Daniel Addleman/?Edelmann?

This Daniel may have been born born about 1735, little is known about him. See the notes at the end of this page; much is being added during May 1998. Some old and some recently found.

In his book The American Addlemans, Robert Paul Addleman lists this Daniel as the progenitor of an independent clan of Addleman. He could not determine whether this Daniel might be a son of Filb (Phillip) Jakob Edelmann of Rott, Alsace, or perhaps an imigrant direct from Europe. If he is a 1750s imigrant from Europe, he may have arrived via the Port of Baltimore. In either case, Daniel Addleman seems to been born an Edelmann and chose the Addleman surname during adulthood. I have placed this page here as a place to accumulate data which may point to the true lineage of Daniel Addleman. I will also report some of Robert's data here for the Addleman who come to this page without the benefit of Robert's book which is out of print.

The main line of Addleman in America comes from Hans Michael Addleman , an immigrant from Wertheim Landkreis, Germany. Since WHE found no connection between the Addleman of Wertheim and the Edelmann of Germany I will have only one page on Hans Michael Addleman. You should read it as it gives much info on the difficulties of emigrating. Author Robert Paul Addleman was a descendant of Hans Michael Addleman

Is Filb Jakob Edelmann the Father of Daniel Addleman?

Filb (Phillip) Jakob Edelmann arrived on the Richard and Elizabeth at Philadelphia 1733 Sep 28 with his parents and wife and child. See David of Alsace for a summary of my early information about this family. Also see Passengers of the Richard and Elizabeth for information about the passengers on this voyage. See John and Elizabeth Bausser for the story of Filb's sister. See Philip Edelmann for a trial biography.

Robert Paul Addleman listed these as possible childern of Filb Jakob Edelmann. p384 of TAA

The Birthplace of Daniel Addleman

We do not have a birthplace or birthdate for Daniel. However, in Maryland during the period 1755 - 1760 there are several deeds transfering land among Philip Edelmann, David Edelman, and Daniel Edelman and others. It is easy to imagine from these transfers that Philip is the father of David and Daniel. Of course this is not proof of relationship, but examination of the deeds might show definite family relationships including names of wives. The members of EDL are, therefore, very interested in publishing these deeds to learn whether any family relationships are stated.

On this page, as a working hypothesis, I shall consider Daniel and David to be brothers and sons of Filb Jakob Edelmann who came to America in 1733 from Rott, Alsace. While we have no birthrecord for Daniel we must admit many people born in those days have no birth record. I will merely suppose Daniel is a sib of David as a working hypothesis and see what research finds in the coming years.

The Adult Life of Daniel Addleman (may be son of Filb Edelmann of Rott)

1757 Oct 30 surveyed land for Phillip at main falls of Patopsco River- This note prob does not refer to Daniel Addleman

prob 1757 Philipp naturalized if phillip of Rott born 1708 and died 1762 then phillip age 54 at death.

~1760 - Manchester, Carroll County, MD

~1761 - Daniel Edelmann/Addleman may have married Marie Born

1761 - Baltimore County, Maryland

1765 - Sherburne Parish/Cameron Parish (near Lovettsville, Loudoun County VA)

~1787 and before 1804 Derry township, Westmoreland County PA "Henry Shoup was admisistrator in 1804 for Daniel Addleman's estate."

Died before 1787 (in VA or PA) "Widow Adleman charged with tax for self and Phillilp Adleman (son)"

~1792 Daniel died in Lououn County VA

The Childern of Daniel Addleman

Philip - born ~1764(?) 1798 living Greene Co. PA, later Hellier TWP Knox Co OH. married Susannah Shockar

John - born 1769, age 15 1/2, communion 1785 New Jerusalem (Luthean) Church, Lovettsville, VA ~1798 Morgan Twp Greene County, PA died 1828 Apr 21 (Morgan TWP), Married Catherine Shockar (sister of Susannah, above)

HANNAH, b 1770,

Catherina Elizabeth b 1771 Nov 17 not sure if this is one girl or two.

to be continued of page 512 of TAA.

Bonepile for use in writing above this line. All this material will be deleted if not needed.

A Trial Biography for Phillip Jakob Eddleman of Alsace

On this page, I am listing the data I have found for Philip Jakob Eddleman as a trial biography. I have found such trial biographies useful for weeding out impossible information and for suggesting new directions for research.

Age -- Date ---------------- Event.......(age refers to Philip Jakob Eddleman of Europe)

-1.......1707 calculated birthdate of MargaretÂî$born in Europe; age 26 on shiplist of 1733. This Margaretha may be the wife of Philip Jacob Edelmann.
00......1708 calculated birthdate for Philip Jacob Edelmann born in Europe; age 25 on shiplist.
25......1733 Sep 28 Phillip on shiplist of Richard and Elizabeth; landed Philadelphia
28 --- 1736 Dec 1 -- a David Eddleman was born in Lancaster PA; father = Jacob Eddleman. (1a). This infant David may be the grandson of Hanss David Eddleman of Alsace and the David Eddleman who appears in records of North Carolina beginning in 1765.
29 --- 1737 May 15 -- above David baptised at Reformed Church, Lancaster PA. (1) (see ship)
33 --
Catrina, daughter of Phillip Edelman, born Nov. 15, 1741, bapt. December (18 or 16), 1741. Sponsors were Bernhardt Houx and wife.
35 -- Elias, son of Jacob Edelman, born July 3, 1743, baptized Mar. 4, 1744; sponsors Stoffel Schlegal, wife Anna Mar.
41 -- 1749 Sep 6, William and Rachel Murphy, planter, of Baltimore Co., Maryland deeded 50 acres on Georges Run to Philip Edleman, of Lancaster Co., L50, 50 acres. Could this be the date that Philip Edelmann moved to Maryland?

49 --- 1757 Apr 27 -- NC -- Anna Catherina Sauer born, first child of Philip Sauer. Godparents: John Michael Young and wife Anna Eva Young. See my short biography of Philip Sauer below. Perhaps his child was named after Anna Catherina (?Conrad or Sauer?) Eddleman but she is not living in the community. (2) [set up links and targets for these footnotes]
52 --- 1760 October 7 - Daniel Edlemann and Maria Bornin were sponsors at the birth of Daniel Laurier. Perhaps this Daniel was a brother, or relative of David Eddleman. (3)
53--- 1761 Mar 24 -- George Henry Eddleman (Gorg Heinrich Edelman) born York County PA. Parents David Eddleman (Edelman) and wife Katherine baptised 1761 Mar 24. Sponsors: Henry Conrad Gorg Heinrich Conrad and Elizabeth. Text inside ( ) was from William H. Eddleman via joeeddleman@infoave.net(4)(3)
54 --- 1762 Anna Maria Edelman born in Manchester, MD. Parents David and Katherine Edleman. Sponsors: Fredrich Decker and Anna Maria Decker. See William Eddleman Notes below. (3)
57--- 1765 Feb 4 -- David Sauer born, 6th child of Phillip Sauer. Sponsors: David Edelmann and his wife Anna Catharine. (2)
62 --- 1770 David Eddleman recorded cattle mark. Court minutes; see eg803.htm.
63 --- 1771 Apr 6 - David Conrad born, 7th child of Adam Conrad; Sponors: David Ettelman and wife Anna Catharina. (2)

Discussion of the above data:
A) If sponsors were usually relatives--perhaps Mrs. Phillip Sauer, Adam Conrad, and Anna Catharina Eddleman are siblings. Likewise Henry Conrad might be a sibling of these three. Finding for more data on Adam Conrad, Henry Conrad, Mrs. Phillip Sauer, and Anna Catharina _____ (?Conrad?) might help identify David Eddleman.

B) Can someone check sources in Lancaster, PA for Jacob Eddleman, David Edelmann, Henry Conrad, Adam Conrad, Phillip Sauer, Anna Catharina (?Conrad)

Sources which may relate to Jakob's Trial Biography

(1) 1978 Oct 12, William R. Eddleman, attorney, Dallas, Texas, wrote me of records of the Reformed Church of Lancaster, York County, Pennsylvania, by Reverend Jacob Lischy, which
(1a) John David Eddleman, son of Jacob Eddleman, born December 1, 1736 and baptised May 15, 1737.
(1b) Eliss Eddleman, son of David Eddleman, born 1743 Jul 3, baptised 1744 Mar 4.
(1c) George Henry Eddleman, son of David Eddleman and Katherine Eddleman baptised 1761 Mar 24. -------Notice, may indicate Jokob E. family lived 24 years in this church area. This suggests we need to make exhaustive study of church and civil records in Old York County, PA ------

(2) Records of Pilgrim Church, Lexington N.C. On microfilm at North Carolina Dept of Archives and History Raliegh NC. The Abbot's Creek settlement.

Three Notes from William R. Eddleman, Attorney, Dallas, TX in a letter to Harold Eddleman, dated 1978 Oct 12. "I found some records of the Reformed and Lutheran Congregations at Manchester, Baltimore County, Md, which was called the German Church.
3a) 1760 Oct 7, Daniel Edlemann and Maria Bornin were sponsors at birth of Daniel Laurier.
3b) Anna Maria Edelman, dau of David and Katerine Edleman, was born in 1762, Sponors: Frederick Decker and Anna Maria. WR Eddleman suggested this K. Edleman could be the K. Eddleman of Bourbon County, Ky.
3c) In a list of persons contributing to a school on 1762 Sep 17: David Edleman contributed 15 shillings and Maria Margarita Edleman contributed 10 shillings."

4) Received from Joeeddleman@infoave.net on 97 AUG 26-------------------------- see below

(2) Philip Sauer (1735-1784) Source probably Heritage Book for Rowan County. From Palatinate, Germany, 1749 PA, 1753 NC; donated land for Beulah Church, also called Sauer Church. Probably tarried 5 or 6 years in Philadelphia. In Rowan County, NC, 1754-56. He married Christianna Foust, daughter of a neighboring German about 1755-56. His first born and first record in the Pilgrim Reformed Church was Anna Catherine Sauer, born 1757 Apr 27. Godparents (taufzaugen) were John Michael Young and his wife Anna Eva Young. Philip owned land adjacent and north of the Church lands, deed dated 1763. Part is now covered by the Lexington City Lake.

(ship) Ship List - Pennsylvania German Pioneers Vol 1.
Ship: Brigantine Richard and Elizabeth; Rotterdam ==> Plymouth ==> Philadephia
Captain: Christopher Clymer. Arrival: 1733 Sep 28
Edelmann on board: David Edelmann Age 49, Margaretha Edelmann age 26
Anna Maria Edelman age 54, Baltasar Edlemann age 4, Philip Jacob Edelmann age 25
I am not suggesting this ship list has anything to do with the Eddlemans given on this page; I just noticed some names are in common and it landed before the above incidents.
I notice the ship Albany arriving 1749 sep 2 had some people from Erbach which might be Odenwald and it had 3 Edelmann. If these people are David's family, the lineage might be:
David and Anna Maria Edelman ==> Philip Jacob Edelmann (wife Margaretha) ==> David b. 1736

List of Research needed on P. Jakob/Margaretha

1. List of incidents which are consistent with them being husband and wife.

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Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman indbio@disknet.com

Appendix to webpage eg808.htm

Subject: Philip Edleman   Date: 27 Sep 97
Bill Eddleman wrote:

I came across this reference in a book
Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records, Vol. Two, 1727-1757 by John Davis pub. by Heritage Books. p. 289:

6 Sep. 1749, William and Rachel Murphy, planter, of Baltimore Co., Maryland to Philip Edleman, of Lancaster Co., Maryland L50, 50 acres... Georges Run.
Signed William Murphy, William Winchester, Lydia Winchester.

Subject: Re: Re: [EDDLEMAN-L] Peter, Catherine, Philip & D Date: 5 May 98 19:08:14 -0500 From: EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com To: Indbio

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Let's see, I didn't check to see when Lancaster changed to Lebanon Co., PA, or for that matter, even if the transition is true. I believe I got the info from Frank Shoupe.

As for the Manchester, MD comment -- Another Addleman (now deceased), wrote in 1989: "I remembered a tombstone I saw years ago in Manchester, Carroll Co., MD. It was in the German Lutheran Cemetery." She reported finding the names of Philip Edelman and David Edelman."

So the plot thickens . . . . Did she remember correctly or what?

Now that I'm back from the gym (I try to go 1 hour/5 days a week), I seem to be thinking better. Here is a letter I sent to Frank Shoupe, which also includes his phone number. Double check the area code though.


May 5, 1998

Robert P. Addleman 1731 Phillips Way L.A., CA 90042 213 25504071 AOL=BobAdleman

Frank R. Shoupe P.O. Box 451 Leechburg, PA15656

Dear Frank,

Are you still interested in genealogy? I get back into periodically and lately have been rehashing some of our early Daniel Addleman stuff.

Recently I have handcopied those portions of my Addleman book important to a descendant of the Green Co. Addlemans for Roger L. Hicks (1680 Galbraith, Bellingham, WA 98226; 360 733-1265), who is also a genealogist. He got my name from another researcher descendant of Hannah Addleman Rose (1770), who lives in southern California. Her address is: Lois A. Pearson, 843 Santiago Rd., Costa Mesa, CA 92626 (714 979-0520). Both have an avid interest into the early origins of Daniel & Elizabeth Addleman of Loudoun Co., Virginia.

This has made me review and relearn some of the things about the suspected origins of this branch of Addlemans. I came to a couple of conclusions about my earlier work. I seemed to have really gone out on a limb on a couple of my speculations/theories. Church records clearly state that one Catharine (1771) is a daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Addleman. I also had a Catharine (1774) who married George Uncapher. (I think this came from earlier queries about Catherine (Addleman) & George Uncapher.) Do you think they might be the same individuals? Iím theorizing but donít have any real proof that another daughter, Eliza Addleman, was the last daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Addleman who married Philip Cooper in 1799. I listed some of the early events by date, state and county which helps a little to get a perspective.

Some interesting records show: There are two or more Catharine Addlemans

a. Catharina, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth Adelmann, born 17 Nov 1771; baptized 11 Dec 1771 and recorded in the Lutheran Church records in Frederick Co., Maryland (the church records included those from Loudoun Co., VA); sponsors Jacob Schaeffer & Maria Deckerin.

b. Catrina, dau of Philip Edelman, born 3 July 1743, baptized 16 Dec 1741; sponsor Bernhart Houx and wife; at St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., Penn.

c. Catharine Eddleman (d. 1855) of Lovettsville, VA married [ca 1793] George Uncapher (b.1772- 1834) ; from the Uncapher book

d. Catha. Edelman, age 19 was a communicant in 1791 at the New Jeruselem Lutheran Church, Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA. [we probably can assume that this is Daniel & Elizabethís dau]

Other interesting names:

e. Elias, son of (David?) Edelman, born 3 July 1743, bapt. 4 March 1744; Sponsors Stoffel Schlegel, wife Anna Maria at St. Matthews Lutheran Church, Hanover, York Co., Penn.

f. George Henry, son of David Edelman and wife Catherine, bapt. 24 Mar 1761; Sponsor Henry Conrad and wife Elizabeth; Records of Rev. Jacob Lischy, Minister in York Co., Penn. Reformed.

g. Eliza Addleman married Philip Cooper 5 Nov 1799; George Cooper testifies bride over 21; from Loudon Co., VA Marriage bonds 1762-1850

h. Johann Edelmann, 15 1/2 yrs, 9 Oct 1785 confirmation at Short Hill in Loudon Co., VA; Records of Lutheran Church, Frederick Co., Maryland, Collection of the Maryland Historical Society, Baltimore, MD [the dates subtract to 1769, Catherinaís brother John?]

i. Anna Maria Edelman, dau of David & Catharina Edelman, baptized March-April 1862; Sponsors Friedrich Decker and Anna Maria; at First Record Book for the Reformed & Lutheran Congregation at Manchester, Baltimore (now Carroll) Co., MD.

The above is from copies I made from the William H Eddleman Collection at the State Genealogical Society Library in Philadelphia.

I just tried to call you on your old phone (415 845-6146) and it was no longer in service.

Let me know if you are still interested in these old ideas.

Best of luck,

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Research Questio Date: 6 May 98 02:30:10 -0500 From: EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com To: Indbio

I've found a few things that I had previously written down about Daniel Addleman research. Some of you may have seen this. If so, please disregard.

Bob Addleman


The latest version of Daniel Addlemanís family has been presented in The American Addlemans Research Supplement dated October 1, 1996. Some of the specific areas for further clarification will be specified below.

1. Who were Danielís father and mother? Was the father Philip Edelman/Addleman?

2. Who were Danielís brothers and sisters (William? David? Maria? Catrina?)?

3. Questions concerning Catharine Addleman of Lovettsville, Virginia:

a. Are there two Catharines: One born 17 Nov 1771 and identified as the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth and lived in Lovettsville 19 years (ref church records); the other born 5 Oct 1774 and identifiedby Mrs. Smith and other Uncapher researchers? b. If two, was one Williamís daughter and the other Danielís daughter? c. If two, which one married George Uncapher? (Names of children imply Danielís dau.)

4. Was the Eve Addleman, who married Johannes Kiefer in 1810, a daughter of David Addleman and a sister of Anna Maria Addleman, who married George Kuffer in 1796?

5. Was Eliza/Elizabeth Addleman of Lovettsville, Virginia, who married Philip Cooper in 1799, the last daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Addleman? George Cooper attested to Elizaís age at her marriage and also took over the Daniel/Philip Addleman lease for their farm of 117 acres.


1. Early (1771) Lovettsville,Virginia Lutheran Church records were recorded in Frederick, Frederick Co., Maryland. 2. Daniel Addleman lived in Lovettsville, Virginia (ca 1765-1787?), as well as possibly William Addleman and David Addleman (his brothers?). 3. Apparently Daniel Addleman established a pattern of leasing or renting land. 4. As noted earlier, the Addlemans, Uncaphers and Shoups were all very close. 5. Daniel Addleman was also close to Philip Baker (Becker) in Maryland and Virginia. 6. An Uncapher descendant, Mrs. Wilson, who corresponded with William H. Eddleman, observed records imply there might be two Catherine Addlemans in Lovettsville, Virginia. 7. Both researchers, Frank Shoupe and Gaylord Griffiths, believe Catherine Addleman Uncapher to be Danielís daughter. 8. Baltimore Co., MD deeds (1755-1762) indicated deed records in Shillings Folly and Phil- lipsburg for: Philip Adleman, Daniel Adleman, David Adleman (and variant surname spellings). 9. In 1799, John, Philip and Hanah Addleman migrated to Greene Co., PA and Catherine (Addleman) Uncapher migrated to Westmoreland Co., PA. Daniel Addleman was apparently already in Westmoreland Co., PA until his death circa 1787. Loudoun Co. VA had an estate appraisal in 1792 and Westmoreland Co., PA had an estate administration in 1804. 10. Widow Elizabeth Addleman, ďover 45,Ē was last noted in Loudoun Co., VA in 1810. 11. Friedrich Decker & Anna Maria were sponsors for Anna Maria Edelman, dau of David & Catharina Edelman in 1762 in Manchester, Baltimore Co., MD. Maria Decker (in) was a sponsor for Catharina, dau of Daniel & Elizabeth Adelmann (1771) in Frederick Co., MD. Is this Maria Decker the same person on both occasions? Does this imply a relationship between David Edelman and Daniel Adelmann?

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ubject: [EDDLEMAN-L] 1966 Research Supplement Date: 6 May 98 02:40:58 -0500 From: EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com To: Indbio

Here is another document I prepared in 1996 after my book was published. This data may be somewhat 'dated' now.

Bob Addleman



GREEN SECTION: (see Chapters 1, 2 & 16) October 1, 1996 The research continues on the members of Danielís family. I have been reviewing data from the William H. Eddleman Collection and have discovered that some of the early Edelman data now has more meaning. Frank R. Shoupe recently discovered that Daniel Addleman also migrated from Loudoun County, Virginia to southwestern, Pennsylvania ca 1787 -- Derry Twp., Westmoreland County. Gaylord Griffiths (Wescosville, PA) believes the daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Edelman/Addleman may be the Catherine one who married George Uncapher. We now have two CATHARINEs: (1) Danielís daughter Catharina Edelmann, born in 1771 and the previously identified wife of George Uncapher, (2) Catherine, born in 1774. We also have EVE EDELMANIN, who married JOHANNES KIEFER 13 Dec 1810 in Loudoun Co., Virginia. Iím theorizing this could be David Addlemanís youngest daughter, whose sister (?) married GEORGE KUFFER.)

Finally, I am recreating a projected family of the early Edelmans/Adlemans/Addlemans. What makes this difficult is the large number of similarly-surnamed individuals in and around the same locations. The reader will notice that many similar names were used by the projected Philipís sons and daughters in naming their children. (Notice the similarity in the childrenís names between George Uncapher and John Addleman (1769).) I am more convinced that the fatherís name was probably Philip, as both sons (Daniel & David) each named their first son Philip.

1.0 [PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1] PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN, b (Germany or America?), immigrated <1750 (and/or naturalized in 1757?), L 1750 (Baltimore Co., MD), L 1755 (Shillings Folly, Baltimore Co., MD,) 1761 (Shillings Folly & Phillipsburg, Baltimore Co., MD); m MARGARET (?), Children (siblings and/or birth order need validation):

1M WILLIAM (?), L ca 1772-1810 (near Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA); m unk, children(?) 2M DAVID (?) 3M DANIEL 4F MARIA MAGDALENA (?) 5F CATRINA, b 15 Nov 1741, bpt 16 Dec 1741 (Hanover, York Co., PA)?

1.2 [DAVID-2, PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1] DAVID EDELMAN, L (1761 (York Co., PA), 1762 (Baltimore Co., MD), 1763 (Bridgeland, Baltimore Co., MD)); m ELIZABETH CATHARINA, Children:

1M PHILIP (son of David & Elizabeth Edelman) 2M GEORGE HENRY, bpt 24 Mar 1761 (son of David & Catherine Edelman) 3F ANNA MARIA, bpt (Mar-Apr) 1762 (daughter of David & Catharina Edelman); m GEORGE KUFFER 11 Oct 1796 (Loudoun Co., VA) 4F EVE (ADELMANIN)??; m JOHANNES KIEFER 13 Dec 1810 (Loudoun Co., VA)

1.3 [DANIEL-2, PHILIP EDELMAN/ADLEMAN-1] DANIEL ADLEMAN/ ADDLEMAN, b (unk), L (ca 1760 (Manchester, Carroll Co., MD), 1761 (Baltimore Co., MD) & 1765 (Sherburne Parish/Cameron Parish (near Lovettsville), Loudoun Co., VA) & ca 1772 (Fairfax Co., VA) and <1804 (Derry Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA)), d ca 1787 (PA); 9 Apr 1792 Estate Appraisal (Loudoun Co., VA), 1804 Estate Administration (Westmoreland Co., PA); m ELIZABETH L 1865-1810 (Loudoun Co., VA).

ďI mentioned at Christmas time that I had found a little bit of information on DANIEL ADDLEMAN who died here in 1804 that proves the Administration here was not an extension of the business from Virginia. . . . I sent these papers to a lady in Chicago who is a long time genealogist . . . She replied that without doubt the belongings indicated to her that this Daniel was a school teacher and kind of a dandy. The fine shirt and coat and other things plus the silk handkerchiefs would show him to be a pretty snappy dresser. She said that at that time a man of means would have a handkerchief tucked in his sleeve or sometimes carried in hand for show and not utility. The books, watch, cushion and the traveling gear would mean that he would go from school to school and the cushion was part of the trade being used for obvious reasons since schoolhouse furniture was rough. An interesting analysis I think. It would show from the Administration that Daniel did some farming too and he must have used either land owned by UNCAPHERS or SHOUPS since a search of records in Westmoreland Co. using every conceivable spelling found no ownership for Daniel.Ē (from Frank Shoupe)

1M PHILIP, b ca 1764 (?), L (Loudoun Co., VA), 1798 (Greene Co., PA) & Hellier Twp., Knox Co., OH); m SUSANNAH SHOCKAR
2M JOHN, b 1769, L (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), ca 1798 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA), d 21 Apr 1828 (Morgan Twp., Greene Co., PA); m CATHERINE SHOCKAR
3F HANNAH, b 1770, d 3 Apr 1847 (Morgan Twp., PA); m JOHN ROSE (1764-1825)
4F CATHERINE, b 17 Nov 1771 or 5 Oct 1774 (Lovettsville, Loudoun Co., VA), d 15 Apr 1855 (Westmoreland, Co., PA); m GEO. UNCAPHER (b 8 Oct 1772 (Lovettsvile, VA), d 12 Mar 1834 (Saltsburg, PA), bur St. James Cem (Salina, PA))
5F ELIZABETH, b ca 1778 (21 in 1799?); m PHILIP COOPER 5 Nov 1799 (Lovettsville, VA)