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501 - Info for first time visitors about the organizationfs and background of these European pages.
502 - Tutorials: Old American handwriting, Old German symbols and names; French, umlauts.
503 - European history and maps; see eg907 for Alsace map; other maps planned.
504 - History continued
505 - not ready - Web pages I found of some value in my study of Edelmann in Europe.
506 - Weber's list of Edemann who went to America; add lists by other workers when available.
507 - Odenwald Tour. Air view of the Odenwald tells where Edelman lived. Upload map Nov.
508 - William H. Edddleman' efforts to find Edelman roots in Germany. Begin Weber's document .
509 - Weber: Wentz Edelmann Lineage (1598 - 1800) southeast of Darmstadt
510 - Weber documents continued - list town and family covered by each page.
540 - Veltin Edelmann of Finkenbach/Odenwald ~1525 ==> Peter Edelmann of Surrey NC
5xx - Edelmann from Oberdielbach se of Eberbach studied by Nancy Laurer; see bottom this page.
5xx - Edelmann roots in Switzerland; Many Edelmann and some came to Ameria.
5xx - Edelmann of Rott/Steinstelz (Alsace) came to America but we have no European genealogy

600 - index of the Edelmann immigrants to America
907 - Edelmann from Alsace: Hanss David Edelmann, Filb Jakob Edelmann, Bauser family.
927 - Voyage of Richard and Elizabeth to America in 1733 bringing David Edelmann group.

William H Eddleman, Dorchester MA, hired Dr. Weber to examine church records and archives for Edelmann roots in Europe. Weber found Edelmann near Darmstadt and Beerfelden. All the lineages he found will be entered and indexed via this page. These documents were made available to EGL by Joseph Kenworthy Eddleman. I plan to enter the original German. Ute and John Eddleman, James Groce, and Harold Eddleman will supply translations in Blue and expand many of the abbreviations for easier understanding. One of our goals is to teach you a little German to help you better appreciate your German roots. If you know a score of German words you can understand most of Weber's Stammfolgen.

While in Europe, William H. Eddleman travelled to Wertheim, Odenwald, and Austria. He carried on correspondence with a Pastor Pfrimmer of Cleebourg about Edelmann in Rott/Steinselz (Alsace). We have no record that he found any Edelmann records in Austria or Alsace.

A german noun of interest: Ortssippenbuch [village lineage book]. It would be great if you found this book for a village where your family used to live.

Introduction to Edelmann from Europe

Edelmann have been found as early as 1400. Edelmann has been found in Odenwald, Alsace, south of Munich, Bad Kissingen (60 miles east of Frankfurt), northern Switzerland, and Austria. Today there are Edelmann in Sweden and Finland. The percentage of Edelman families in Benelux is greater than the percentage of Edelmann in Germany, but we have not been able to get any replies from any Edelman in Benelux. Therefore, this web site is limited to the genealogy of persons descending from Edelmann in Europe. Many Edelmann in Pennsylvania began using Edelman as their surname before the Revolutionary War. I strongly encourage Europeans, as well as Americans, to participate in adding data to this website. Please send your data.

Edelman in the Odenwald

This is a region of low mountains 300 feet to 1500 feet lying just north and east of Heidelberg. The late William H. Eddleman (WHE) of Dorchester, Massachuetts, hired Dr. Weber to search for Edelmann who may have emigrated to America. By coincidence, WHE and I both began our serch for Eddleman in the Odenwald in person at Beerfelden (Protestant) Church in March 1957. I microfilmed some Eddleman Records but quit because my family tradiition did not point to the Odenwald.

50x - Notes on Edeleman back to 1400
506 - Wentz Eddleman Lineage - 1490 to 1800 - Darmstadt/Hessen and nearby villages to se
510 - a. Edelmann families in Finkenbach - Veltin Edelmann of Finkenbach (~1525). These family branched to Airlenbach, Gammelsbach, and Rothenberg
520 - b. Edelmann families of Rothenberg had branches to Hainbrun, and Sensbach
530 - c. Edelmann in Ober-Scharbach - 1660 to 1750
d. Edelman around Bensheim - Heppenheim a.d.B 1565, records are 1610 - 1624 2 families, 11 names

5xx - Weber's List of Edelmann from the preceeding pages who emigrated to America; or may have. Half of these have not been found in American records. You can look for them.

Eddleman in the Alsace region

Weber's notes

My findings in journals

Eddleman from Switzerland

Bill Eddleman has many Edelmann names from the northern third of Switzerland, but we do not yet have any evidence that any of these are ancestors of American Eddleman. However, half the population of the Alsace region was wiped out by the Thirty Years War ( - ) and many Swiss families migrated into Alsace and Bavaria after that war. We should try to learn whether the David Edelmann family had roots in Switzerland.

Pioneer Eddleman in America

I plan to cover Edelmann European roots on pages 500-599. Pages 600-799 will cover the heads of the Pioneer Eddleman families in America and follow each of these families up to the Civil War period. However I will omit the Catherine Eddleman clan and cover them on pages 800-899, this clan may extended back to Alsace and maybe Switzerland.

Most Edelmann came to America before the Revolutionary War, but some came after 1800. I plan to start a page for each Edelmann that came to America. This will be a list compiled by everyone interested in Eddleman. Eddleman researchers can then toil on connecting these Edelman Pioneers with Edelemann families back in Europe.

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Appendix - Footnotes and items for future use. for old German handscripts

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Airlenbach PPL 49°35'21"N 8°55'33"E GM05 MV99 NM32-08

Nancy Laurer Wrote us about Edelmann near Neckar River

Subject: Edelmann   Date: 9 Oct 97

My Edelmann info is very sparse. I start with Anna Catharina Edelmann born about 1658 in Obderdielbach. She was the daughter of Conrad Edelmann and Magdalena Schmitz. On June 11, 1678 she married Nikolaus Steck in Neckargerach, Germany. From this point I follow the Steck line (my grandmother was a Steck).

Since my branch of Edelmann's lived in Neckargerach as did my Steck's, it is possible they immigrated to Baltimore around the same time as the Steck family. Actually, I have many different family lines (both mine and my husband's) who lived in the Neckar Valley area of Germany and at some point came to Baltimore.

Last year I completed my first genealogy book focused on the Steck family and their immigration to Baltimore. Currently I am working on the Lauer clan who also have deep roots in the Neckar Valley region of Germany.

For years I spent every Saturday morning at the Maryland Archives; however, several situations have prevented me from continuing these trips. If you send me the particulars you are looking for, I will do what I can on my next trip; but I can't promise when.

I will check out the Edelmann website and probably join the list. In the mean time, please feel free to share what little info I have delineated above.


These notes from Nancy Laurer should be moved to a page indexed at eg500

This is the end of the notes from Nancy Laurer.

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ubject: [BOWSER-L] Swiss Castles Date: 22 Apr 98 13:53:20 -0500 From: To: Indbio

If you think your ancestor was a Buser from Switzerland - and you like castles, you will be interested in these pages. (I copied them from a note in the Switzerland list.)

The middle page shows the countryside of Basel - Baselbieth - now more or less the Kanton Basel-Land, and the location of 11 castles, including Farnsburg. This last looks down upon the village of Buus.

I was not able to down load this image of Baselbieth and the castle locations - but you may be able to do so - or I can send you a copy of the image. André Locher, the page manager sent me a copy and gave me permission to pass a copy on to anyone who might want one. The last named page describes several castles in German. Regards Hal