is pure myth in my opinion.

The Bowser immigration story is much more complex than presented in that book.

And like I said previously, I don't think the Eddlemann's came from the same area in Switzerland as the Bowsers. Possibly they didn't "connect" until both families settled temporarily in the Wissembourg area.



Material below this line is being depleted to write the story above

Some lineages from Hanss David Edelmann zu Rott/Elsass

Rott was very near Steinseltz. This area was under Germany when Eddleman and Bousser families left for America. Press this Link (planned) to see an 1882 map of Alsace (is shows fewer villages). The map link below allows you to zoom in on Rott, Rott, Steinseltz, Oberhoffen, Hunspach, Hoffen, Ingllsheim, Birlenbach, and Keffenach, and other villages mentioned by Paster Pfrimmer. Can you find a map.

This Map is different it lets you Zoom in on Rott

Established Data or Published References.

Pennsylvania German Folklore Society Vol 1: (1936). A List of German Immigrants to the American Colonies from Zweibrücken in the Palatinate (1728-1749). Bavarian State Archives, Speyer, Germany, Zweibrücken 111, 2055.

  page 107 - Oberamt, Bergzabern, Cleeberg.
  1731: Hans Adam Edelmann of Rott leaves the country.
  1733: David and Philip Edelman, Michael Hammer, and Peter Scheib of
      Seinselz with wives and childern for America.

Pastor Theo Pfrimmer, Cleebourg, Bas-Rhin, France wrote to William H. Eddleman on 1957 Sep 23, "(The search could) be a little difficult because there have been many wars here since 1750. In 1945 Rott was almost completely destroyed. The situation is as follows: during the Thirty Years' War, Rott, Steinseltz, Oberhoffen, Hunspach, Hoffen, Ingllsheim, Birlenbach, and Keffenach were totally destroyed. At that time they were under Swedish control. Only a few of the inhabitants came back after the Peace of Westphalia. The other people were replaced by Swiss and by Hugenots who had been expelled by Louis XIV. (It is) my opinion the family comes either from the few survivors or from Switzerland because the family name is typical German." (WHE letter of 1959 Mar 4 directs Pastor Pfrimmer to look for 1680 - 1750 records in Rott and Steinselz and any nearby villages, but no one has found any reply or results from Pfrimmer.)

Library Work that is Needed

Check at your libraries, Family History Centers, and other resources for the following. With time we can make these qüstions more specific.

1. Records of the First Reformed Church of Lancaster, PA, for Eddleman, Bowser, etc.

2. All Pennsylvania German books and websites for Eddleman and Bowser.


Abbreviations and Definitions

Steinselz is rock salt.
Alsace was then under Germany. Constant warring depopulated this land many times.
Rott and Steinselz are adjacent villages.

This page (Baussers) was started 1998 March 4 by Harold Eddleman

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Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman is the alsace search list. This may be a list of 16 families from Rott.

KREKLOW, Rebel L. PO Box 2527, Auburn, Washington 98071-2527, USA eMail address: (Lutheran)

I am seaching for information regarding the HAGELBARGER family. This name was believed to have been changed to HUCKLEBERRY following immigration to America. According to, "A list of German Immigrants to the Ameridcan Colonies from Zweibruecken in the Palatinate (1750-1771), edited by Dr. Friedrich Krebs, Archvist Speyer-am-Rhein, Germany (which appears in, "Pennsylvania German Immigrants (1709-1786) - List Consolidated from Yearbooks of The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society" edited by Don Yoder - 1984), Benjamin HAGELBARGER with wife and five children of Rott (southwest of Wissembourg), left for America in 1752 with 16 other families (SPECK, DOPPERT, ZIMMERMANN, HARR, WITTERICH, DIERY, DIERY, MUELLER, RUBB, KERN, KERN, KERN, SEYLER, BARTHEL, SCHMITT and HERRMAN).

The family is believed to have been Lutheran. I am trying to ascertain date and port of departure, ship name, and date and port of arrival. Thanks in advance for any help.

This query did not get an answer.

The Thirty Years War (1618-1648). - Notes compiled from the Internet by Harold Eddleman:. Began as a German civil war between Protestants and Catholics. When it appeared the Catholics might win, Danes, then Swedes, then French came into the war and fought against the Habsburgs. The power of the Holy Roman Empire was reduced to a shadow. Germany was ruined and half the people died in the struggle. Local soverigns, but not individuals, were able to determine their own religion. Princes united to drive the Swedes out. France became the dominant power in Europe. Many modern warfare methods were developed: gunpowder, marching, uniforms, bayonet. Many aspects of modern Europe grew out of the ruins of the war. I believe some Germans fled to Britain and were later enticed to migrate to the American Colonies--I am not sure about that.

Canton de Wissembourg in Alasce has the following 13 communes:
Cleebourg, Climbach, Lembach, Niedersteinbach, Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg, Obersteinbach, Riedseltz, Rott, Schleithal, Seebach, Steinseltz, Wingen, Wissembourg

Above is present day communities in the Canton of Wissembourg, Alsace

This message is from an Alsace moderated list at

From: EDDLEMAN, Harold, Ph.D.
Indiana Biolab

My ancestor Hanss David EDELMANN left Rott, Alsace, in 1733 and arrived at Philadelphia 28 September 1733 on the ship Richard and Elizabeth. For more information about this family in America see I am seeking information on his parents. I am also interested in the farming and other conditions of life in Rott and Steinseltz in 1733. I have been told that during 1733 many citizens of Rott might have come from France or Switzerland. Does his name of Edelmann indicate where I should look for his parents? In America, he attended Protestant churches. He was age 49 according to the ship list which gives a calculated birthdate of 1684.

Webmaster's Repy:
Since you decline to specifiy the probable religion of your ancestor, it is not possible to sugges whether the FHL microfilms of Rott church records (1701-1942) or Steinseltz (1685-1792) might be useful. FYI, we specialize in family history, not local or regional history, but perhaps others reading this will offer you some thoughts or references. For a history of Alsace and Lorriane on this website, see

Email address of persons interested in Bausser Family

Harold Eddleman ..

Harold and EDL,

Just for the record, many of the Edelmann records in Switzerland came from St. Gallen and Basel. Don't know how this relates to the Bauser location(s).


Rebecca and EDL,

WOW, an Eddleman descendant who was a Ranger!! I have read about this group, but to have a (possible) relative who was in it is even more fascinating.

I am also interested in how the 11 Bowser children were documented, since this could lead us to more data on the David Edelmann line. We only had baptismal information on 2 or 3 of them.

Boy, this just keep getting more and more interesting!


Subject: BAUSSER/BOWSER Date: 4 Mar 98 13:02:00 -0500 From: To: Indbio


I have just subscribed to the EDELMAN mailing list. I located your EDELMAN website by doing an internet search. I was surprised to see BOWSER references there. Are you the EDELMAN listowner?

I knew Mathias BAUSSER married Anna Elizabeth EDELMAN but had no proof. From your site I see your baptisamal reference to the Lancaster church.

I am also the BOWSER listowner at Rootwseb. I invite you and all EDELMAN subscribers to join.

I emailed Sam Bowser of you website. I see that Sam has contacted you since. Sam is a very knowledgeable BOWSER researcher.

I see from your note to Rebecca Fodi that you are interested in The BOWSER Family History book. The book consists of 300 pages and is hardbound. I have a reprint. The book was published in 1922 by A. B. BOWSER. It is very factual from Mathias BAUSSER continuing to 1922. From 1733 and back it is riff with errors.

A women in Ohio had the book reprinted in 1991. I just purchased all the remaining copies from her. I sold the last copy a week ago. Of course, I have one for myself. The book is available in the some of the libraries here in Western Pennsylvania. It may have been microfilmed by the LDS. I may have the book reprinted.

Here is a quote from the book concerning Mathias BAUSSER, Jr.

"Lived in Lancaster, Pa. until 1739 or later, then made permanent settlement in Paradise Twp., York Co.,Pa. He owned two plantations and two mills in York Co. He was a member of the Dunkard (German Baptist) Church in 1770, the Little Conaways Congregation. He owned land near Abbotstown, once York, now Adams County. This tract is now the Paradise Church property, first called Brandt's Chapel."

I have over 10,000 descendents of Mathias BAUSSER, Sr. in my database.

I also own the JOHN and BECK mailing lists and the Pennsylvania Indiana and Clarion County lists.

Sincerely, Tom Nagy

I have put this here because Tom or Sam said the Baussers may be anabaptists???

ubject: [ALSACE-LORRAINE-L] anabaptists; list of names Date: 1 Jan 98 17:30:10 -0500 From: To: Indbio

I have found a reference to two (perhaps) interesting lists of names:

- "Certificat des Anabaptistes reccu [recu ?] en l'annee 1703" - "Liste des Anabaptistes de Ste-marie-aux-Mines en 1708"

(these lists are referenced in : Yoder Newsletter Online; Issue Number 29 - April 1997 )

Does someone know these lists and how/where it is possible to consult them ?



==== ALSACE-LORRAINE Mailing List ==== Lower Alsace (Haut-Rhin): CDHF Cover only the southern portion of Alsace

ubject: Re: [ALSACE-LORRAINE-L] Why leave? Date: 15 Jan 98 17:01:52 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Hello Caral Much of the history of Alsace is tied up in religious wars, many Lutherans left for a more peaceful area. William Penn sent agents to this area as well as Palatinate Germany, because of the war ravage country, and he promise religious freedom in the colony of Pennsylvania, which he kept. For the record my family was Catholic, so please I hope nobody takes offense by the term religious wars, some of these wars where also a power struggle of European powers. Please if you have a chance check out these web sites.

and this page on Robert Weinlands page,

Hope it helps. Warren Lambing

-- Lambing Family Genealogy

==== ALSACE-LORRAINE Mailing List ==== Need to contact listowner?

Sep. 5, 1730. Ship Alexander and Ann, William Clymer, Master from Rotterdam, last from Cowes (Deal.) Ship’s list. Hans Adam Edelmann, moves out of Cleeburg, Western Palatinate, in 1731. David Edelmann, with wife and children, moves out of Steinseltz, Western Palatinate, to PA in 1733. “Eighteenth Century Emigrants, Vo. II, The Western Palatinate.” Philipp Edelmann, moves out of the Western Palatinate, Steinseltz, to PA, in 1733. Ship’s list. Philip (Filb) Jacob Edelman 25, w. (Margaretha, 26) and child, (Balthaser, 4) arrives in Philadelphia
Sept. 18, 1733, from Rotterdam on the Briganteen Richard and Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Christopher Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Plymouth. Ship’s list.
fsDavid Edelman arrives in Philadelphia on Sept. 28, 1733 from Rotterdam on the Briganteen Richard and Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Christopher Clymer, Master. Ships list.

This is a segment from the PA page Trudi Edelman is compiling. It is not a permanent part of this page and is to be deleted.

Subject: Bowser/Eddleman Date: 9 Mar 98 16:59:22 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Dear Harold,

Thanks for the info you have supplied. I stumbled on a list at rootsweb that may be of interest to you if you haven't checked it out already. The e-mail is and her name is Linda. She's a decendant of Peter and Sarah Russell Bowser. She has info on Anna Elizabeth's Parents Hanns David and Anna Margaretha .I'm not sure how far back the Eddlemans go but She did give me several dates back to approx 1518 on the Busers in Switzerland. Please let me know how I might subscribe to the Eddleman info.

Rebecca Fodi

Harold Eddleman contacted Linda. She has not found any Edelmann info not already listed above on this page.

Re: "John born on the Ocean"
Date: 19 Mar 98
From:   To: BOWSER-L@rootsweb
Samuel J. Bowser wrote:

Hello Emmert

I'm supposedly descended from this "John born on the ocean" as well, and in my opinion, he never existed. At least not in the context presented in the 1922 "Bowser Family History".

The John Bausser who died in Wash. Co., Md. in 1792 had no brother, Daniel. He had a brother Wernhart who emigrated to "Carolina". He was a 3rd cousin once removed to Mathias Bowser I, and so apparently distantly related to the Daniel Bowser who settled outside of New Freedom in York County. He was not related in any way to the Henry Bouser who died in Wash. Co., Md. in 1806. He had no brother Henry.

The first Bowser homestead in Somerset County was a few miles outside Berlin. That was where the "John born on the ocean", or John II first settled. His son John III, who married the Bittinger ended up living there. The Bittinger homestead was right across the road, and the Beeghly homestead directly behind the Bowser place. You can still see the remains of the foundation of a barn there. There may also be a small cemetery nearby where John III is buried. If it's where I think it is, it's on posted property and I understand the owners aren't terribly friendly.

John II's son Peter bought a large farm outside of Addison in Somerset County and "The Poorbaugh Family History" claims John II "born on the ocean" is buried there. How they would know, I have no idea, but there is a very well maintained little cemetery there where Peter and some of his descendants are buried.

I'm descended from Peter's son Jacob, who is buried nearby at Cove, Garrett County, Md.. Peter's farm lies right on the Mason-Dixon line. One of the prettiest, hilliest places I ever saw.

The John Bausser who died in Wash. Co. in 1792 came over here in 1749, not in 1733 like the BFH says. What's more his name was Buser, not Bausser, like the BFH says. He came in through Phila., not Baltimore like the BFH says. Mathias Bausser was also named Buser. And there is nothing yet such as a baptismal record to link him to "John born on the ocean".

The BFH is a good source after 1800; mostly pure poppycock before.