Genealogy of Mary Zumwalt

This page covers the life and genealogy of Mary Zumwalt before she married John Eddleman.
Her lineage has been traced to about 1600 in Straussburg or Switzerland by Zax Zumwalt.

812 - Biography of John Eddleman who married Mary Zumwalt
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Mary Zumwalt married John Eddleman on 1799 March 4 in Harrison County, Kentucky [Harrison County Court Records]. Mary and John grew up in the vicinity of Ruddel's fort except for any time they might have spent in enemy hands after the fall of Ruddell's fort on 1780 June 24 or 26. As I write this I do not know whether Mary was born before 1780 nor whether either was in enemy hands. You will read below that Mary grew up in a very large clan of Zumwalts who moved from PA => VA => KY => MO. According to Census records Mary was born in Virginia.

Genealogy of Mary Zumwalt Eddleman

This was constructed by Harold Eddleman from the information given at bottom of this page. This is an early draft and may have errors. In particular, we do not have proof that this Mary Zumwalt was the wife of John Eddleman. This is an interesting clan and I hope to add more more info.

Mary's Lineage: Johann Wilhelm Andres Zumwalt => Christopher "Stoffel" ZUMWALT => Mary Zumwalt.

Zumwalt Generations in America:

Johann Wilhelm Andres Zumwalt (Andrew Zumwalt)

Andrew Zumwalt was born in Straussburg (Alsace) Germany in 1698. He arrived at Baltimore MD in 1727(?1737) on the ship ______. He resided in York County PA. After the death of William Penn, he moved his family to Georgetown on the Potomoc River and later they moved to Shenandoah County VA. John William Andrew Zumwalt died in Frederick City VA

His wife was Ann Regina but her places of birth, marriage, and death are not known to me. I list the sons of Johann Wilhelm Andres Zumwalt and Ann Regina below but I do not know the birth order:

All these sons migrated to Bourbon County KY. George Sumwolt and Stuffle Sumwalt are listed in the militia of Ruddell's fort. The brothers Adam, Andrew, Christopher, John and Jacob moved from Bourbon County, KY, with Daniel Boone to Missouri between 1796-1798 where they became citizens of Spain and received grants of land from the Spanish government in the St. Charles District of the Louisiana District of the Indiana Territory.This would have been Boone's Western Platinate, I guess.

Four Generations of Zumwalts in America by Paul L. Reed, says 10 Zumwalts were married in Kentucky.

Christopher "Stoffel" Zumwalt

"Stoffel" was born 1750 York City PA and died 1820 in MO. Stoffel and some of his brothers were in the militia of Ruddell's Station KY. Later Stoffel moved to Missouri as stated above.

His wife was Elizabeth SHEVER. I do not know her places of birth, marriage, and death.

Their childern were:

The materials below were used to write the material above this line

Census Data

Recall Census of Jim(?) Eddleman in 1880(?) it is said John Eddleman the miller was born in NC and his wife Mary was born in VA

David Eddleman in Capt. May's company

From:, 03/05/99

Dr. Eddleman,

I found another Kentucky record you may not be aware of regarding David Eddleman. It's a pay record of Capt. Richard May's company of militia. Here's the Eddleman data:

A pay roll of Capt. Richard May's company stationed in Kentucky county under the command of Colo John Bowman from the 13 day of July 1778 to 2d day of Aug 1779.

"David Edelmond," enlisted Oct 7, 1778, no discharge date. It was noted his pay was "paid Capt. Ruddell."

Also in the list as "paid Capt. Ruddell" were:

On the back of the muster roll these same names are listed, no reason given. David Edelmond is listed on the back as "David Eddleman."

I'll be sending the complete pay roll to the list as soon as I get it typed. I'm not sure where the May company was stationed, shouldn't be too difficult to find out. It was probably at Logan's station, just guessing though.

Jim Sellars

John Eddleman's Wife and Marriage Date

I have not seen the record of John Eddleman's marriage, but Mark Hickman found a John Eddleman married Mary Zumwalt in Harrison County, KY, on 1799 March 4. In 1980, I estimated he married about 1795-1800, but I do not recall on what basis, probably I used age and census records. According to Census records his wife was born in Virginia. Mark Hickman says there is a family tradition that she was instead a Ute squaw. I once saw a picture of James, her son and he was very tall, black hair, and perhaps had high cheek bones, but I had never heard of any wife being Indian. I do think Minnie Arabell (Eddleman) Bruce mentioned an Eddleman in Ky married an Indian.

The settlement of John's estate does not give the date of his death. The fragment of marble at the Eddleman Cemetery on John's farm and mill site reads " 66 years, 6 months, 12 day (the 66 and 12 are not certain)" and we have no proof this was John's grave stone.

"Black" Adam Zumwalt - The text below is a digest of this texas site which has much more about Ruddels Station area Zumwalt who moved to Missouri and then to Texas where he was a minuteman in the Dewitt Colony with other Zumwalts. Black was added to distinguish this Zumwalt from "Red" Adam Zumwalt, Adam Zumwalt, Jr. and many other Adam Zumwalts.

Migration: Alsace => Pennsylvania => Virginia => Kentucky => Missouri => Texas. "Black" Adam Zumwalt was born 18 May 1795 in Kentucky, the fourth child of Andrew Charles Zumwalt Jr. (abt 1758-abt 1823) and Margaret Baldridge (abt 1844-abt 1792).

Adam Zumwalt's father, Andrew Zumwalt Jr., was the son of Alsatian immigrant Johann Wilhelm Andres Zumwalt who landed in Baltimore, MD in 1737, resided and helped develop YorkCo, PA. After the death of William Penn, the family moved to Georgetown on the Potomoc River and then to Shenandoah Co, VA. His sons migrated to Bourbon Co, KY where "Black" Adam Zumwalt was born. Andrew Zumwalt Jr. and family moved with his brothers Adam, Andrew, Christopher, John and Jacob from BourbonCo, KY along with Daniel Boone between 1796-1798 where they became citizens of Spain and received grants of land from the Spanish government in the St. Charles District of the Louisiana District of the Indiana Territory. Adam met and married Jane Strain Kent (first name listed as Mary or Martha in various records), oldest daughter of Isaac and Lucy Hopkins Kent, in St. CharlesCo, MO in 1814. Jane Strain Kent was born 25 January 1801 in AdairCo, KY and was the half-sister of Alamo defender and member of the Gonzales Alamo Relief force, Andrew Kent, who married "Black" Adam Zumwalt’s cousin Elizabeth Zumwalt (daughter of Jacob Zumwalt).

Also on this site we read: The children of Capt. Adam Zumwalt and Mary Jane Strain Kent:
James | Andrew | Thomas | Isaac | Louisa | Lucinda | Noah | Mary | Gabriel | Jane | Nancy. Could the Mary and Noah be in honor of Mary Zumwalt who married John Eddleman?

I am indebted to James Sellars, Audrey Murphy and others for bringing much of the Zumwalt information to my attention. The five sons of Johann Wilhelm Andres Zumwalt, the immigrant, are a large interesting clan. Like her husband, Mary Zumwalt was from two generations of aggressive pioneers.

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Compiled by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman

David and Catherine Eddleman (, 02/22/99 18:03) To: Indbio

Dr. Eddleman,

Hello, I came across a newspaper article from a 1783 PA Gazette that had a list of prisoners with the Indians. I've attached it to this e-mail. In the list is a David, Katy, and Daniel Etelmaw, probably a bad copying job of Etelman, aka Eddleman. The first names coincide with your Eddlemans. Also in the list is Barbara Burger along with "Isaac Ruddle and his two brothers." Could be a clue.


are any Zumwald s on this list int PA Gazette of Oregon works with Zumwalt in KY - lots of stuff

ary of Floyd Co IN (, 07/10/99 10:20) To: Indbio

Dear ZUMWALT-L I have just joined because John Eddleman, son of Catherine Eddleman, married Mary Zumwalt. I would like to share info about this Mary and her genealogy with anyone. I wonder whether John and Mary were captives of the Indians and British on 1778 June 24. My webpage on this Mary Zumwalt is at the URL below. I will welcome any corrections to my webpage and any additional info. If you have webpages on Christopher "Stoffel" Zumwalt or his genealogy I would like to link to them. I would also like to give the e-addresses of interested Zumwalt researchers on the page because that may direct people to you after they stumble onto my page. I am active in the study of the history of the fort and the people of the 1775-1812 community of Ruddell's Station. -- Harold Eddleman Ph.D. Microbiologist. Location: Palmyra IN USA; 36 kilometers west of Louisville, Kentucky

Re: Zumwalt etc (, 07/24/99 09:53) To: Indbio

Folks: Now this is getting interesting. The Zumwalts who moved to MO first traveled with my family [Patrick Dowlearn/Dulin] and the Austin, and Burns families to become the first three hundred settlers to the Republic of Texas; later Adam Z intermarried with other lines in my family. The Moon surname is also intermarried with Dulin in KY and MO. I have some data on the 1790s to early 1800s in Ste. Genevieve and St Louis with these families along with the Jacksons, McCormack, Strickland, Harrod (all intermarried in Dulin/Ford families) who were prominent in KY around Ruddles until the leaving time as we call it in our family. Judith

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Zumwalt (, 07/24/99 09:40) To: Indbio

Sorry you couldn't read the file - although the LDS records do not contain a great deal of info, nor documentation. The file I forwarded was sent to LDS by Shelia Williamson. I can give you either her snail mail address or, with some searching, her email address. The file gives John Eddleman's birthdate as 1779 at Harrison Co. KY. and list the marriage date to Mary Zumwalt as 4 Mar 1799, Harrison Co. KY. The pedigree chart which I did not send shows Mary as born in VA in 1783, father Christopher Zumwalt, mother Marilus or Elizabeth Shever. I have printed out these records and will include them with the other things I send.

I should not have called the records from Missouri "court records" even though the proceedings were conducted by 'two justices of the peace in the township of Upper Cuivre, in St Charles, MO." It was a deposition dated April 1, 1820. The "Lists of Heirs of Andrew Zumwalt of Shenandoah County, Virginia, Henry Zumault and Heirs of District of Upper Louisiana" includes John Eddleman and wife, LATE Mary Zumault. So according to this list, which was recorded in a newspaper of the time and reproduced in a number of sources (which will show in the papers I send), Mary Zumwalt Eddleman was dead by 1820.

All of this fuss in the Zumwalt family was over land supposedly left by Andrew Zumwalt, Mary's grandfather. The land dispute went on for years and I first heard about it from my grandmother in about 1935. She still believed the Zumwalts were heirs to some land that had been let out on a 99 year lease. I have collected other stories concerning this Zumwalt land and will send you copies of all of them. I find it interesting because it reveals how long family legends can continue. And in this case I don't think there ever was land owed to Zumwalt heirs. But I think, also, that the legend probably continues in some families. For instance, my Uncle, who died at age 90 about ten years ago still argued that the Zumwalts were owed for land they owned in York, PA. Because of his age, and because his belief was so firmly entrenched, I did not dispute his contention.

I'll be photocopying today and hopefully have the records in the mail on Monday. You seem to have an ability to sort through complicated issues so I'll be interested in hearing how you view some of the contradictions these records often contain.


Zumwalt (, 08/05/99 20:50) To: Indbio

I recently learned that the Andrew Simmolt who married Margaret Lail, daughter of George Lail (1735-1793) was actually Andrew (Charles) Zumwalt. This family moved on to St Charles Mo.

Don Lail

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Any research on the Zumwalt family should be shared with Helynn Carrier 601 S. Baywood Ave San Jose, CA 95128-3302. She is not on e-mail but has devoted 10 years to writing the Zumwalt Study Paper which is in many libraries. She continues to add to it.

Also Jax Zumwalt 3105 N.E. 85th Portland, OR 97220-5244 is a major researcher of the family. He had the Zumwalt newsletter for several years.

Most of us over the years have added material to their files.

Pat Zumwalt (Cell) 602-625-8930 PMB 4766 147 Rainbow Dr Livingston, TX 77399-1047

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[EDDLEMAN-L] Re: Zumwalt Family (, 07/26/99 09:01) To: Indbio

Hi, Jim! Thanks for the links. I did find my great-great-great-great-grandmother, Mary (Zumwalt) Eddleman (daughter of Stoffel (Christopher) Zumwalt and wife of John Eddleman) in Paul Zumwalt's database. I appreciate you thinking of me! I am copying this response (with your e-mail and links) to the Internet discussion group for descendants of Catherine Eddleman and to the larger Eddleman group, for my many cousins out there in cyberspace. Sincerely, Mark ******************************* Mark Ellsworth Hickman son of Winifred Jean (Eddleman) Hickman grandson of Clarence Noble Eddleman great-grandson of Alonzo (no middle name) Eddleman great-great-grandson of James Marion Eddleman great-great-great-grandson of Noah Eddleman great-great-great-great-grandson of John Eddleman and Mary (ZUMWALT) Eddleman great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Catherine Eddleman ******************************* Web site: ******************************* wrote:

> Hi Mark, > > Sorry it's taken so long to get back with you. Here's the links for the > Zumwalt family I saw on the Internet: > > > > > > Both of these sites are run by Paul Zumwalt ( Have you > corresponded with him before? I wrote him an e-mail asking about Stoffel and > Henry who were at Logan's Station. I believe Stoffel (Christopher) is your > ancestor. > > Jim Sellars

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