Eddleman Genealogy Workshops

This is an online series of Eddleman Genealogy Workshops (EGW) where we archive our discussions on all Eddleman topics. You can aid Eddleman geneology research by contributing facts and ideas to these workshops. Please suggest topics for additional workshops.

Workshops in Session

Those in link blue have some information posted. Please read those postings and add your comments by sending an e-mail. Items listed below, without links, have been suggested, but noboby has sent any notes. Not all the material in a workshop has been proven; developing proof is the purpose of a workshop.

900 - Index Page for the Eddleman Genealogy Workshops. You are on page 900 now.
902 - Origin of Edelmann surname and its variants - 34 spellings recorded by Bill Eddleman.
903 - Origins of Edelmann People - Alsace, Austria, Odenwald, Palatinate, Switzerland, etc.
904 - Germans settled in New York 16xx - 17xx; were any of them Edelmann?
906 - Edelmann on shiplists: links between Europe and American Clans; relatives and neighbors
907 - David Edelmann of Steinselz - Rott (Alsace)
908 - The Pennsylvania Edelmann during Colonial days - currently just a storage page
909 - Sorting the five or more Edelmann families of Old Northampton County, PA, before 1800.
913 - The Mayland Edlemann as a bridge from PA to NC and VA; etc
914 - Sorting the 1700s Eddleman of North Carolina; are any related?
915 - Some NC stuff. What was the general pattern of Edelmann migrations in America?
916 - Abbotts Creek of NC - Draw map and list families: Eddleman, Conrad,
917 - Library Research Needed - Does your library have these books?- print this page and study.
918 - "Unknown Peter Edelmanns" - Can you suggest who these people are?
927 - Shiplist of Richard and Elizabeth, Philadelphia, 1733 Sep 28; seeking Alsace roots.
928 - Family of Matthias Bausser, Jr. and Anna Elizabeth Edelmann, dau of Hanss David E. of Rott
940 - Edelmann to America During the 19th Century - Were Bruno and Jacob the only ones?
941 - Edelmann in Other Countries: Austria, Switzerland, Finland, England, Sweeden.
??? - What were the locations and occupations of Edelmann during their early years in Amerika?
??? - How did Edelmann travel to Ohio and New York, if any?
??? - How did Edelmann travel to Tennessee?
??? - How did Edelmann travel into SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX?
xxx - What routes did Eddleman follow to Illinois, Missouri and other western states.
950 - 95x Shiplist of each ship carrying Edelmann to America.
xxx - Not installed Who was Catherine Eddleman's husband? - not installed
xxx - Does the Claude Eddleman tradition of 3 brothers from Germany have merit? - not installed
??? - What are the details of the Indian attacks on Eddleman in Early Ky region?
xxx - Interactions of Eddleman with Indians: attacks, trade, marriage, battles, etc.
9?? - What are some accomplishments of Eddleman - politics, education, inventions,

-----------------Eddleman Queries---------------------------------------
980 - Leah LeCamus seeks info about Mary Eddleman who married William Carnett ~1800?

Caution: traditions and ideas expressed in these workshops may not be true. However, exposing your undocumented ideas here may encourage others to send data which clarifies your information.

Examples of speculations which may be useful in these workshops:

If you have data related to Eddleman Genealogy, especially beore 1850, but do not know if it is true or whether is has any value, please make it available here for others to evaluate.

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