Pioneer Edelmann Families in America

Listed in order of arrival in America.
This is the index page for the progenitor of each Edelmann Clan in America.
Each link will lead you to known subsequent families of that clan in America.
Most of these pages are research in progress; your assistance will be appreciated.
This page is very incomplete because we lack data on many Edelmann not yet listed here.

610 - Index to the ships that brought Edelmann to America; subpages for each ship and family

Peter Edelmann of Philadelphia arrived 1730 on Alexander & Ann; European roots unknown.
David Edelmann of Rott from Alsace (1733) ==> ?Daniel Addleman VA; ?David Eddleman NC
Peter Edelmann of Erbach from Odenwald (1749) ==> Rowan County NC =>Leo Eddleman
Boston Edelmann of North Carolina; ship and European roots unknown. ==> Wm Rodney E.
"John" Peter Edelmann of PA ==> Editor for this page needed.
Childern of Lorenz of Airlenbach in the Odenwald who came to the Colonies
    Peter of Airlenbach from Odenwald (1752) ==> Peter Eddleman of Surry County NC
    Adam of Airlenbach (brother of Peter) ==> married Juliane Thorwarth 1757 in PA
    Michael of Airlenbach (brother of Peter) (1754?) ==> not yet found in America???
Catherine Eddleman of KY (KY1778); this family may link to David of Rott; European origin
David Eddleman Sr of Leeper Creek, Lincoln County,NC (born ca 1765, birthplace unknown)
Eddlemon - Early mentions of this surname in America; European origins unknown???
David Edelmann from Baden (arrived USA 1837) with wife Katherine Hill. Ship unknown.
Valentin Edelman and bro from Hesse-Darmstadt
- born 1830; arrived Baltimore about (1850)
Jacob Conrad Edelmann of Reinrod/Darmstadt arrived in USA (1847)
Bruno Edelmann of Stangenroth in Franconia (1889) ==> Ohio

Joseph Otto Edelmann of Switzerland ==>notes at bottom of this page
xxx Edelmann family arrived ?????????????? 1900+ ==>
Sonja Josefa Frida Edelmann Germany to Canada June 1953 ==> Rose Challenger has 1600 data

eg607 - Edelmann found on ship list or other record but never found again in America.
  xx Edelmann, xx Edelmann, xxEdelman, and others. NOT READY

I won't up load for a week or so, but I am working on 4 pages to replace one I had on my site. the old page was debarking unknown Eddleman but had become unknown or confusing Peter Edelmann mostly from Jim Groce and will remain that.
604 - Edelmann European records say "going to America" but not found in America; prob most did not get to America, but useful to have them listed.
605 - Found on shiplist; arrived America; never heard from again.
606 - Edelmann families known in America for a short span, but connections earlier and later unknown.
607 - Present day Edelmann familes who are "up against a brick wall and can't find early America roots. Some of these only know their Grandfathrs name.
608 - Confusing Peter Edelmann; there is a bunch of them. Jim Groce helped.

eg608 - European records suggest these Edelmannn left Alsace or Odenwald for America => but they have not been found on ship lists or any other record in America. NOT READY.
  xx Edelmann, xx Edelmann, and others.

Michael Adelmann of Wertheim ==> Addleman of America 1752 Phoenix (not Edelmann)
  Wilhelm Adelmann (1750) on Priscilla with a group from Wertheim; (not Edelmann)
Only a few pages will be devoted to the Adelmann because an excellent book exists and they are not related to Edelmann in Europe. William H. Eddleman discontinued research on Addleman.

David Edelmann from Baden

Edelmann of Heidenheim (Baden, Germany)

David Edelmann arrived in USA in 1837 from Baden, Germany. He was age 27 and arrived with his wife Katherine Hill. The ship and other details are not known. He is my great, great grandfather.
John Edelaman

The long lost files from James Groce are partly on page egbones.htm this is part of the "John" Peter Edelmann series. Perhaps the others are in a PA workshop of eg900 series. Harold Eddleman

The plan of this page is to list the progenitor of each known American Edelmann Clan, then to list those who arrived in America but left no known descendants, then those who left for America according to European records but are unknown in America. This is an early draft; there may be errors. Please check my work.


Subject: Re: Edelmann Date: 7 Jan 98 21:48:50 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Your right. It's not there. The only reference you will find is to my wife - Barbara Edelmann. Her family came to the US during the first part of the 1900's. I do have some information about them in German. They came from the area around Bad Kissingen. I will send more specific data later.

I have also been on your site. Wow! But somewhat overpowering. On the other hand a five minute visit is hardly worthy of the site. I will come back when I have time to do it justice.

That said I will prove that I haven't really read very far. In a short version, what is the connection between Eddleman and Edelmann?

We will be talking to you again soon. Dennis Gorman/Barbara Edelmann

---------- From: Harold Eddleman, Ph.D. <> To: Subject: Edelmann Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 3:35 AM

I have been to your frontier home pages and family tree, but can't find any Edelmann. Am I looking wrong. I assume you just have not gotten the Edelmann entered. It would be nice to hear from you. Gorman sounds familiar, perhaps I have been to your site before. -- Harold Eddleman, Ph.D.

Eddleman Web Sites

I have moved Eddlemann Web Sites to the bottom of the Edelmann Genealogy Directory page and this info will be removed from this page.

The Eddleman Genealogy Library does not have space for the Eddleman of the late 19th and 20th centuries. We hope you will write a web page(s) of the recent generations of your family and link it back to the generations of Early America and Europe given above. Please send me the URL of your Eddleman Genealogy pages so we can link it here.

Claude Eddleman Farm - Catherine Eddleman => John Eddleman => Claude's farm of 1939
Glenn Eddleman
- Glenn Ray Eddleman traces his ancestory in 80 surnames.
John Edelmann - traces his ancestory via several trips to Germany. He speaks and reads German.
Mark Hickman - Mark traces his ancestory via John Eddleman to Catherine Eddleman of KY
There are other Edelmann sites; please send the URL of your site.

These web sites make a minor mention of Eddleman/Edelmann

Tex Dick site; also his wife had ancestors at Ruddles(?) Station.

I might also be useful to have links to pages of Edelmann neighbors as they might give insight into Eddleman history of the time.

Some sites are mainly geneology of other families, but an Eddleman occurs in their lineage. Some web sites are merely pages for businesses run or founded by Eddleman. Some pages are entirely in a foreign language. Some are personal home pages of Eddleman families, but may have nothing about Eddleman Geneology. Some pages are somewhat fictional but related to Eddleman. Some pages do not mention Eddleman, but give the flavor of conditions Eddlemans lived under in history. Some pages are devoted to the factual history of one Eddleman family years ago. Please send me the URL of your Eddleman Family page so I can link from the list I plan to put here.

As Editor of this general index page, I encourage Eddleman around the world to begin pages devoted to their own family. Also please begin pages about your ancestors. I have been working twenty years on writing the accurate historical story of each of my Eddleman ancestors. It costs $10 to $20 per month to have internet service. If you don't want to spend that much, there are ways to get your pages hosted free and in some cities you can even get free internet service to your home. The businesses providing these free services will insert advertisements in your pages at the time it is viewed.

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Subject: IBL home page Date: 20 Jan 98 21:42:40 -0500 From: To: Indbio

hello folks,

i have stumbled upon your web pages after running a search on my last name which is EDELMANN and have found your various web pages fascinating. my name is John Luke Edelmann, grandson of Otto Joseph Edelmann who married Lydia Hugentobler, both immigrants from St Gallen, Switzerland. I can remember seeing some of my family lineage in a town ledger in the village of Moulen in Switzerland as a boy. I would love to know more about how to research my family and would like to ask for any input you might have.



Tampa FL

Subject: Edelmann Date: 29 Jan 98 09:32:14 -0500 From: To: Indbio

Dear Dr. Eddleman,

I am John Edelmann's brother, Robert Benedict Edelmann Jr.,MD, an Anesthesiologist in New Jersey.

My late father, Robert Sr., was Otto Joseph's oldest son.

For the record: My daughter is Michele Lauren,11, and my son is Joseph Robert, 6.

My Uncle Werner, Robert's younger brother lives in New Jersey as well. He may be the best source of accurate information on our collective geneaology.

I tried the link to the newsgroup but got a server error message. Is the address correct?

I am 42 and visited Switzerland when I was very young~ 14 or so. I remember the beautiful scenery but not much of importance regarding our heritage. We did visit an Aunt "Lina" (Tante Lina?)

This is interesting stuff. If John didn't tell you, My grandmother's maiden name was Hugentobler.

Happy Hunting and be sure to let me know if there are any inheritances available.(no debts please,after all I have Swiss blood!)

Bob Edelmann

Notice the Edelmann at the bottom of this list.

Subject: KOST of Holenzoln Sigmar'n, Ger. ===--- (Forwa Date: 21 Feb 98 20:09:06 -0500 From: To: Indbio

220 69188 <6cbvnj$> article From: bs113@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Ernest Thode) Subject: Re: KOST of Holenzoln Sigmar'n, Ger. <<<===--- Date: 17 Feb 1998 12:27:31 GMT References: <> Reply-To: bs113@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (Ernest Thode)

-------------------------------------------------------------- Found: |edelmann -------------------------------------------------------------- MESSEAR ver. 2.09agh

HISTMOM ( writes: > Lokking for info on KOST, Baltes b 1784, ch: Regina, Theobolt, Isadore, > Mathias, Maximelia, Ignaces, Francisca ... Hocking Co., OH and some moved west. >

"Holenzoln" is the Prussian! province bordering Wuerttemberg, with one of its chief cities being Sigmaringen, the other being Hechingen.

The 1839 emigrants from the Sigmaringen area to North America were: Benedikt KOST and family Balthes KOST Xaver KOST alt (Xaver KOST Sr.) from Bittelbronn

Dominikus FLAIZ and family Katharina ZIMMERMANN Franziska BELSER Anton and Leonhard KRENZLER from Gruol

Kaspar and Franziska HURM Joseph HUBER from Weildorf

Joseph and Kumerana EGER and 2 children Silvester HAID and family from Imnau

Johann SCHWEIZER and family from Heiligenzimmern

Bonaventura MAIER and family from Betra

Fidel and Bartholoma"us BETRANG and families -->Johann EDELMANN and family ----------^^^^^^^^ Georg BERGER Kreszenz WOLF from Imnau

Georg BERGER from Hart (same as Georg BERGER from Imnau??)

Max MATTES from Glatt (merchant) to Paramaribo, Dutch Surinam

Ernest THODE

-- Ernest Thode, Washington County Public Library, Marietta, OH 45750-1973

Subject: Re: Edelmann in NY Date: 10 Feb 98 09:55:12 -0500 From: To: Indbio

The only thing I know about Edelmann is that Wilhelm Charles Edelmann gave his place of birth as Troy <NY. on his marriage certificate. This was dated Oct 1879, As the the certificate was from a NYC church, and written in German, I'm afraid I am at a loss for any further information. I don't know whether he was born in Troy,NY, or whether it was a mis-statement on his part. I never knew my grandfather, and I believe I am the last in line from that side of the family.

-----Original Message----- From: Harold Eddleman, Ph.D. <> To: <> Date: Friday, February 06, 1998 12:04 PM Subject: Edelmann in NY

I have noted you don't list an arrival date for Jacob Edelmann in the USA. Listed below is a correction for you.

JACOB CONRAD EDELMAN was born in Bavaria, May 8, 1835 and emigrated to the United States in 1847 when he was twelve years of age. He first settled in Maryland and after living there for two years he moved to North Carolina. Seven years later he came to West Virginia to make his home.

One last thing, On page 600 my email address at the top of the page is chopped off. It reads It should read

Thanks, please run a copy of this on Eddlemann Roots and I'll get the email straightened out so next time it'll hit the right hole in space.


RG Edelman http://www

ubject: [EDDLEMAN-L] about Jacob C. Edelman Date: 5 Jan 98 16:07:26 -0500 From: To: Indbio


My great-great-grandfather was Jacob Conrod Edelman (Edelmann). The only history I have of his family, is that he was born in Germany 8 May 1835. He arrived in the USA about 1847. He may have arrived with a brother and sister. He was in NY, then MD and NC befor setting in what is now West Virginia. If any of you have any information about him it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Later joe

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Subject: Re: More migration route stuff Date: 15 Jan 98 17:39:46 -0500 From: To: Indbio


An additional tidbit on migration routes. I have Dollarhide's "Map Guide to the U. S. Census", and it is excellent!

----Bill >> >There is a fine publication created by William Dollarhide and AGLL, Inc >called"Map Guide to American Migration Routes" available from AGLL Inc. P. >O. Box 329, Bountiful, UT 84011 0329 at a cost of $9.95 probably plus >postage, it is very well done and has lots of maps and information about >migration including from the south to the west. Have found it invaluable. >Agnes Cloninger.

Suject: Film 057052 - Cramer List - Part 3
Date: 6 Nov 97

This is a message I came across. I don't know if this will help anyone. There is an EDELMANN near the bottom of the message. Glenn Ray

Wuerttemberg Parish Records HESBACH STUTTGART VAIHINGEN(This film is stamped WHOLE VOLUME ILLEGIBLE)



Ruhlin, Gg.
Edelmann, M.Marg.

This message shows that in 1746 Mr. Ruhlin married Miss Edelmann. Vaihingen is a suburb of Stuttgart now, I passed thru Vaihingen a several times every week during 1957. I did not know Edeleman lived in Stuttgart at that time. To save space I deleted the other bridal pairs. Harold Eddleman, Editor

Move this to a better place: it is from rootsweb.


by Myra Vanderpool Gormley, CG <> <>

Biographies and church histories about colonial ministers, while often of interest to genealogists, seldom provide information about the average people of their congregations. However, the diary of Johann Gottfried ARENDS is an exception, for in it are recorded his business dealings, which reveal the names of a great many Germans who have not previously been identified because their names appear nowhere else. Additionally, he recorded marriages he performed and confirmations, providing the names of the children who were taking their first communion.

The original pages of the diary and account book were unbound. "They just turned up here and there, in remarkably good condition in the early 1990s," says Jo White Linn.

Arends was a pioneer teacher, preacher and Revolutionary War Patriot who died in Lincoln County, North Carolina in 1807, worn, weary, and blind. He had arrived in Charleston, South Carolina in 1773 at age 32, and settled in the southern part of Rowan County, North Carolina, teaching for two years, then entering the ministry. For a decade he served as itinerant minister in the vast area that today includes the counties of Rowan, Cabarrus, Davie, Iredell, Catawba, Lincoln, Davidson, Guilford, and Stokes.

Arends was the founder of the North Carolina Synod and served as its first president. In 1776 he married Hannah RUTSENSELL (also spelled RUDISILL). He served his congregation at Organ Church in southern Rowan County during the American Revolution. In 1785 Pastor Arends removed to Lincoln County, North Carolina and became the founder of the Lutheran Church in the territory west of the Catawba River and was that county's first resident minister.

Linn published this diary recently with annotated transcriptions. While the DIARY covers the period 1775-1807, the annotations encompass a wider time frame. Effort was made to identify as many of the people mentioned therein as could reasonably be done. If you have German ancestors in this area of North Carolina, you will want this jewel of a book. The annotations are worth their weight in gold.

DIARY OF JOHANN GOTTFRIED ARENDS (1740-1807): ANNOTATED TRANSCRIPTION, by Jo White Linn (6x9, hardcover, 168 pages, complete name and topic index) is available ($27.50 postpaid) from the author, P.O. Box 1948, Salisbury, NC 28145-1948.

Re: Re: Trautmann Family origins (, 08/22/99 16:32) To: Indbio

Thanks. I've been swamped also. EGT

------------------ Reply Separator -------------------- Originally From: "Harold Eddleman Ph.D" <> Subject: Re: Trautmann Family origins Date: 08/20/1999 09:21am wrote: > > Thanks for your reply. Give me a mailing address > and I will send some copies for you to digest. My ancestors in > Jefferson County were Rachel Chenoweth and Kenner Seaton. Rachel was > a sister to Richard Chenoweth, a founder of Corn Island/Bear > Creek/Louisville, and she was involved in the Chenoweth Massacre. > Rachel and Kenner are buried in the Chenoweth Cemetery on/near Floyd's > Fork where Seatonville is/was, now (or last I knew) the Seatonville > Horse Farm. I would like to know more about your Seaton friend. > Regards. > > ------------------ Reply Separator -------------------- > Originally From: "Harold Eddleman Ph.D" <> > Subject: Re: Trautmann Family origins > Date: 05/30/1999 03:10am > > wrote: > > > > Thanks for your reply. Trautmann is an old "German" name. > > Pre-Revolutionary Trautmann immigrants came from Zweibrucken, > My most likely ancestors came from Zweibrücken 1733 Hanss David > Edelmann of Steinseltz. Edelmann in that area go back to 1600 records. > My first view of Germany was Zweibrücken which was also David's last > view of his Heimat. > > > Dutch country. I have papers from 1780-1830's I would like > > translated. Any ideas? > I pased my German Language requirement for the Ph.D. in 1962. For > the > last year, I have studied German nearly every day. > I suppose your papers are in an old german hand that I can't read, > but > I would like to give it a try. My goal is to learn to read old German > scripts--but it depends greatly upon the writer and the subject matter > as church records followed a standard format sometimes. Some priests > wrote in a Latin hand that is close to present day. > > Regards. PS My Chenoweth/Seaton ancestors > Chenoweth is a name one hears in Louisville. Seaton was my best > friend > in first 5 grades of school. > Some day I hope to order some films of Alsass church records. > > were early settlers in Louisville/Jefferson Co, Ky. No connection > to > > Troutman until my parents married. Do you have roots in Jefferson > Co? > > > > -- > > Harold Eddleman Ph.D. Microbiologist. >

My address is Harold Eddleman, 14045 Huff St, Palmyra IN 47164-8872

I am not sure whether I sent my address to you. I was swamped by e-mail at that time. -- Harold Eddleman Ph.D. Microbiologist. Location: Palmyra IN USA; 36 kilometers west of Louisville, Kentucky = Agriculture, science projects and info for amateurs, gardeners, farmers, teachers, kids M Home Science Projects: fun for parent and child, Computer programs <== Simple german for beginners.