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Eddleman Family Stories

Written by Harold Eddleman, Descendent of Catherine Eddleman

Daniel Eddleman, Farmer and Hunter
Decatur County, Indiana

Editor: At present I am just collecting all the information I can find about Daniel Eddleman #---. Please E-mail your Daniel-bits....I plan to put the Daniel KY poll tax records on a page titled KY Tax Records of Eddleman.

Daniel Eddleman was born in 1779 according to his first payment of Poll Tax in Kentucky. He always claimed Kentucky as his birthplace. However his replies to census age question place his birth in Kentucky in 1775 which seems unlikely because few women were in Kentucky that year. For example, in the 1850 census he said his age was 75 and that equates to a birth date of 1775. It appears that most of his life he thought he was four years older than his actual age. His mother was granted ____ acres of land for settling on it in 1778. We do not know when Catherine Eddleman, his mother, arrived in Kentucky, but if the Edelmann mentioned in the Records of the Monravians is his father, then his dad had been in the mountain valleys of the New and Holston Rivers during 1776. That note implies that Edelmann took this family from Abbots Creek (Lexington), North Carolina during August 1776 to the Holston River area. Three years earlier, 1773, Daniel Boone set out with five families for Kentucky, but Indians killed James Boone and the families returned to Clinch River to spent the winter. It is possible that Edelmann family spent 18 months or so looking for land in the mountain rivers area (New, Holston, and Clinch) and then arrived in the area of Martin's and Ruddle's Stations during 1778 or before. Corn needed to be planted from mid-april to mid-June, based on modern practice, and the early Kentucky settlers often arrived in mid-March to begin clearing the ground for corn planting.

We have no written mention of Catherine Eddleman or her husband in early Kentucky, however Louise Eddleman noticed a David Ederman on the militia list of _______ station suggested in 1977 that he might be my ancestor. Only only needs change the r to l to get the German spelling. That list

According to Decatur county history, he was carried away from his family in Kentucky 17-- and lived among the Indians at Lafayette, Indiana until age -- when he was reunited with his mother in Kentucky. He paid taxes every year at his county courthouse in KY.

Marriage Bonds of Daniel Eddleman/Sarah Rich

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I have the copy of the bond but is is of the marriage of DANIEL/SARAH RICH-not David/Catherine ( sorry to let you down but I made a grand mistake here on the names--my lack of memeory from working on too many lines I suppose)- there are 2 pages from the Burbon Co KY courthouse, Marriage bond of DANIEL EDDLEMAN AND SARAH RICH: KNOW ALL MEN by these Presents, that we, Daniel Eddleman and Isaiah Rich, are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency, James Garrard esquire, Governor of Kentucky and his successors, in the full and just sum of fifty pounds current money, to the payment of which well and truly to be made to our said Governor and his successors, we and each of us bind ourselves and every of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and severally firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals, and dated this 5th day of April 1978. The condition of this obligation is, that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solemnized between the above bound Daniel Eddleman and Sarah Rich of the county of Bourbon. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then this obligation shall be void, else to remain in full force and virtue. Daniel Eddleman (seal) Isaiah Rich (seal) Teste Ls Arnold Back of page shows: Eddleman (te?) to} MLB d Governor 1798 (some of this page is very hard to read) Hope that helps and that you can post this on the web.
In looking over land that Catherine owned in KY, I think her land possibly bordered many from the EARLY family. I did not see a map, but saw listing of who bought what in the form of land descriptions bordering rivers named and such. Have you looked into that possibility? Do you have an actual land map that is labeled with parcels of names of owners? I had many Blankenabakers that came from VA in the Germana Settlement 1717. This Anna Catherina name I'm sure is German and it seems I recall some Conrads there too. I have internet access at home and I think this allows me to read webapges if I have an address to link to. I am new to computers but learning fast. I shall look up your site with the address you gave me. Marilyn Light At 04:42 AM 6/15/97 -0700, you wrote: >Dear Marilyn: > As I recall, it is only one more day until your cousin planned to >arrive with the marriage bonds of David and Catherine. The link I have >waited 20 years for. I hope it proves true and You can rush the E-mail >news to me. > I hope it lists other people to show possible relationships. I have >guessed that Catherine's name might be Conrad, Sauer, and some other >possibilities. Conrad was my first choice, and there is a Conrad family >in early Kentucky. > None of the names in my family tradition seem to have any link with >names in official records. > I did quite a bit of work on my eg---.htm pages last weekend, but my >ISP has had problems and some pages still need upload. Do you have >access to read webpages? > My pages are at Choose eddleman >geneology. Eventulally I will have everything I know on the pages. > Harold Eddleman >

1811 bought land in Indiana.

Kentucky Stations in the Eddleman Area.

Catherine's land grant was on the ____ Fork of the Licking River.

Daniel Eddleman Carried away by the Indians

The survivors of Ruddles and Martins Stations went to Bryant station in 17__. Subsequent to that Daniel was carried away. The following account is from History of Decataur County Indiana by Harding, Published 1915 and reprinted 1971.

Daniel Eddleman, with his mother and brother, was sheltered in a strong cabin at Bryant's (Bryan's) Station, and while there they were attacked by Indians and Daniel was taken by Indians to near Lafayette, where he was kept until 12 years old, when he was returned to Kentucky and claimed by his mother. It is thought Daniel's brother James was killed or burned to death by the Indians. Daniel died in Jackson County, Indiana, aged 98. He was a hunter, trapper, and loved hunting better than farming. He learned the Indian method of counting on fingers: "nequita, nesway, netheny, narroway, nollony, cutatha, nesothy, sathaky, sockaty, and metathy and then up to 100 or more by doubling the hands, etc. Eddelmans came to Decataur County in early twenties and settled in Jackson township. Their log cabin was replaced..... Eend of except, but it also gave some of Daniels descendents.

how old was daniel when carried away? If he was caried away in 1882 and was born in 1779 , then was 3 years old when carried away by the Indians. The Decataur history says he was with Indians for 12 years. That puts his age as 15 when he was reunited with his mother. I have never heard anything about how it was known that at age 15 he was Catherine's son.

Another big change occurred in in January 1811 when she and John Burger and their geater family bought land from the government and moved to Indiana.

Some settled near each near Georgetown. Indians still came to that area to hunt.

Her son John built a sawmill and gristmill

I do not Know what Catherine and John Burgher did in there lilves except they were farmers..

and thenMonraovia church records


Jeffersonville Land Entries 1808-1818 by Janet Cowen published 1984

Daniel Eddleman purchased land in Indiana 1812 Feb 24 thirteen months after John Burger and John Eddleman purchased their Indiana Land.


400 acres John Berger Book A p118 6-1 1781 Licking <== land grant
50 acres Catherine 3-13-1783 55 acres.
I got these two lines from Sharon Renner; I do not know where she got them.

Daniel Eddleman (Indian boy) gravestone in Eddleman Cemetary SW of westport in Decataur County. Born may 31, 1769, died _____ 1867. H Eddleman says, "Recall poll tax gives born 1779?"

to be continued

John Burger purchased land patent jan 30, 1811 in prest ay Floyd county Indiana. As time of purchase he lived in Burbon County KY.

From cclerk burgon county Michael Burger married Honer Ellis Oct 25, 1798. no ages, parents or witnesses named. I got this from a letter from Barbara Saum, box 450, Elm Creek, Nebraska 68836 dated 6-10-78 no deeds for michael in 1793 Deed book B page 348. Notice that Honor burgher is listed in Floyd county ; guess michael died. Put this on Catherine Eddleman page

Deed 1806 april 25 boubon county ky, John Burger and wife Catherine to Michael Conger or couger 40 acres on waters of Coopers Run for 60 pounds. Not Caterhind Hufford but Catherine Edelman my note say see George foote.

Catherine Eddleman. Thirty years as head of a Kentucky pioneer farm family and then 30 years as an early resident of Indiana

John Eddleman, son of Catherine, builder of a grist and sawmill on Big Indian Creek.

Daniel Eddleman, son of Catherine, childhood among Indians at Lafayette, Indiana, and farmer in southeastern Indiana. But he preferred hunting to farming.

John Eddleman, son of John and a batchelor cabinet maker, his bible is extant.

to be continued

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eat to hear from you Date: 4 Nov 97 19:50:44 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Harold Eddleman, Ph.D. wrote:

> Dear Mike > I am replying to you via EDDLEMAM-L, so everyone can have access to > your information. > It was great to hear from you. I had written to your other address a > few times and got no answer. Last time the answer came back "unknown" > and I erased your name. I will now add it back to the Eddleman > Directory. > I hope you will join the There are about 2 > dozen members. Most new information appears there first. There is no > guarantee all the info will be easy to find in EGL. > Perhaps, you read on the site that Sharon Renner provided some info. I > called her 2 months ago. She said she had not done any Eddleman study > for 10 years. > Do you have any family traditions of any type about Catherine and her > family? Daniel is well documented to Ky via his paying taxes there, but > I have not been able to find anything to connect her to David and > Catherine of North Carolina. > Bill Eddleman and others have been able to supply info at > and eg927.htm if you have > not seen those pages. > If Daniel was carried away by Indians as a young child, I wonder how > he found his way back to his Ky family? > > From: > To: Indbio > > Hi Harold, > My name is Mike Eddelman. I noticed that you said you could never get > through or recieve any e-mail from me on one of your geneaology sites. > I don't know why, I still use that address and it's active, but my > primary address is > As near as I can tell our side of the family is descended from Daniel, > John Eddlemans' > brother. Sharon Renner is a cousin of mine. I'm originally from > Columbus but live in Denton,Tx now. > I too have a copy of Daniels' marriage bond. It was given to me by > Fawna Mihalko of Madison,In back in 1982. I think I'm the one who Madge > Norton got her copy from , but I can't remember for sure. > starting with me: > > Michael Dale Eddelman, born Sept 30,1951, Madison In > spouse: Sandra Kay Castor Eddelman, born June 8,1956, Bryan, > Ohio > son: Michael Seth Eddelman, born November 8,1982,Columbus,In > > Father: James Robert Eddelman, born July10,1921, Waymansville,In > Mother: Hazel Lorene Wooten Eddelman,born Nov 3,1926 Hanover,In > died May > 26,1979 Columbus In > > _ > Sister: Donna Kay Eddelman Patton,born Aug 3,1944 Madison,In > died Aug 10,1979 > Columbus,In > her husband : Jerry Patton, no data available > > Sister: Sherry Rae Eddelman Bornman, born Nov 13,1947 > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > > paternal grandfather: Clarence Dale Eddelman > paternal grandmother: Alice Gertrude Hart Eddelman > > -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > paternal grt grandfather: James C. Eddelman > paternal grt grandmother: Kate E Bivens > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > paternal grt grt grandfather: Samuel C. Eddelman > paternal grt grt grandmother: Sarah Lavinia Childers Eddelman > > ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > > paternal grt grt grt grandfather: Daniel Eddelman(not the Daniel from Ky > yet) > > this Daniel lived in Burnsville,In. He had I want to say , either 13 or > 15 children. Four > died within three weeks of each other in August of 1866. They are buried > at the Burnsville > Methodist Church cemetary. > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > > I always heard the "nobleman" explanation for the meaning of our last > name. However as > in pre-civil war days, it was not unusual for the people who lived on a > noblemans' property to take that noblemans' last name. Read this in a > book on heraldry at the > Indiana State Library. > It does translate to noble as far as the Edel part of it. I took four > years of German while > in school. > In medival times in Germany and other countries of Germanic origin, > there were > Edelmann(nobleman) and Bedelmann(workers, or working class). > I haven't proven it, but I think our name originally may have had an > extra "n" on the end. > As you know, there are many different spellings around. > By the way, have you ever gone to Madison? There were several > Eddlemans there in > the 1800's. > Must stop for now. I work in Quality Control for Boeing, and morning > comes early around our household. I'll send you more as far as > dates,etc as time permits. > Mike > Eddelman > >

Hi once again Harold, I got your return e-mail today. Thank you for answering so promptly, and I'm glad to see that my gte address is working properly. Ha!. I forgot to tell you that at one time during my research back in the early 80's I found what appears to be 5 Daniel Eddlemans in the Decatur Co/Bartholomew Co area. May have been a cross up in data,...I'll have to sit down and go through my notes. I have a certificate(original copy) of marriage for a Daniel Jr who married a Sarah A Grant in Bartholomew Co,In on November 8th,1866. Sharon Renner gave it to me. They were married by Elder Samuel Strickland in the Burnsville,In Christian Church. There is a internal revenue "5" stamp(made like a postage stamp) in the upper right corner of the certificate. It was files in the County records by one Albert Jones,Clk on December 21st,1866. I have a copy of a will belonging to one Isaah Rich. Isaahs' daughter was married to Daniel Eddleman(spelled Edman by whoever wrote it ). This was the Daniel who the marriage bond,which I spoke of yesterday, belonged to. I have a copy of a page from a book titled "Names of German,Swiss and other Immigrants-1767". On page 376 of this book appears the name of one John Edelmaan. He was a passenger on the ship Polly, Robert Porter, Master, from Amsterdam, last from Cowes.-181 passengers. From the same book as above, on page 64, one Peter Edelman, Sept 5,1730. Forty-five Palatines with their families, one hundred and thirty persons, imported in the ship Alexander &Ann, William Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes.- Col. Rec. III. 386 From the Jennings Co,In library: Sand Creek Township-Kellar Cemetary Eddelman, Infant Dau. 8-25-1880 Eddelman John O. b-8-31-1829, d-1-25-1851

>From the Roster of North Carolina Soldiers In The American Revolution:

page 306, Francis Edleman, Pri. --- 274 acres--service months 36. Location and to whom deeded and date of warrant. Within the limmits of the lands alloted the officers and soldiers of the Continental Line, by Law,1783, Oct 14 (his land was granted Nov 27th of 1783, owner origianlly was one Caleb Fifer,Esqr

>From the Federal Land Grant Book at the Bartholomew Co Library in Columbus,In:

item #983 15 Sept 1812 A5/201

Federal Land Grant Office of Jeffersonville transmits patents to: Daniel Eddelman, Jefferson County co-ordinates: 9E, 4N, 22NW

item # 280 17 July 1811 A4/233 Federal Land Grant Office of Jeffersonville transmits patents to: John Eddelman, Jefferson County co-ordinates: 5E, 2S, 19 SW

Have to stop for now. I will send you more of what I have later Harold. Again it was a pleasure to hear from you. I remain,

Mike Eddelman

Subject: eddelman info con't Date: 4 Nov 97 21:26:28 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Hi again Harold! The Daniel I referred to on my geneaology from yesterday(Nov 3rd) is buried in the Burnsville,In Methodist Church cemetary . The vital stats on those buried there are as follows:

Daniel Eddelman(spelled "el" on his tombstone) Died July 23, 1851 Born February 17, 1778 Aged 73 years 8 months 6 days ------------------------------------

Fanny Eddelman wife of Daniel born March 22,1815 died November 4, 1868 ------------------------------------

Mary A. Eddelman daughter of Daniel and Fanny died August 16, 1866 --------------------------------------------------

Julia L Eddelman daughter of Daniel and Fanny born May 8, 1851 died August 24, 1866 ------------------------------------------

Daniel Eddelman son of Daniel and Fanny born June 1,1842 died February 21, 1874 -------------------------------------------

William S. Eddelman son of Daniel and Fanny born April 13, 1845 died August 21, 1866

NOTE: William S., Julia L., and Mary A. Eddelman all died within three weeks of each other. I have not been able to determine what happened, whethor it was a disease, an accident of some sort, or possibly a house fire. Such a tradgedy for their family.


Milton A. Eddelman son of Daniel and Fanny aged 25 years 3 months 10 days born 1841 died 1866

NOTE: I can't find info on what month in 1866 Milton died. It is possible that he was the fourth child to die in August. At any rate, he was their fourth child to die in 1866.


Henry Eddelman born September (day illegible), 1835 died July 26, 1884 aged 48 years 10 months 28 days


Janie L. Eddelman born March 26,1861 died June 18,1885 -------------------------------------

The marriage bond of which I spoke reads as follows:

Know All MEN by these presents, that we, Daniel Eddleman and Isaah Rich are held and firmly bound unto his ExcellencyJames Garrard, Esquire, Govenor of Kentucky and his successors, in the full and just sum of Fifty pounds current money, to the payment of which well and truly to be made to our said Govenor and his successors, we and each of us bind ourselves and every of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly and fererally firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this seventh day of April 1798. The condition oif this obligation is, that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be solomnized between the above bound Daniel Eddleman and Sarah Rich of the county of Bourbon. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstrust the said marriage, then this obligation shall be void, else to remain in full force and virtue. sigend by Daniel Eddleman, Isaah Rich, Teste. L Arnold


The following is information researched at the Bartholomew Co. Clerks office in Columbus, In :

Daniel Eddelman, Poll-0, 1845, Sandcreek Twsp of Bartholomew County,In. 1/2 south east, section 11, twsp 8, range 7, acres 80 land 320 Tax 140.00 dollars --------------------------------------------------------

Daniel Eddelman Poll 1,1842,43,45; Rockcreek Twsp personal property 100.00 in 1843 Tax 1.25 1843- 1.75 1845- 4.60


add 1845 Sec. Twp. Range Acres

e se 11 8 7 80

w ne 34 9 7 80

Land (1) 240 (2) 240

IMP 0 200

Pers-----1845----150.00 dollars

Well, I must again stop for the nite. I will send more later on tomorrow. Take care.

Mike Eddelman