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Eddleman Resources

This is is the index page for my true copies and digests of authentic original Eddleman Resources. Since I live where Eddleman first settled in Indiana/Kentucky, I am trying to make available on these pages the Eddleman data I have found in the local courthouses, Sons of the American Revolution National Library (Louisville), Filson Club (Louisville), The Kentucky Historical Society and State Museum (Frankfurt), and local Eddleman families. If you have ideas for searches I should make, contact me by e-mail, or US Mail. Fires and the Flood of 1937 destroyed many early records.

Introduction - I have moved the lengthy introduction of this page to another page.

Bible Records:
Page 1 -
John Eddleman (cabinetmaker), Noah Eddleman (Georgetown, IN)

Page 1
- John Eddleman (Probate 1840), wife Mary, and Eddleman Cemetary on their farm

Kentucky Stations - Forts, strong cabins, blockhouses, where Catherine's family was killed?

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