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The Historical Maps Room
For Eddleman Geneology
By Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., Palmyra, Indiana, USA

Since the fourth grade, geography has been one of my favorite studies and I really enjoy poring over maps. One of the things I like best about geneology is looking over the maps that my ancestors may have seen and trying to visualize what the land looked like when they saw it. One of my first goals in writing this site was to share some of my favorite old maps with you. Due to copyright questions, I may not be able to do that.

Luckily, I found two sites that have some old maps online and in this room I can legally list links to their maps. They want you to view their maps. I found much of the text on the maps to be unreadable, but my video card is an old one and you may have better luck. These maps give a good overall view, location of Indians, and features important to migration, One needs different scale to see forts and local features.

This room will contain some maps I have drawn of sites important in Eddleman history. Those maps are not ready. The Map Room does contain links to hundreds of online historical maps. Perhaps our Eddleman ancestors had to travel to new unknown lands without maps. Perhaps they sometimes were able to look at a map on a wall. In the Map Room, you can see maps that some people were able to use. Perhaps only Generals and Governors had access to them. This a remarkable collection surpassing anything I had for my early studies of Eddleman. I travelled great distances to see old maps. Now we have access to maps, old and new, online for use at home.

James Ford Bell Library Map Collection

This collection is located at the Unversity of Minnesota. Only a dozen maps are online. When you click on the headline above you get a thumbnail of the 12 maps. Click on the 3 links below and you get the respective maps in full size. Only these three have some interest to Eddleman geneologists. The Atlantic Region (published 1545) shows the Atlantic Ocean, N. and S. America, Europe, and Africa. I am impressed by its accuracy. This map was intended for sailors and was in use 180 years before the first Edelmann came to America. Lake Superior (1672) shows the lake superior region. It was drawn by two priests who drew the areas they had visited. Mississippi River (1681) was drawn 90 years before Eddleman moved into the Mississippi watershed.

The Rare Maps Collection of The Univesity of Georgia

This collection contains many subdivisions. There are maps of America dating back to 1600s, including the first map to use the word America. The maps cover the entire period thru the Civil war. They are very high resolution and you can read most of the place names, but that means most files are 200K or larger. Use the arrow keys to move around the map. While visitors can use the maps for personal work, many of the maps require payment of royalty for commercial use. Therefore, I have not copied any to this site.

Make links to some that I found interesting

As my studies of Eddleman migration routes progresses, I will include a link to the map of interest.

When you are studying this collection, don't overlook the power of the FIND button. For example, I used Carolina as my keyword for FIND and that took me to a dozen maps displaying regions Eddleman lived in beginning about 1765 or earlier. It is fun looking for Abotts Creek, New River, Holston River, Wachovia, Bethany, and other sites mentioned in Eddleman Geneology.

The maps are .jpg files and you may be able to print them on your printer, but I have not tried that yet. Most of the maps are too large for printers and you may need to use Graphics Workshop to crop them to fit the page. I will put the ideas of visitors and my own efforts here. You may want to put the maps you download in a separate directory.

Exact Map of NC, SC, GA with East and West Florida (1800) 165K, Nice map also includes Ohio River, VA. Not a lot of detail, but shows the country at the time many Eddleman were leaving NC for the frontiers of Southwest and Kentucky.

The Theater of War in North America with Roads (1776) 447K. May shows all the British Colonies from East Texas and to Newfoundland. Also gives area of each colony, capitals, mileage charts, lots of text, but text is mostly too small to read. Published in London.

A New and Accurate map of North Carolina in North America

Tiger Map Server of U.S. Census Bureau

I have not used this server very much. I assume it only has current maps used in current census work, but could could try to find maps used in early censuses--I doubt they are there.

Maps Drawn by Harold Eddleman

One of my greatest joys is poring over old maps of the ground where my ancestors lived or travelled. About 1980, I sketched a few maps to help me visualize the location of John Eddleman's neighbors on Little Indian Creek in Indiana.

John Eddleman's Neighbors - (not yet online) I drew a checkerboard with each square being 1/4 of a section (160 acres) and wrote in the date and name of the person buying the land from the U.S. Government. I added Little Indian Creek and the location of the grist mill John built. Land records show the location of the farms where the spouses of his childern grew up. We can piece together some aspects of their lives. The Eddlemans and Burgers were among the first settlers of the township. I know the location of the farms of some of John's childern.

Daniel Eddleman's Farms - (not yet drawn). Daniel lived several places. I want to draw a map of Southern Indiana showing their location with respect to those of John and the Burgers. It is written that Daniel prefered hunting to farming. It is recorded that Daniel Boone and others supported their families by market hunting. Market hunting drove white-tail deer, passenger pigeon, and turkey to extinction. Turkeys and white-tail were reintroduced and now do very well.

If you have old maps or information which will help us visualized Eddleman history, please send me an e-mail.

Maps of Germany and Europe

I once rescued some maps that were being discarded and I have purchased others. Edward Ewbank, son of my sister, has worked in Germany on three occasions and has some more recent maps. From these resources I may be able to install maps of areas where Eddleman lived in Europe.

Geography and History of Regions
Edelmann came from

Perhaps I should make this a separate page could title it Regions Edelman came from. Odenwald

I could make eseparate pages for each region.


It is known that Eddleman have lived in the Odenwald.

Beschreibung: Waldreiches deutsches Mittelgebirge östlich des nördlichen Oberrheinischen Tieflandes, im Katzenbuckel 626 m hoch. Das im Westen mit einem zum Teil 400 m hohen Steilanstieg über dem Oberrheinischen Tiefland aufragende Gebirge dacht sich nach Süden, Südosten und Osten hin ab und wird im Norden durch die Gersprenz und ihre Nebenbäche stärker aufgelöst. Der westliche Teil (Vorderer oder Bergsträßler Odenwald) zeichnet sich durch dichte Zertalung und Kleinkuppigkeit aus, der östlich anschließende Hintere Odenwald ist nur durch tiefe, meist tektonisch vorgezeichnete Taleinschnitte gegliedert. Nördlich von Heidelberg Porphyrsteinbrüche. Die jährlichen Niederschlagsmengen schwanken zwischen 700 und 1100 mm. Im sogenannten Kleinen Odenwald südlich des Neckars sowie im Gebiet der östlichen Ausläufer bestimmen Lößdecken die Bodenfruchtbarkeit (Getreide-Hackfrucht-Bau). Städtische Siedlungen finden sich nur an wenigen Durchgangslinien (z.B. dem Neckartal) und an den Gebirgsrändern (Bergstraße, Baulandrand). Wichtigster Wirtschaftszweig ist heute der Fremdenverkehr. Der größte Teil des Odenwaldes und sein östliches Vorland bilden den Naturpark Bergstraße-Odenwald.

Geschichte: Heute: Siehe Baden-Württemberg und Hessen.

[Zum Anfang des Dokuments]

The material below this line is to being used for reference as I write the map room above.

Edelmann - Eddleman Geneology Data

The Eddleman Index
Bible Records.....Deeds.......Wills...... Estates.......Ship Lists
Biographies.....Historical Maps......Tax Records....Military Records
Links to Eddleman Data in other Sites
Links to General Geneology Sites

I plan to edit all files so speculations and comments are in BLUE COLOR. Authenic, verbatim documents are the goal, but some times comments and speculations are useful. On most browsers, the links are shown with blue underline, but you can set your browser to override document specificatins and display the background and link colors to suit your preferences.

The Catherine Eddleman Room

Thousands of Americans trace their lineage to Catherine Eddleman who homesteaded in Kentucky in 1778. Since my ancestors have always lived within 20 miles of her Indiana home, I am familiar with all the local Eddleman resources from her Indiana farm to her Kentucky homestead. My contributions to this library will focus on Catherine Eddleman's family and the 100 years before the Civil War. The initial goal of this library is to make all that local information available on the web.

The Peter Eddleman Room

Peter Eddleman, Sr., born in Germany in 17--, is head of the best documented Eddleman Family in America. Peter Eddleman, Jr. was his son. More soon as other people send me the facts they have.

Other 18th Century Eddleman Heads of Families

Unless a library user has a better idea, I plan to organize data by the early (1700s) Eddleman families. It seems most Eddleman families arrived in America before the Rev. War.

Eddleman Online Resources

The Eddleman Keywords INDEX is useful for finding persons, events, places, and documents in this site and many other sites. In early development.

The Eddleman Geneology Directory: e-mail addresses, URLs, phone numbers, US Mail adresses of Eddleman researchers. Please add your name. Gives earliest proven ancestor and main geneology interest of each geneologist.

Chronological List of Eddleman Events and History. This gives you some idea of the events affecting Edelmann between 1700 - Civil War. Eddleman family events are included.

Index page for true copies and digests of original Eddleman documents: wills, court actions, bibles, deeds, ship lists, military records, letters, e-mail archives, family traditions. This is the card catalog of The Eddleman Geneology Library, but its development is very slow. Most documents are of the David and Catherine Eddleman family and early Indiana familes. Please send copies of your verbatim records.

Index page for Stories about our European Ancestors. This collection is very meager. To substitute for the stories of our unknown ancesters, I will write about historical events and living conditions which would have affected the lives of any Edelmann living then. Possible origins of Edelmann name.

Index page for Stories About the Catherine Eddleman Family in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana. Your non-Eddleman ancestors may have travelled the same routes and had similar experiences. The meager 1700 Edelmann data is supplemented with historical data and discussion of likely routes and occupations.

Index page for Stories of other Eddleman Families Worldwide. This collection will give stories of other Eddleman/Edelmann familes in America. There are currently 200 Eddleman phone numbers from NC to TX and I know of no relationship between those families and the Catherine Eddleman tribe. The library seeks stories about those families. So far, I have only found Edelmann in Europe and America. The library welcomes stories about any Edelmann on other continents.

The Eddleman Workshop is a series of pages dedicated to studying unproven linkages of Eddleman families and other vexing problems such as "Are any of the Eddlemans of 1770s in North Carolina related". Please send your ideas and questions. There is speculation that Catherine's husband was David Eddleman if you have any information on David, please e-mail this workshop. Are all Eddleman descended from one original (Adam and Eve) Edelmann Paar? Where was this Garten von Edelmann? This workshop might become the most important part of this library.

The Eddleman Data Base compiled by Glenn Ray Eddleman, my son, has the largest collection of Eddleman family trees in the world. Many Eddleman geneologists have contributed data to make this database so complete. Yet it covers less than 15% of the Eddlemans of the world and he welcomes your proven data. Contact Glenn for the easiest method for getting your data installed.

The Eddleman Discussion Group (Free) was organized by Glenn Ray Eddleman. You are invited to join this e-mail discussion group and share your data or learn what others have found. This is an easy way to become acquainted with Eddleman around the world and their data. In early August, 20 Eddleman reseachers were members of the group. Click above for information on Joining. Click here to mail a letter to the list. Shortly after you click send every member of the group will get a copy of your message. I like to start each message with: Dear Eddleman-L so that everyone knows the letter went to everyone even when rootsweb leaves off the To: as they have on every message I got via Eddleman-L.

MESSEAR (Free) (MESsage SEARch) is a very useful service conceived and programmed by Glenn Ray Eddleman. It is not limited to Eddleman. You simply type in any surname(s) of interest to you. Glenn has subscribed to a hundred geneology discussion groups around the world and 500 to 1000 geneology messages arrive at his computer every day. Each message is automatically compared to every name in your list. If a match is found, that portion of the message with the original header is sent to your email address. This is geneology research made easy. You never miss a message, but you don't have to read 500 single-spaced pages every day. However, you may have to learn Porteguese or Yiddish to understand all the messages. So far all messages have been in English, but many foreign news groups are being searched each day.

An Eddleman Family Record to be delivered by US Mail has been proposed by William Eddleman of Missouri to aid Eddleman researchers who do not have access to the Web. He thinks it might be possible for $5 per year if enough people subscribe. He welcomes your comments. His Uncle Riley Eddleman, late of St. Louis, published a book of Eddleman data. During the summer of 1997 he is working on the following topics for such a newsletter. 1) Estate settlements of Peter Eddleman,Sr and Peter Eddleman, Jr 2) Sorting out NC Eddleman 3) Eddleman on the Internet 4) Death records of KY Eddleman 5) Civil War List of Eddleman from Illinois 6) Eddleman Queries

General Geneology Resources this short linked list contains Glenn Eddleman's favorite online sources from his 10 years of online research into 80 surnames.

Mark Hickman's Site is the best known site for data on the Early Eddleman in America. His mother was an Eddleman. Mark is a decendant of Catherine Eddleman's son John.

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