The Voyage of the Richard and Elizabeth
Arriving 1733 September 28
at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Please send information about your family on this voyage.

Harold Eddleman writes: "About 1997, I began this page trying to recreate the experience of the passengers on this voyage. I wrote everything I could find about my family on the voyage and hoped others would find this page and add info about their family. Every year a few more people add more info about their family. We also welcome historians and anyone else interested in the voyage. We will be happy to link to your webpage; we are not limit for space and can start a supage about your family if you have that much informaion. We hope to help you find others interested in your family. We may start a mail list R& to spread new information."

This workshop began with a passenger list for this voyage and sought:

I started this page because it appears my ancestor may be Hanss David Edelmann, citizen of Rott, Alsace, who came to America on this voyage with his wife, son, daughter, son-in-law and a member of the son-in-laws family.

My main interest is my Edelmann roots in Alsace, but I am just as interested in the conditions of life then and their daily lives. Since we are not likely to find all the information about this voyage that we seek, I welcome general information as a way to understand the details of what this voyage may have been like.

Here is some information from those days in Colonial Americca:

Pennsylvania Journal and Weekly Advertiser

November 2, 1752

Philadelphia, November 23 (sic?)
Since our last, arrived here Capt. Honor from Holland with about 500 Germans.

We hear from Reading, in the County of Berks, that HIS MAJESTY's Birth Day was kept there in a very joyful, decent and loyal Manner; and that at Night the Town was hansomely illuminated and all the Powder that could be got expend on the Occafion.

There followed a list of the snows, sloops, ships, schooners, brigs, lefters in and out of custom at Philadelphia. The vessels were to or from Liverpool, Boston, Pifsataqua, Maderia, Virginia, N. Carolina, N. York, St Chriftopers, Barbados, Leogan, W. Indies, Coleraine, Jamaica, Rotterdam, R. Island, and St. Euftatia. These were the spellings used in the newspaper.

The above is from the Robert P. Addleman's book The American Addlemans (1991, out of print). Can we find some American and Alsacean Newspapers of 1733 to give us some idea of the Voyage of the Richard and Elizabeth?

The Passenger List of the Richard and Elizabeth

A List of the Passengers imported in the Brigantine Richard and Elizabeth, Captain Christopher Clymer, from Rotterdam and Plymouth, Sept. 28, 1733 (From Names of Foreigners who took the Oath of Allegiance and Pennsylvania German Pioneers)

* = took oath of allegiance; if spelling of name differs, the name in ( ) is from the oaths of allegiance spelling. Numbers are age of the person.

The letters m, w, b, g before the age are for man, woman, boy, girl. When I got the list it was in four parts and I added the gender prefix to the ages because in two instances the person's age was too great to be a girl. Also some names might not indicate gender. -- Harold Eddleman

The ship list (men, women, boys, girls), and the notes from Burgert's book were provided by William Rodney Eddleman. The lists did not indicate family relationships. I merely grouped the names together as possible families. The notation wife? in the list may not be true. The woman could be some other relative. The man I have indicated as the husband might, instead, be a brother or other relative of the husband. I hope readers will be able to comfirm or disprove some of these proposed relationships.

Ship List follows, with notes added, reference is given for each note. A bar separates possible families.

Georg Angstet* (George Angsted) m37
  George Angsted b6, Johannes Angsted b1
..[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
..Hans Georg Angstatt--Zuzendorf and Gumbrechtshoffen => Bieber Creek, Berks Co., Pa.]

Robert B. Angstadt, Email address: Address: 1315 Pennsylvania Ave. Williamsport, PA 17701. Sent the following info to this page:
Immigrant's name: Georg ANGSTADT Ship name: Richard and Elizabeth U.S. arrival date: 28 Sep 1733 Port: Philadelphia, PA Place of origin: Gumbrechtshoffen, Northern Alsace Source: Burgert,18C. Emigrants from Northern Alsace; S&H, PA German Pioneers Notes: Surname appears in KB as Angstatt, in ship lists as Angsted Arrived with wife, Eva Catherina nee Shäfer & 3 children: George (29 Nov 1726 - ) Eva Catherine (1729 - ) Johannes (1732 - 14 Aug 1806) Four other children were born in America: Peter (abt 1737 - ) Adam (abt 1740 - ) Esther (?? - ??) Barbara (?? - ??) The family settled in Rockland twp., Berks Co., PA

Mattheus Bausser* (Matthes Bouser) m63 and wife? Esther Bouser w49 Grandparents?
Christian Bausser* (Christian Bewser) m18
Daniel Bewser b11 1/2 Jacob Bewser b9 1/2
Magdalena Bewser g7 1/2 Anna Maria Bewser g4 ..Elisabetha Bewser g7
Matheis Bausser, Jr.* (Matthes Beser) m22 & wife Anna Elisabeth (Edelmann) Bewser w20 -- We think she is dau of Hanss David Edelman. She may be the mother of some of the kids below:
Anna Catherina Bewser g1 1/2, Anna Maria Bewser g17 weeks
Notice the Surname is spelled both Bewser & Bausser here. I am sure I have seen it spelled Bowser also. William H. Eddleman (deceased), of Dorchester, Massachusetts, USA, said he found American church records indicating Anna Elisabeth Bewser was the dau of Hanss David Eddleman. The ages of some of the childern do not fit the ages of the adult females on this ship. Perhaps their parents are not on this ship. If this family is related to the Edelmann family by marriage, then the Bausser family may be from Rott/Steinseltz area. There is no proof this is the family that Hanss David Edelmanns dau married into but the names are fit. Can we find WHE's notes on the relationship? --Harold Eddleman.
Rebecca Fodi, , has info and wrote: "Mathias and Elizabeth Bowser had 11 childern and their son John was a ranger in the Rev. War."


Subject: [EDDLEMAN-L] LDS Films Date: 5 Jun 98
Hello Harold
Having just visited your website again and seeing the church records of Rott and Steinseltz apparently have been filmed by the LDS, I was wondering if anyone had checked them out yet. If they are records of the Catholic Church, I wouldn't think the Bowsers and Eddlemans would be found in them. Whether there were Reformed Churches in the area I wouldn't have any idea.

Subject: eg927 voyage of Richard
Date: 22 Mar 99
Greetings. I was browsing through your pages and noticed the Franz Schuller- Schuler name. I am searching for Franz Xavier Schuler. Born @ 1796. He was from Alsace and was married to Barbara Weiland (Violon). He was possibly from Ammertzwiller Alsace. They came to Canada @ 1833, and settled in the St.Agatha Waterloo area of Ontario. Died Apr 13, 1859 @ 62 years of age. Thanks. Ursula Kabool nee Schmidt from Rhin Prussia - Wunderlich from Prossitten east Prussia.

Subject: [BOWSER-L] Bauschar Book
Date: 12 Oct 98
Hello Bill:
Bill E. Slabaugh wrote:
> The Richard and Elizabeth (brigantine) was in the high seas on Sept. 28, 1733, and contained
>Mattheas Bausser, age 63 and Esther (Borth) Bausser wife, their children all for Philadelphia >according to ship's roster.
I think I saw this a while back where someone else showed Mathias Bowser wife's maiden name Esther "Borth". Where did this come from? As far as I know, no record exists of his marriage, her maiden name was not given in the ship's passenger lists, etc.; so how would anyone know what her maiden name was? What is the source of this information. Can it be documented?
--Sam Nagy

Mattheis Beck* (Mattes Peck) m39 & wife Engelina Beck w37 The wife and childern's names
..Their childern: Anthony Beck b12 Johan Henrich Beck b7     were Peck on shiplist (an error)
Robert B. Angstadt, Email address: Address: 1315 Pennsylvania Ave. Williamsport, PA 17701. Sent the following info to this page:
{Matthias Beck is the husband of Engelina (dau. of Tonges Hubener & wife Rosina). Matthias (39 years), Engelina (37), plus children Anthony (12), Heinrich (7) and Anna Catharina (10), were all passengers on the R & E. (S&H, I:128; Burgert's newest publication, 18c. Emigrants from Langenselbold in Hesse to America, p. 3-4). I have Burgert's book and can check for other Langenselbold emigrants on this ship. This family intermarried with another Langenselbold family, the Kershner family, here in America. These families also settled in Berks County, and many generations later, a Kershner married an Angstadt (my grandparents). So I actually have two separate lines back to the Richard & Elizabeth: 1) my Angstadt line which is direct, and 2) through the Kershner line to Matthias & Engelina Beck!! The end of Robert B. Angstadt ( notes }

Marx Bigler* (Marcus Beegler) m28
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
Marx Bigler--Ingelsheim, Hunspach => Frederick Co. (?) Md.]

Norma Goldman wrote:
date: 16 May 2000
From: nhgoodman <>
My 5th great grandfather, Marcus Bigler, arrived in Philadelphia on the Richard and Elizabeth on Sept. 28, 1733. It is thought that he too may have come from Alsace, and that the Bigler family originated in Switzerland. He eventually settled in Pipe Creek, Fredrick County, Maryland. He had one child mentioned in Lutheran Church records in Pennsylvania but was later affiliated with the German Baptist Brethren Church and with a minister by the name of Daniel Leatherman. In your Edelemann/Addelman research have you come across any mention of Marcus (Marx) Bigler? He also had a brother by the name of Michael who immigrated in 1741. Do you have access to "A List of German Immigrants to the American Colonies from Zweibrucken in the Palatinate (1728-1749)".
Norma H. Goodman

Ulrich Burghalter* m40 and wife? Barbara Burghalter 34
Childern: ..Hance Peter Burghalter b1 1/2, ..Anna Barbara Burghalter g4
..Elizabeth Burghalter g14, Anna Catherina Burghalter g12, Anna Magdalena Burghalter g8 gives a will and the following info about other families on this voyage. This also has info on the Sager family from the same ship
Ulrich Burkhalter was born ca 1693 in Europe and died before April 16, 1762 in Whitehall Township, Northhampton County, Penn. About 1720, he married Barbara ______. The Burkhalter family arrived at Philadelphia on Sept. 28, 1733 on the brigantine "Richard and Elizabeth". Ulrich was 40, Barbara was 34, and the children were Elizabeth 14, Anna Catherina 12, Anna Magdalena 8, Anna Barbara 4, Margaretha 2 1/2 and Hance Peter 1 1/4. Also on board the Richard and Elizabeth were Johann Nicholas Sager age 39 and Anna Barbara Sager age 28, and Abraham Wootring age 33 and his wife Anna Margaretha age 32. All three of these families settled in Whitehall Township. This info from the URL above.
gives info about family in Berne, Switzerland
Immigrant's surname: BURGHALTER Immigrant's given name(s): Ulrich Ship name: Richard & Elizabeth U.S. arrival date: 28 SEP 1733 Port: Philadelphia, PA Place of origin: - Source: DAR & Notes of Egypt Reformed Church Records Submitted by: Cathy Moor Email address: CathyMoor@juno.comAddress: Box 5 Hockessin, DE 19707

Jacob Christ* m54 and wife? Magdalena Christ w44
and sister or sister-in-law Eva Catherina Christ w31
Marcust Christ* (Marcus Christ) m17
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
Jacob and Marcus Christ--Roggwil, Goselmingen, Diedendorf =>Berks Co., Pa.

Dedigman* (Philip Tadigman) m36 and wife? Maria Barbara Tadigsman w35
and sister? or sister-in-law? Anna Maria Tadigsman w25

David Edelman* m 49 and wife? Anna Maria Edelman w54
their son? Philip Jacob Edelman* m25 and Philip's wife? Margaretha Edelman w26
..Baltasar Edelman (sick) b4 Probably son of Filb (Philip) Jakob Edelmann
..Maria Esther Edelman g14. We have not found this girl at any other time in America. Esther may be an uncommon name(?), but Esther is the name Matthew Bausser's(Sr.) wife.
Anna Elisabeth (Edelmann) Bausser, dau of David Edelmann, was on the Richard and Elizabeth; see that family above.
We have a workshop devoted to this family; the workshop gives information on this family in Rott, Alsace and PA ==> MD in colonies.
Rebecca Fodi, , has info and wrote: "Mathias and Elizabeth Bowser had 11 childern and their son John was a ranger in the Rev. War."

Jacob Greib* (Jacob Gripe) m21

Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000
From: "Steffen Bühler" <>
While searching for the name GREIB (the birth name of my wife) I found your interesting page.
    Your entry "Jacob Greib* (Jacob Gripe) m21" has to be commented a little. This man is the ancestor of the huge Cripe clan in America. All these people have their roots here in Germany, but no one can tell exactly where Jacob was born, although the name Greib is not very common.
     There is good documentation at
Best regards, Steffen Bühler        [Eddleman edited this letter slightly to reduce the space.]
Click here to see more from Steffen.

Sophia Glass w28

Halt [Anna Barbara Haltin g50(? was listed with girls, but her age was given as 50)]
Recall the suffix "in-"means young woman or girl; thefore her surname is Halt

Jacob Hennel* (Jacob Hainel) m20. Judith H. Roseberry wonders if this man is a son of Jacob Herman (see next entry, below.).

Jacob Herman* (Jacob Harmon) m40 and wife? Catherina Harmon w33
Dewald Harmon b13, Jacob Harmon b6, Hance Harmon b3 1/2, Hance Peter Harmon b9 months,
Catherina Harmon g11, Barbara Harmon g8, Catherina Barbara Harmon g6 months.

Date: 22 Aug 98
I am a descendant of Hans Peter Harmon. I believe there were two Jacob Harmons on the Richard and Elizabeth. Perhaps Jacob Hennel? I believe this because of later wills and the ages of the children. I'm inclined to believe Catherine was a second wife of the older and the younger has lost his wife. Anyway, in a few days I will be more able to tell what is going on [I hope] I am very glad to make contact. I did not know the date or the name of the ship until I found you on the internet. Thanks for the help. Jacob Harmon is my 4th greatgrandfather thru his son Han Peter Harmon. Jacob died in Rockingham Co., VA about 1764. He donated the land for Peak Mountain Lauthern Church in Rockingham Co., VA. I feel sure these infants were of different Harmon families. It may be a while before I can make sense of it because they were still naming the children the same names two and three generations later . That sometimes makes it easier to identify the families but difficult to know who goes where. I am pleased to be added to you list. Hopefully I will find long lost "cousins".
Judith Huddleston Roseberry

Date: Fri, 04 Feb 2000
From: JD Harmon <>
Dear Prof. Eddleman
I am a descendent of Jacob and Caterina Harmon, passengers on the Richard and Elizabeth in 1733. Have you researched the voyage? If so, is information available? Any information you may find time to relate, I will appreciate, in particular date of sailing from Rotterdam. -- JD Harmon, Juneau, Alaska Eddleman replies: I have entered all my info on this page. I have not learned the sailing date from Rotterdam.

Johan Jost Heck* (Yoost Heck) m35 and wife? Eva Maria Heck w35
Johan Jacob Heck b6 & Anna Catherina Heck g10
Chris Hill, , is a descendant of Johan Youst Hech.

Barbara Holler w77 Maria Magdalena Holler w58

Are these part of some Family having different surnames

Jacob Huntzecker* (Jacob Hunsinger) m30

Jacob Lebegood* (Hans Jacob Liebegood) m39 and wife?

Margaretha Liebegood w40
Johan Jacob Liebegood b10 & Anna Gretha Liebegood g3 1/2
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote: Hans Jacob Liebenguth--Obermodern => Tulpehocken, Berks Co., Pa.]

Georg Lipp* (Georg Leap) m56 & wife? Catherina Leap w50
Anna Christina Leap w24, Hans Conrad Lipp* (Johann Conrad Leap) m20,Anna Maria Leap g14, Anna Margaretha Leap g12,

Barbara Kissely w25

David Mertz* m44 & wife? Veronica Mertz w40
Johan Peter Mertz b13 3/4 & Christina Mertz g3 3/4
(Johan Nicholas Mertz*) m18
[See Burgert, 1992 she wrote:
David Mertz--Hangenweiller/Hangviller, Diedendorf => Longswamp Twp., Berks Co., Pa.]

Philip Mire* m36 & wife? Anna Margaretha Mire w40 -- is this spelled Meyer in some books?

Mattheis Resch* (Matthias Rehsh) m29

(Ludwig Rigerd*) m28

Johannes Rosensteil* (Johannes Rosensteel) m19

Richard and Elizabeth (
I was given a copy of a workshop which, I presume, you gave/ran, on the Voyage of the Richard and Elizabeth . I am trying to locate the village of origin of my ancestor, Johannes ROSENSTIEL, possibly ROSENSTEEL. I believe he came to the United States at the age of 19, sailing from Rotterdam on the Richard and Elizabeth, arriving Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 28, 1733. I believe he settled in York, Pennsylvania. I am somewhat familiar with his history once he arrived in this country. If you have come across any history on Johannes ROSENSTIEL, possibly ROSENSTEEL, especially as it relates to him prior to his arrival in the U.S., or if you have any recommendations as to how I might proceed, please advise. Thank you. Tom Rosensteel.

Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000
Dear Harold:
As you know from prior communications, I am in the process of compiling a family history. I would very much like to include portions of your material "The Voyage of the Richard and Elizabeth." More particularly, I would like to reproduce the section "The Passenger List of the Richard and Elizabeth" and your brief description concerning "The Thirty Years War." Since I last wrote, have you obtained the book "The German Immigration into Pennsylvania through the port of Phil. from 1700 to 1775 and the Redemptioners"(Frank Diffenderffer)? Additionally, have you been given any information concerning the village of origin of Johannes Rosensteel? I have no intention of seeking any commercial gain from these materials, but in fact, anticipate making perhaps 50 to 200 copies for distribution among family and friends. I would be most greatful to have your permission to use the aforedescribed materials. If my request is acceptable, please confirm your permission by return email. Thank you.
Thomas Rosensteel

Date: 13 Jul 99
I was able to locate the Alsace Lorraine Research list, and have sent a note there. Thank you. Tom

Margaretha Schenemansgruber w28

Frantz Schuller* (Francis Schuler)m 44 & wife? Maria Schuler w47

Joseph Schumacher* (Joseph Shumaker) m25 and wife? Maria Shoemacher 24

Hans Schurer* (Hans Sherer) m30 and wife? Maria Magdalena Sherer w22
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:Hans Schurer--Diedendorf, Weyer (Drulingen) =>Berks Co., Pa.

Johan Georg Schuster* (George Shustard) m44 & wife?
Gertruda Shustard w32, Johannes Shustard b10

Subject: Passengers on Richard and Elizabeth 1733
19 Jun 2000 From: "Grace Longmire" <>

Harold I was just clicking around on the internet tonight. What a coincident I came across your information regarding your family. My ancestors the Shuffard (Shuford) were on this same voyage.

I am searching for a picture of the Brig. Richard and Elizabeth. Would you have any knowledge of where this can be obtained? I have searched every avenue I know possible. Graqce Longmire .

Johann Nicolas Seeger* (Johan Nicholas Säger) m39
and wife? Anna Barbara Säger w28
..Johan Henrich Säger b8 Samuel Säger b6 Johan Christian Säger b2

We have begun a page for the Säger family at eg927s.htm

Hans Peter Somey* (Hance Peter Sowmy) m59
Hans Peter Somey, Jr.* (Hance Peter Sowmy) m20
Hans Jacob Somey* (Hance Jacob Sowmy) m22 Hance Michael Sowmy b10 Johannes Sowmy b5
Otto Fredrick Somey* (Otto Frederick Sowmy) m15
[Maria Magdalena Sowmy g24(?was listed with girls)]
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
Sumi/Somey family--Sanon, Canton Bern, Switzerland; Diedendorf, Rexingen, Lembach, Langensoultzbach (moved a lot in Europe because they were herdsmen) => Tulpehocken, Jackson Twp., Lebanon Co., Pa. => later North Carolina]

Adam Spohn* (Adam Spoon) m34 & wife?
Anna Margaretha Spoon w23
Johan Henrich Spoon b4

Anna Barbara Stammin w26 -- Stamm would be her surname -in means young female.

Philip Tarrisman b6 boy without parents?? perhaps traveling with a guardian or an orphan

Hans Georg Utz* (Hans Georg Uts) m50
Hans Jacob Utz* (Hans Jacob Uts) m27 and wife? Maria Catherina Uts w24
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
Utz family--Mietesheim, Mattstall => Philadelphia, Germantown, Pa.]

Johannes Weber* (Johannes Weaver) m22 Margaretha Weaver w17

Maria Magdalena Winterberger w24

Michael Wise* m29 ??? Magdalena Wisen w25
[See Burgert,1992 she wrote:
Michel Weiss--Hunspach (in Zweibrucken) => no American records after the ship's list]


Johannes Wollett* (Johannes Wollet) m38 and wife?
Anna Margaretha Wollet w24

Melissa Wollet Burns wrote this:
Date: 27 Dec 99    From: She welcomes your letters.
    I thought you might want to know that I am the 5th great-granddaughter of Johannes & Anna Margaretha Wollet. I have christening records of their daughter Margaretha and their son George Adam. They came over on "The Richard & Elizabeth" at the same time as your ancestors. My family too was supposed to have come from Alsace-Lorraine, but I have nothing to prove this as yet. Any sources of church records that you know of would be greatly appreciated!
    Here is the short version of my family tree:
Melissa Ann Wollet Burns Father-Leo Doyle Wollet Grandfather-Charles Earl Wollet Great Grandfather-John Charles Wollet Great, Great Grandfather-Samuel Wollet, Sr. Great, Great, Great Grandfather- Philip Wollet Great, Great, Great, Great, Grandfather-George Adam Wollet Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather-Johannes Wollet
    Melissa Wollet Burns

Abraham Wotring* (Abraham Wootring) m33 and wife?
Anna Margaretha Wootring w32
.. Hance Peter Wootring b9

# [See Burgert,1992 she wrote: (origin) => (destination in America)
Abraham Wotring--Diedendorf, Vinstingen (Fenetrange) => Bucks/Lehigh Co., Pa.]
# # gives info on this Wootring family:
Abraham Wootring age 33 and his wife Anna Margaretha age 32. The Wootring, Sager and Burkholder families settled in Whitehall Township. See above.
# Phil Wotring, Milton, Kentucky wrote 20 Nov 98:
I am a descendant of Abraham Wotring who settled in Bucks County, Pa., Abraham, Jr. then moved to Aurora, W.Va. and founded a community. I grew up near there. It's great to find this site. I have a lot of information about the descendants of Abraham in West Virginia. Love to hear from you. I would be happy to share my information.

Origins and Destinations of Some Passengers (From Annette Kunselman Burgert. 1992. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America. Picton Press, Camden, Maine)

Established Data or Published References.

Pennsylvania German Folklore Society Vol 1: (1936). A List of German Immigrants to the American Colonies from Zweibrücken in the Palatinate (1728-1749). Bavarian State Archives, Speyer, Germany, Zweibrücken 111, 2055.

  page 107 - Oberamt, Bergzabern, Cleeberg.
  1731: Hans Adam Edelmann of Rott leaves the country.
  1733: David and Philip Edelman, Michael Hammer, and Peter Scheib of
      Seinselz with wives and childern for America.

Pennsylvania German Pioneers. Vol 1, Published 1934 by Pennsylvania German Society. A list of the passengers imported in the Brigantine, Richard and Elizabeth, Captain Christopher Clymer, 1733 Sep 28. List of the adult males arriving on of this ship. This list of males is also located below on this page in color code. Partial list of passengers:

    in part Philip Jacob Edelman Age 25  Mattes Bouser       age 63
            David Edelman         "  49  Matthes Bowser       "  22
            Anna Maria Edelman    "  54  
            Margaretha Edelman    "  26  Esther Bowser         " 49
            Baltazar Edelman      "   4
            Anna Elizabeth (nee Edelmann) Bowser " 20
            Bousser is the spelling found in the church records

These ages suggest David may be the father of Philip Jacob, but these could all be siblings or cousins. What you think? How can we determine? There have been instances where pastor notes have resolved such qüstions. Does anyone have access to any church records related to these families?

Records of First Reformed Church of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Births:

  1737 John David Edelman s. of Jacob; b. Dec 1, 1730; bapt. May 15, 1737
  1739 Anna Margret, dau. of Matthew Bauser and Anna Elizabeth Edelman
    baptised May 12, 1739 shows Bauser is correct spelling
  1739 David son of Mathew Bauser and Anna Eliz. Edelman, bapt. May12,1739
shows wife of Mathew Bauser was an Edelman maybe dau of David of Steinseltz.
It also appears that this family did not use the Edelmann nn spelling
Insert here other records of the above church to aid our study. 
  In 1957, William H. Eddleman, recognized Anna Elizabeth Bowers was an
  Edelmann by examining the above church records. This suggests we should
  print the entire ship list here and look for relationships which might
  help us learn more about Edelmann by looking at related families.

Pastor Theo Pfrimmer, Cleebourg, Bas-Rhin, France wrote to William H. Eddleman on 1957 Sep 23, "(The search could) be a little difficult because there have been many wars here since 1750. In 1945 Rott was almost completely destroyed. The situation is as follows: during the Thirty Years' War, Rott, Steinseltz, Oberhoffen, Hunspach, Hoffen, Ingllsheim, Birlenbach, and Keffenach were totally destroyed. At that time they were under Swedish control. Only a few of the inhabitants came back after the Peace of Westphalia. The other people were replaced by Swiss and by Hugenots who had been expelled by Louis XIV. (It is) my opinion the family comes either from the few survivors or from Switzerland because the family name is typical German." (WHE letter of 1959 Mar 4 directs Pastor Pfrimmer to look for 1680 - 1750 records in Rott and Steinselz and any nearby villages, but I have not found any reply or results from Pfrimmer.)

Related Families which you can Examine

It seems pretty certain that Matthew Bauser (Bowser) married Anna Elizabeth Edelman (as teenagers) in Europe before they came to America, based on birth records of First Reformed Church of Lancaster, PA, see above.

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Compiled by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman

RICHARD & ELIZABETH list of the adult males arriving on this ship

[Thanks to Russ Van Esperen for this list]

At the Courthouse aforesaid September 28th, 1733 Present: The Honourable the Lt. Governor and Severals of the Magistrates. Forty three Palatines, who with their families, making in all One hundred Thirty seven persons, were imported here in, Briganteen Richard & Elizabeth of Philadelphia, Christopher Clymer, Master from Rotterdam, but last of Plymouth, as by clearance thence, were qualified as before, and their names are:

Frantz Schuller, Hans Peter Somey, Jacob Grib, Hans Jacob Somey, David Mertz, Hans Peter Somey Jr., Hans Michael Mertz, Otto Fredrick Somey, Gerorge Leap, Joseph Shumaker, Johan Conrad, Leap Ulrick Burghalter, Philip Jacob Edelman, Johan Nicol. Segar, Matthias Bousser, George Schenemansgruber, Matthias Bousser Jr., Matthias Beck, Philip Mire, Jhoammes Wollett, Christian Bousser, Henry Winterberger, David Edelman, Hans Sherer, Adam Spohn, Jacob Krist, Jacob Hennel, Marcus Krist, Michael Wise, George Angsted, Johan George Shufard, Marcus Bigler, Johan Youst Heck, Philip Duderman, Jacob Huntsider, Johannes Weber, Hans Jacob Lebegood, Johannes Rosensteel, Jacob Herman, Abraham Wootring, Hans Jacob Uts, Matthias Rehsh, Hans Jurk Uts,
Names in blue may be related to Edelmann, as relatives, close friends, or marriage, or godparents later in America.

Subject: David & Filb Jacob Edelman Date: 23 Sep 97 15:19:52 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Dear cousins,

Yesterday I threatened to post some records on David Edelman of Zweibrucken, so here goes. The following is partly from "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from the Northern Alsace to America" by Annette Kunselman Burgert (1992, Picton Press, Camden, Maine). This book has 2 of my other emigrant ancestors (Eaker and Mani/Mauney) and also follows several of the other passengers on the Richard and Elizabeth, 1733. (Harold, none of these seem to connect to these Edelmans except the Bauser family, which we already knew about.) There is also a short regional history of the northern Alsace. I have supplemented with information I picked up from other sources, including a recent posting to ROOTS-L requesting information on this family in Maryland. By the way, my confidence that the Lancaster/York Co. Edelman group is the same as those from Baltimore Co., Md. increased when I noticed Jacob Shilling and Frederick Decker mentioned in connnection with both groups. If anyone wants this as an attached file, I can accomodate.

The family arrived on the ship Richard & Elizabeth, 1733. On board were David Edelman (signed with + mark), age 49; Filb (Phillip) Jacob Edelmann (signed name--looks like 2 "n"s to me), age 25; Margaretha Edelman, age 26; Anna Maria Edelman, age 54; Baltasar Edelman, age 4. (I have the complete ship's passenger list--if anyone wants, I can post later.)

EUROPEAN RECORDS: Hans David Edelmann, citizen in Rott, and wife Anna Margaretha had children:

1. Philip Jacob b. ca. 1708 2. Anna Elisabetha bp. 13 May 1713 (bp.=baptised) 3. Maria Ursela bp. 6 Sept. 1716 4. A daughter b. 9 June 1718, bp. 11 June 1718

Steinselz Reformed KB (church book): Philip Jacob Edelmann, son of David Edelmann of Rott, m. 15 Jan. 1732 Maria Margaretha Wenner, dau. of Simon Wenner of Oberhoffen.

Zweibrucken Manumissions Protocoll, Cleeburg, 1733: David and Philipp Edelmann of Steinselz move with wives and children to Pennsylvania.

Bill Eddleman later wrote that he got "the first part (of the above) from Burgert's book, but I had the same information from the files [of my late Uncle Riley Eddleman]. [Riley] got a lot of this via a Rev. Dennis Kastens, who apparently was hired by my uncle to read the microfilm. I reall need to post more of this material on the Wenners and Beyerfalcks!


AMERICAN RECORDS: First Reformed KB, Lancaster, Pa.: Jacob Edelmann and wife had a son: John David, b. 1 Dec. 1736, bp. 15 May 1737. Sponsors: David Edelmann and wife. Matthew Bauser and wife Anna Elis. nee Edelmann had: 1. Anna Margaret bp. 12 May 1739 2. David bp. 12 May 1739

Baltimore Co., Md. Deed Records, Vol. 2, 1727-1757, John Davis, p. 289, Heritage Books, Inc. 1996

6 Sep 1749, William & Rachel Murphy, planter, of Baltimore Co., MD to Philip Edleman, of Lancaster Co., MD(sic--must be a mistake on the clerk's part??) for 50 pounds, 50 acres on Georges Run. Signed WIlliam (x) Murphy, William Winchester, and Lydia (x) Winchester.

George's Run is very near Lineboro, Md. in present-day Carroll Co.

Same, Vol. 3, 1755-1767

19 Apr 1755, Jacob Shilling Sr. to Philip Eldman, for 40 pounds, 229 acres. Signed Jacob Shilling. Wit: Nicholas Tuxton Gay and John Starkey.

Colonial Maryland Naturalizations: Philip Edleman, Reformed, Baltimore Co., nat. 31 Aug. 1757

Maryland Church Records, Vol. 10, Zion Church, "The German Church", Trinity Lutheran, and Immanuel Lutheran. Zion was in the Manchester, Md. vicinity.

Daniel, son of Gottfried and Maria Elisabetha Welt(in) Laurer, living here, b. 23 Sep. 1760, bp. 2 Oct. 1760. Sponsors: Daniel Edelmann and Maria Born(in), Michell Born's still single daughter.

Anna Maria, dau. of David and Catharine Edelman, bp. 7 Mar. 1762. Sponsors: Frederich and Anna Maria Decker.

>From Vol. 3, York Co, Pa. Church Records of the 18th Century, by Marlene S. Bates and F. Edward Wright

Becker, Anna Maria, daughter of Philip Becker and Julianna bp. 7 Oct. 1759, sponsors: Friedrich Decker and Anna Maria Edelman (Jaboc Lischy's Private Register)

Edelman, Gorg Heinrich, son of David & Catharina, bp. 24 Mar 1761, sponsors: Gorg Heinrich Conrad and Elizabeth (Jacob Lischy's Private Register).

Shilling, Julianna daughter of Jacob Shilling and Elisabeth bp. 14 Feb 1757, sponsors: David and Juliana Edelman (Jacob Lischy's Private Register). [Adam Edelman in Lancaster Co. was m. to a Juliana]

same, Vol. 2

Eva Catherine of Philipp Edelman b. 15 Nov. 1742, bp 17 Dec. 1741(??), sponsors: Barnhart Young and wife. St. Matthew's Lutheran Church.

Would appreciate if anyone can add to this or has any comments. I await more volumes in the Baltimore Co. Deed records!!!

----Bill Eddleman is the alsace search list. This may be a list of 16 families from Rott.

KREKLOW, Rebel L. PO Box 2527, Auburn, Washington 98071-2527, USA eMail address: (Lutheran)

I am seaching for information regarding the HAGELBARGER family. This name was believed to have been changed to HUCKLEBERRY following immigration to America. According to, "A list of German Immigrants to the Ameridcan Colonies from Zweibruecken in the Palatinate (1750-1771), edited by Dr. Friedrich Krebs, Archvist Speyer-am-Rhein, Germany (which appears in, "Pennsylvania German Immigrants (1709-1786) - List Consolidated from Yearbooks of The Pennsylvania German Folklore Society" edited by Don Yoder - 1984), Benjamin HAGELBARGER with wife and five children of Rott (southwest of Wissembourg), left for America in 1752 with 16 other families (SPECK, DOPPERT, ZIMMERMANN, HARR, WITTERICH, DIERY, DIERY, MUELLER, RUBB, KERN, KERN, KERN, SEYLER, BARTHEL, SCHMITT and HERRMAN).

The family is believed to have been Lutheran. I am trying to ascertain date and port of departure, ship name, and date and port of arrival. Thanks in advance for any help.

The Thirty Years War (1618-1648).
Notes compiled from the Internet by Harold Eddleman:. Began as German civil war between Protestants and Catholics. When it appeared the Catholics might win, Danes, then Swedes, then French came into the war and fought against the Habsburgs. The power of the Holy Roman Empire was reduced to a shadow. Germany was ruined and half the people died in the struggle. Local soverigns were able to determine their own religion but not individuals. Princes united to drive the swedes out. France became the dominant power in Europe. Many modern warfare methods were developed: gunpowder, marching, uniforms, bayonet. Many aspects of modern Europe grew out of the ruins of the war. I believe some Germans fled to Britain and were later enticed to migrate to the American Colonies--I am not sure about that.

Canton de Wissembourg (13 communes) Cleebourg Climbach Lembach Niedersteinbach Oberhoffen-lès-Wissembourg Obersteinbach Riedseltz Rott Schleithal Seebach Steinseltz Wingen Wissembourg

Above is present day communities in the Canton of Wissembourg, Alsace

The message below is from an Alsace moderated list

EDDLEMAN, Harold, Ph.D.
Indiana Biolab
eMail address:

My ancestor Hanss David EDELMANN left Rott, Alsace, in 1733 and arrived at Philadelphia 28 September 1733 on the ship Richard and Elizabeth. For more information about this family in America see I am seeking information on his parents. I am also interested in the farming and other conditions of life in Rott and Steinseltz in 1733. I have been told many people of 1733 in Rott might have come from France or Switzerland. Does his name of Edelmann indicate where I should look for his parents? In America, he attended Protestant churches. He was age 49 according to the ship list which gives a birthdate of 1684. I want to add a page of details about Rott in 1733 and before. I can read some French and German.


Webmaster's Note: Since you decline to specifiy the probable religion of your ancestor, it is not possible to suggest whether the FHL microfilms of Rott church records (1701-1942) or Steinseltz (1685-1792) might be useful. FYI, we specialize in family history, not local or regional history, but perhaps others reading this will offer you some thoughts or references. For a history of Alsace and Lorriane on this website, see

Email address of persons interested in this voyage

Harold Eddleman ..

Robert B. Angstadt < > Dept. Biology, Lycoming College, Williamsport, PA 17701

ubject: Richard and Elizabeth Date: 1 Mar 98 18:58:38 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Dear Prof. Eddleman,

I have just surfed myself right into your fascinating web page on the voyage of the Richard and Elizabeth.

My 6th great grandfather, Johan Youst (Yost) Heck was on that voyage with his family.

Obviously, the family thrived because here I, and many others descended from these early arrivals, are here today.

The closest call was perhaps when his great-great-grandson, Justus Corbra Heck was captured by Confederate troops in 1863, held for a while in Andersonville, transferred elsewhere and then disappeared, having fathered only one son, Albert Heck, my great-grandfather, during the brief time he was married.

I would value any additional correspondence or information regarding the voyage and the backgrounds of my family and their associates who came with them.

Thank you.

Christopher T. Hill Prof. of Public Policy and Technology Vice Provost for Research George Mason University Fairfax, VA 22030

Subject: Bowser genealogy Date: 1 Mar 98 19:17:18 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Dear Harold,
I was so pleased to find your site. I'm a decendent of Anna Eliz and Mathais Bowser who arrived via "richard and elizabeth" in 1733. I have their decendants including many dates.They had 11 children . Their son john born 1740 was a ranger on the frontier during the revolution in Northumberland Co Pennsylvania. He bought land in hopewell Twp Bedford Co. 4/5/1797. If you are still in need of this line please get in touch. I've played around with my genealogy for a few years but this internet and e-mail thing is pretty new to me. I'll look forward to hearing from you. Rebecca S. Fodi

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ubject: Re: Voyage of Richard and Elizabeth Date: 1 Mar 98 21:30:16 -0500 From: To: Indbio


Well, it seems that we made your day, even as you made mine!

I am not entirely clear yet about what I might have about the Heck family in Germany. My late aunt, who died about 1.5 years ago, left two large cardboard boxes of family info, which I have only begun to digest and haven't even thought about how to organize. I recall that in discussions a few years ago, she had managed to cross the Atlantic for the Heck family, but if she did, she did not record it on the primary family record sheets. I think I have not yet found some earlier materials.

I doubt very seriously that she would have had any artifacts from that period. There have been many history minded Hecks this century and if there is anything, it is likely to be in their possession. You have given me reason, however, to be in touch with some of the older folks (I can say that being 55 myself).

We do have photocopies of official Army records of J.C. Heck who was at Andersonville. My aunt wrote to the historical site staff a couple of years ago and they were very responsive, including providing confirmation of his stay there and information on where he was transferred to.

I will be back in contact if and when I have more to offer. Meantime, pleasant sailing!


Johannes Rosensteel (, 05/25/99 20:37) To: Indbio

Dear Harold,

I am a descendent of Johannes Rosensteel and presently I am researching my family's history. To date, I have been able to locate and trace my ancestry back to Johannes without difficulty. At this time, however, I have been unable to identify Johannes's place of origin. The records suggest he was from the Palitinate, however, I am not as yet able to determine the precise area of his birthplace. Do you have any further information concerning this individual? I would be most greatful for any data which you may be able to provide me. Thank you very much for your cooperation.


Notes for Neptune 1752 page to be started

Subject: ss Neptune Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 15:41:51 -0700 From: "Rockey Whipkey" <> To: <>

Hi, I went to your site and found the write me clause. I would like to know if you have information on passenger lists of the SS Neptune from 1752/10/04 CT. Port of entry. The name I am looking for is Hipge or Whipkey, Johaan Jacob. If you can help me out let me know asap. Thanks, Rockey L Whipkey CEO P.O. Box 4222 Helena, Montana 59604 (406) 449-6239

hip Neptune Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2000 18:33:49 -0500 (EST) From: (Jane Miller) To:

I have family that came over to the USA on the ship Neptune 30 September 1754. Would you have any thing on Lower, Lohr on that ship? Please contact me at Thank you. Jane

Subject: Ship Neptune 1754 Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 16:19:43 -0500 (EST) From: (Jane Miller) To:

I an looking for information on my GGG grandfather George Lower, Lohr that came to the U.S.A on the ship Neptune on 30 September 1754, To Phill. Any information will help. Thank you.

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