Genealogy of Harold Lee Eddleman

My most likely Lineage during the Last 480+ Years
in Europe and America

Started during 1998 by Harold Eddleman, Palmyra, Indiana

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My earliest proven ancestor is Catherine Eddleman who received a patent, in 1783, for __ acres of land located 20 miles northeast of present-day Lexington, KY on the South Fork of Licking River.. She apparently proven her family grew corn during 1778 on that land or lived in the county for a year. We have never found any family tradition or public records in Kentucky naming her husband. It seems likely her husband and some childern died in indian conflicts or illness during 1778 - 1790. Kentucky records of the 1790s show her husband as John Burger and her childern as John Eddleman and Daniel Eddleman. We have the deed where the four sold the Kentucky farm in December 1810 and the records where they bought land in Indiana Territory in January 1911.

While many linkages are unproven, records in Alsace, PA, MD, and NC, are consistent with the working hypothesis that father of Gangolf Bairfalckh, clergyman of Steinseltz fle born about 1500 or 1520 was the ancestor of Margaret Wenner, wife of Filb Jakob Edelmann of Rott, Alsace, and that this Phillip and Margaret came to Philadelphia in 1733 with Filb's parents and sister Anna Elizabeth and her husband and her husband's parents. Church and land records are then consistent with this Filb having sons Daniel and David, that David married Catherine and they lived in PA, MD, and arrived in NC about 1765 and left for Holston River and western country in 1776. These stories are told in the pages below:

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800 - This page. The Index
801 - Summary of 490+ years of Edelmann Family History. The overview of Section 800.
802 - Chart of the Descendants of Catherine Eddleman; very incomplete
803 - Timeline of historical and Edelmann events from 1700 to the American Civil War
804 - Hanss David Edelmann, born 16??, brought his family from Rott, Alsace to PA in 1733.
------ Childern of Hanss David Edelmann -----
805 - Anna Elizabeth (Edelmann) Bausser, dau of DHE, came to America with her parents.
806 - Filb (Phillip) Jakob Edelmann of Rott, son of DHE, came to America with his parents.
------- Childern or possible Childern of Filb Jakob Edelmann -------
807 - William Addleman may have been a son of Philip of Rott. Great uncertainity about this.
808 - Daniel Addleman may have been a son of Phillip of Rott.
809 - David Eddleman of Abbotts Creek, NC, likely son of Phillip and spouse of Catherine of KY
- Catherine Eddleman of KY (1778) lived in KY 33 years and then moved to IN in 1811.
811 - John Burger, second husband of Catherine, he was pioneer farmer and soldier in KY and IN.
------- Childern of Catherine Burger ( and David Eddleman???) ----------
812 - John Eddleman, son of Catherine, built grist and sawmills on Little Indian Creek, Indiana
813 - Daniel Eddleman, son of Catherine, 1780 Indian captive, farmed and hunted in SE Indiana.
------- Childern of John Eddleman who built grist and saw mills on Little Indian creek ------
814 - Elizabeth Eddleman Cline, dau of John (the miller) Eddleman
815 - John Jr. never married, cabinet maker, crippled
816 - Noah ; can link to Hickman site
817 - James of Milltown
818 - Katherine
819 - Christina
820 - Nancy
821 - ASA
------- Childern of James Eddleman --------
822 - Francis Marion Eddleman;
Milltown Farmer, Civil War Volunteer, son of James
823 - Adam Monroe Eddleman Milltown Farmer, Civil War Volunteer, son of James
824 - Isaac Windell Eddleman
------ Childern of Francis Marion Eddleman ------
825 - Isaac Chauncey Eddleman, son of Marion Francis Eddleman, moved to Iowa
826 - Francis Marion Eddleman, Jr, Son of M. F. Eddleman,
827 - James Thomas Eddleman, son of MFE
828 - Emma; married but had no childern
829 - Claude Eddleman
830 - Shelby (Shep) Eddleman, photographer. Moved to Iowa.
----- Childern of Issac Chauncey Eddleman --------
- Audrey
- Frank
- Fred
- Dorothy
------ Childern of Francis Marion Eddleman ------
- Rosie
- Sophie (Called Esther)
- Eschol
- Mary
- Bertha
------Childern of James Thomas Eddleman -----
- Shirley - his son
- Herschel - see items on his fathers page
- Grace - his dau
- Joe - see items on his fathers page

------- Childern of Claude Eddleman ----
- Dorothy Eddleman
- Harold Lee Eddleman
- Margaret Ann Eddleman
- John Edward Eddleman
- Robert Leroy Eddleman
- Betty Catherine Eddleman
Pages about Daniel, son of Catherine, are to be added in the future. I may do this at page 700

Ruddles and Martin Forts page - lots of links by Bob Francis; superb references.

The pages listed above outline my most likely lineage beginning with the birth of Hanss David Edelmann in Alsace or Switzerland about 1684. Everything pior to Catherine 1778KY is unproven and I have written this as a guide for future research by my son Glenn Ray Eddleman, my siblings, Margaret Ann, John Edward, Robert Leroy, Betty Catherine, and myself. I decided having the most likely lineage written out would be an aid to fitting new data in place. Therefore, the early parts of the lineage I am outlining here may actually be your lineage and not mine. This introduction is continued on page 801.

My lineage may be Harold Lee Eddleman (geneticist) <== Claude Eddleman (farmer and tradesman) <== Francis Marion Eddleman (Civil War and farmer) <== Jim Eddleman (farmer) <== John Eddleman (miller) <== Catherine Eddleman (husband = ?David?) <== Filb Jakob Edelmann (Alsace, Germany) <== Hanss David Edelmann (Alsace, Germany) <== perhaps Swiss Edelmann

My unproven lineage goes back to 1500 or 1520 via wife of Filb Jakob Edelmann:
David Edelmann of NC <== wife of Filb Jakob Edelmann <== <== see bottom of page <== ca 1500 or 1520 birth of father of the pastor. to be rewritten.

European History and Edelmann; little Eddleman data; an effort to suggest research. Not Ready
A Chart of Catherine Eddleman's Descendents - simple list of families; links to detailed pages
America (1700 to Civil War)
- My 1978 timeline of American and Eddleman events helped revitalize my genealogy efforts.

Links to other Pioneer Eddleman Families in America

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Posted by Al Wissinger <> on Sun, 07 Mar 1999


Searching for parents, siblings, and marraige date of Johann SCHWÄGERL b. 19/07/1880 in Waldau, Bayern d. unknown in Mannheim, Baden-Württemburg, and his wife Katharina LINGL b. 14/01/1885 in Gröbenstädt, Bayern, d. abt 1965 in Mannheim, Baden-Württemburg. Their 3 children were born in Bellheim, Rhineland-Pfalz: Margarete b. 26/07/1908 married FELDCAMP; Johann b. 21/14/1909 married Lenchen THYSSEN; and Frieda b. 26/11/1912 married George EDELMANN. The 3 Children were all married in Mannheim, Baden-Württemburg. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Put this somewhere, perhaps in farm of Calude or in eg800 somewhere.

History of the United Brethren ~ 1767 - URL for this page below

Names of the churches::

United Brethren, Church of the United Brethren, United Christian Church, Evangelical United Brethren, UB, UCC, EUB

National Offices:

United Brethren in Christ 302 Lake Street, Huntington, IN 46750


From the Pietist movement in the mid to late 1700's among German speaking folk in Pennsylvania. There was a fervor of spiritual awakening sweeping through Lancaster County in the 1760's. Many of these individuals professed the necessity of holiness and especially the assurance of "new birth" conversion as a real experience to be remembered. In 1767, German Reformed pastor Philip Otterbein attended an interdenominational "Great Meeting" near Lancaster, PA. Hearing the powerful conversion story of Mennonite speaker Martin Boehm, he embraced him, exclaiming: "Wir sind Bruder" (we are Brethren). This meeting later produced a group called the United Brethren, who trace their beginning to the Otterbein/Boehm meeting. There appears to be no formal structure to the United Brethren until 1800, when they officially organized themselves near Frederick, Maryland. In order to distinguish themselves from the Moravians who were also called United Brethren from their Latin title Unitas Fratrum, they appended the words "in Christ."

In the late 1700's, many United Brethren congregations were formed throughout Lancaster County, and generally bore names associated with their locality. One such congregation on the east shore of the Susquehanna River came to be called River Brethren, and would later evolve into the Brethren in Christ (see next article).



A Pennsylvania group of United Brethren ministers and laymen under Rev. George Hoffman, broke away in the late 1860's over doctrinal issues. First known as "Hoffmanites," they later organized in 1878 as the United Christian Church.

Great split of 1889

Majority group known as New Constitution or Liberals merged with the Evangelical Church (another Pietist German group) in 1946 and adopted the name Evangelical United Brethren Chruch. In 1968, the EUB merged with the Methodists to form the United Methodist.

Minority group known as Old Constitution or Radicals and led by Bishop Milton Wright (father of Wilbur and Orville Wright, see also the book, "The Bishop's Boys") retained the former title of The Church of the United Brethren in Christ.

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