Abbotts Creek Community
of Present-Day Davidson County NC

During the 1700s in North Carolina

Edited by Harold Eddleman, Descendent of Catherine Eddleman

This page is the result of cooperation by the descendants of many surnames. We hope to work out who the early settlers were. We hope you will contribute what you know about the Abbotts Creek Community during 17?? to 18??

Abbotts Creek Community - General Overview

Does anyone know when settlement of Abbotts Creek began and when various parts of the Creek was settled? I lack the info to begin this paragraph. I understand the land office was closed during the Rev War. and that none of those land transactions were recorded. I want to give thedates of that closure--does anyone have info? What land records are known and where can they be found?

Please send any info you have to We want to know about all the families of Early Abbotts Creek and how they lived. Click here to join this mailing list and hear right away about any news sent by genealogists and historians.

Maps Relating to Abbotts Creek

We would like to create a map showing where each family, church, and other landmarks were located. At present, we lack the information to begin such a map.

Abbott.jpg - no date; shows early settlements of Davison County with Interstate Highways and High Rock Lake superimposed. ~85 KB

Harold Eddleman has 10 maps including the current highway map. These maps are dated 1770, 1775, 1781-1783, 1783, 1796, 1868, and 20th Century. We have the URLs of several maps from University of Georgia, and other online sources and will enter them here. All the onlline maps cover large areas and do not show Abbotts Creek clearly. My 1868 map of Davidson County is not a true map; it is a diagram and it shows the town of Lexington at the mid-point of Abbotts Creek and 2 miles west of the creek.

Click here for Tiger Map; but can't find Abbotts Creek on it.

Location of Abbotts Creek

In 1775, Rowan covered the entire northwestern territory of the North Carolina Colony except for area around and west of present day Winston-Salem which was called Surry County. The eastern section of 1775 Rowan County, lying south of present-day Winston-Salem became present-day Davidson County. The northeast township of Davidson County is Abbotts Creek Towship and is the headwaters of Abotts Creek. From the headwaters, Abbotts Creek flows south and slightly westward and empties in to Yadkin River which forms the southwest boundary of Davidson County. There are several large dams on Yadkin River. One of these impoundments is High Rock Lake and its dam appears to be located downstream from the mouth of Abbotts Creek so that the lower part of Abbotts Creek is flooded.

Therefore, it appears all, or nearly all of Abbotts Creek lies within Davidson County. When our families lived there during the 18th Century it was Rowan County, but now their community lies entirely within Davidson County.

I have not yet been able to connect any 18th family, or location, or event with any point on Abbotts Creek.

Early Famlies of Abbots Creek


19 Jan 1998 - There is a Conrad family that is listed in the Yadkin County Heritage book. This family was German and came over on the ship "St. Andrews Galley" which sailed Setp 26,1737 from Rotterdam. Jacob Conrad was the original immigrant. He was born Feb. 3, 1717, at Mieteshein, Hanau (Hamschen), Germany. He died Sept. 5, 1798, Berk Township, Berks Co. PA. Jacob married Maria Reyer in Jan of 1741, Warwick Co. PA. She was born Sept. 23, 1725, at Behl, near Landau, in the Palatinate, and was the daugther of Bastian and Agnes Reyer. She died Mar 8, 1797. Jacob served in the American Revolution. He and Maria had 14 children but only 4 lived to adulthood. Son Joseph remained in PA but Christian, Johannes, and John Jacob came to NC to join the Moravian settlement in what is now Forsyth Co. John Jacob b. 1742, d. 1802, is buried at Bethania. He married in 1777 Catharina Roming, b Oct 12,1752, d. Nov.20.1824. Their children were John Jr., b. July 11, 1778 d. Nov 26, 1850, Ann Elizabeth (1780-1781. Jacob (1782-1839), Abraham b. Apr 23, 1784 d. July 30, 1869, buried in the Jones Family Cemetery at Oak Grove; and Isaac b. 1790. There is more information on this family further down as well. However, I see no Henry who may have been related to this family in some way. Lexington NC it in present day Davidson Co. and is at quite some distance from the Moravian communities some 30 to 50 miles north and it is improbable that the Moravian ministers would have come that far. This was the part of Rowan Co. that did not become Surry or Yadkin eventually. So the map of Yadkin Co. would not cover this area. You would need to look in present day Davidson Co. possibly to find this Abbotts Creek community. There is no Abbotts Creek in Yadkin Co. There is also no listing in the heritage book for the Gurney family. Hope this helps to steer you in the right direction anyway.
Susan J. Balde Gall
66 Park Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127


My ancestor Catherine Eddleman may have lived on Abbotts Creek about 1765-1776. There are records that show David and Catherine Eddleman and Sauer and Conrad families serving as godparents for each others childern. A Conrad family and I have decided to pool our date in this workshop and hope that other families will join us in our attempt to recreate the families, farms, churches, and community of Abbotts Creek. --Harold Eddleman


30 Sep 99 - I saw some notes on Abbotts Creek, NC and my ancester Micajah was a deputy sherriff there in 1800-30. Most of my hayworths/haworths came from there and some still live there. My Great x4 grandfather was buried in Davidson, NC in 1830

Do you have any news on the Hayworth family there at that time? they were Quakers.

Brent Hayworth
Tucson, AZ

Brent also found:
Haworth Sr., Micajah (1743 - 1822)
b. 28 NOV 1743
d. 28 JUN 1822 in High Point, North Carolina
father: Haworth, Stephanus(<1725 - 1822) mother: Beeson, Rachel(<1725 - )

Micijah worked as a Miller and a farmer during his life. He was buried in the Friends Burial Grounds at the Springfield Church south of the city of High Point, North Carolina.

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2. Could be this Old Pilgrim Church is common ground for us.
3. Didn't mention, but another ancestor surname for me is BEROTH.
4. I have a friend in Davidson County. I'll ask her if there is a list from the Old Pilgrim cemetery. That would really help. I'll also ask her to poke around for EDDLEMAN.

Let's keep in touch. Patty


1999 Nov 1 living in Mexico
wrote: My KIMEL ancestors (also spelled KIMMEL, KUMBLE, KIMBLE, etc.) were living in the area you mention which is now DAVIDSON CO. NC. According to research they first belonged to the Pilgrim Old German Lutheran Church. Later, a son married and joined the FRIEDBERG MORAVIAN COMMUNITY. You didn't mention them in your research I read. Do you know about them? I'd like to know if you have any KIMEL or similar name in your research? My earliest is GEORG CLAUS P. KIMEl (c. 1751-1806). -- Patty Coleman

Harold Eddleman had not heard of the Kimel family.

Material below this line will be used for writing this page.

Several Eddleman families have lived in Westen North Carolina in the 1700s and on into the Early 1800s, but most migrated to other states. Each of these Eddleman may have given rise to Eddleman families in western states (MS, TX, IN, IL

1. Were these Eddleman - Edelmann families related? If related, descendents of one family, may be able to give other Eddleman info they did not have.

2. Did they come from same part of Germany? Did they come to America at the same time?


Where these NC Eddleman migrated to

1. Catherine Eddleman settled just east of Lexington KY, in 1778. Census records state her son John was born in NC.

2. A group of Eddleman living in southern Illinois, came from Eddleman who migrated directly to Illinois from North Carolina.

3. John Eddleman, native of PA, arrived in NC at an early date (is this the John Eddleman of the NC1800 Census?). His son Joseph Eddleman  (born NC 1802, died 1856, married Sarah Hess who was born in Union County IL in 1806). Joseph and Sarah had 13 childern (10 boys) and all reached maturity. One of their sons was Eli Eddleman who married Mary Halterman and they had 9 childern (born 1853-1867). From page B63 of Perrins 1883 history of Alexander, Union, and Pulaski counties of Illinois [977.39, p42h]

n. I think many NC Eddleman migrated to SC ==> GA ==> AL, MS, TX . I have few facts about this. Can you add to this item.

Scotch-Irish of Western North Carolina

On Scott McPheeters Geneology pages, there is a story of how that family traveled from Scotland, to Ireland (Scotch-Irish), to PA, to Shenandoah Valley, to western NC. It states, the Governor of NC deliberately welcomed immigrants to the unsettled western region to form a buffer to protect the eastern lowland plantations from Indians. Being enlisted as "cannon fodder" was not a new role for German peasants. The Scotch-Irish came to Davidson County, NC, in 1737. Some Germans had settled on Roanoke River in 1710. In 1745, PA germans arrived on Yadkin River. Germans arrived in numbers 1745-1755 and settled the fertile lands along creeks and rivers. They had schools and churches, but were not active in public matters. They were good farmers and played a strong role in the Rev. War. --from the Davidson County Heritage book

The Wachovia Settlement - Moravians from Germany

1753 Nov 17 - The Wachovia Settlement was granted 100,000 acres by Lord Granville. These Moravians came directly from Germany and settled the villages of Bethabara, Bethania, and Salem (present-day Winston-Salem). The group later moved to Hope, Indiana. The several volumes of diaries of the group have been published and give day to day activities, including a couple mentions of an Edelmann on Abotts Creek, perhaps this was David Eddleman. I saw these volumes in the Library of University of Illinois-Urbana.

18 Jan 98 - The Moravians were the holders of the Wachovia tract and the Moravians were the religious group who settled in Salem, Bethabara and Bethania all within present day Forsyth County NC. They were also the folks who sent out their ministers to the outlying areas to perform baptisms, funerals, tend to the sick and spread the "Word" and kept the incredibly extensive diaries of all their such trips which has given local geneologists and historians sometimes their only clues as to who lived where, next to whom, and what children were born to whom, who died when, etc. We owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

The diaries that you are referring to are Moravian diaries. The Moravian communities of Salem, Bethabara and Bethania were nearby to the Rowan/Surry/Yadkin Co. of NC and they occasionally sent out ministers to minister to folks along the Yadkin River. They kept extensive diaries of the people they saw, baptisms they performed, funerals, who was ill at the time of the visit, etc. There were no Moravian churches in Rowan/Surry Co. and the folks they came out to minister to were also not Moravians but because the Moravians kept incredibly detailed records of everything, if you were lucky enough to have had one of these ministers record your ancestors family in some way then you have records available to you where in some cases otherwise there would be none.
Susan J. Balde Gall
66 Park Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27127

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