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This is the worldwide directory of every person interested in Edelmann/Eddleman genealogy. It includes all variations such as Eddelman, Edelman, Edleman, Eddlemon, etc. To add your name to this directory, please send your information to this address: indbio@disknet.com . Please correct any errors you find in your entry and update or add to your entry any time you wish. This directory is one of the main ways that online Edelmann make contact with other Edelmann researchers. We want this list to include every Edelmann researcher on planet Earth so that it is easy to exchange info. Your own name need not be Edelmann. Names are listed here only by request. Therefore, you may may feel free to contact these persons as they hereby indicate they welcome mail from other Edelmann researchers. Directory of every Edelmann Web Site  is at the bottom of this page with a description of each.

EP= means earliest proven Edelmann ancestor.
S= means seeking information on ____.
W= contents of this person's website.
If the state code after the person's name is underlined, that is a link to a query or additional information he has provided.

* means this person subscribes to EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com (EDL) (free) and will get a copy of every message you send to EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com

Don't forget to check the Eddleman Database which is operated by Glenn Ray Eddleman and welcomes information about your family. Also check the surname list at rootsweb.com and many other web sites.

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Eddleman Discussion List ........EDDLEMAN-L@rootsweb.com. <== Click here to send message; click here => http://www.netusa1.net/~eddleman/eddleman.htm to subscribe, free. The Eddleman Discussion List (EDL) was created Feb 1997 by Glenn Ray Eddleman for online discussion of all aspects of and all variations of the Edelmann name: Eddleman, Eddelman, Eddlemon, Edelman, etc.
Joe Adams........joeadams@lcc.net ......http://www.lcc.net/~joeadams....EP= Jacob Conrod Edelman (Edelmann) born in Germany 1835 May. He arrived in the USA about 1847. He may have arrived with a brother and sister. He was in NY, then MD and NC before settling in what is now West Virginia. S=Jacob Conrod Edelman.
*Robert Paul Adelmann CA ... email and two web sites. Author of The American Adelmans.
*Rose Challenger...rchallenger@home.com...http://members.home.net/rchallenger/edelmann.htm
EP = Georg Paul Edelmann married August 1, 1620. Son Johannes Paul Edelmann born February 19, 1640 in Hagenau, Germany. S = siblings of Georg Paul Edelmann, etrc. I have Edelmann from Hagenau, Goldscheuer [Kehl], Marlen, Weiblingen, Oberschopfheim, Haslach, and Kittersberg.
*Michael D. Eddelman TX .....w31dale@aol.com......EP= Catherine Eddleman. From Madison, Indiana, lives in Denton TX. Descendant of Daniel, son of Catherine KY1778.
*Chris Eddleman-Buzek.............kwbcm@sssnet.com S= parents of Jefferson Eddleman 1869-1921 and wife Mary ____, 1874-?. She is Editor of the WV Eddleman Time Line page (in preparation) and appreciates any data or ideas. Her query . There is little info.
*David W. Eddleman......deddle@ix.netcom.com.... S= parents of David Eddleman of Lincoln County NC. http://www.uftree.com/UFT/WebPages/DavidEddleman/EDDLEFAM/index.htm
Oberlin, Ohio. David's family tree and other info is on page eg007.htm
*Glenn Ray Eddleman.IN............eddleman @netusa1.net...........http://www.netusa1.net/~eddleman 317-536-2925 computer programmer. PO BOX 121, Summitville, Indiana, 46070-0121, USA
S= linkage between Eddleman families. He welcomes additions to Eddleman Database.
*Harold Lee Eddleman.IN......indbio@disknet.com.....http://www.disknet.com/indiana_biolab 812-364-6739 geneticist. 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164-8872, USA. EP=Catherine EddlemanKY1778. S= husband of Catherine and her sons Daniel.and John.W= early IN/KY/NC
James A. Eddleman.......eddleman@icsi.net I have the Eddleman history and autobiography by David Jones Eddleman ( 1834-1922), grandson of Peter Eddleman Jr., born onboard a ship in 1762. I have a copy of both if you would like one.
*Joseph Kenworthy Eddleman, Jr..SC.....joeeddleman@infoave.net .........EP=Peter Eddleman jr on Alexander & Ann, PA 1720 Sep 5. EGL has a page on this Peter Eddleman. Realtor in Charleston SC. He has the complete set of the William H. Eddleman Collection and is helping get that info into EGL. 2079 Millbrook Ct., Mt. Pleasant SC 29464.
Mike Eddleman........MEddle2243@aol.com ......I'm new to AOL and to geneology but interested in finding my family tree. My father was Harvey Eddleman, his father was Doverd Eddleman . I have a few others that I can upload as soon as I find a good Geneology Program. i'm trying to find some of the Eddleman coat > of > >arms if anyone can help please let me know. also if there any Eddlemans > from > >Alabama in the John Eddleman-David Ras Eddleman-Dovard Giger Eddleman line > >please let me know, I would really like to talk to you.
*Robert W. Eddleman IN....RWEddleman@aol.com.....I am interested in finding information about Peter Eddleman (or Edelmann) and descendants. Originally from Germany via Pennsylvania to NC and settled in Rowan County. Peter>Phillip>Daniel>Jeremiah>Calvin Augustus>Floyd>Robert.
*Stephen G. Eddleman (Steve) TX....eddlemsg@tisd.net....http://www.tisd.net/~eddlemsg
*William Rodney Eddleman.MO.....weddlema@biology.semo.edu...Biology Professor (birds; rails).
Cape Girardeau, MO. He is working on an Eddleman newsletter for Eddleman researchers not online. His late Uncle Dr. Riley Eddleman published a book on Eddleman.
*Nancy J. Edelman OH...njedelman@aol.com ... EP=John Peter Edelman, 1740, Gr Grandfather Forest Edelman wrote Edelman and Allied Families of Northampton county, Easton Liabrary. I am looking for the birth and death dates of John Peter Edelman.
*Roy G. Edelman GA..re850826@edelman-rp.com.....http://www.edelman-rp.com ..
1379 Holly Lane NE, Atlanta, GA 30329. EP=Jacob Conrad Edelmann from Reinrod Germany near Darmstadt arrived in America 18??. Seeking info on sibs of Conrad.
*Trudi Edelman FL...... trudiedelm@aol.com ..... Looking for a John EDELMAN who had a son, Raymond, in Berks County, PA in 1816. Raymond lived in Blair County, PA, where I was born. Editor of the Pennsylvania Time Line .
*John Edelmann OH.........jedelmann@daas.dla.mil. http://www.hcst.net/~edelmann/genealog.html John and his wife Ute are translating the German Church records of Weber to English for this site. His ancestors are from the Bad Kissingen region of Germany.
*Edward L. Ewbank OH.......eewbank@ix.netcom.com...Descendant of Catherine Eddleman KY1778 via her son John; grandson of Claude Eddleman
*Susan Gall NC ..............galls@Juno.com EP=Barbara Eddleman same as James Groce
Lisa Eddleman Green.LA.....llgreen@cp-tel.net.....born TX; family in LA & MS
PO Box 44, Pleasant Hill LA 71065.  29 May 2000: I am searching for any information on a George Eddleman from Arkansas around the 1800's.
*James D. Groce......... groce@bunt.com.....LRMC,CMR 402, BOX 462, APO AE 09180. Lives in Kaiserslautern, Germany, member of Army Medical Group at Landsthul. Has an extensive Eddleman collection. His wife is German and they have visited German sources: Beerfelden church.
*Mark Hickman.IN.....markh@intersource.com..... http://www.intersource.com/~markh/eddleman
Doctoral candidate, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. EP= Catherine Eddleman. via grandson Noah.
*Roger Hickman WA .... email. Plans to spend Sep-Oct 1998 in Heidelberg, Germany, visiting his son who is in the Army. Plans to get pictures of some Edelmann sites in Germany.
*James Jarvis...............jjarvis@folio...I sent him map5.jpg.
*Leah LeCamus...Zenut@worldnet.att.net. EP= Mary Eddleman who lived in NC about 1800.
Http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Plains/2635/index.html . More later
*Marilyn Light.UT..................lighthse@enol.com.........EP= Catherine EddlemanKY1778. S= info on David Eddleman, son of Catherine.
*Jacqui Marcela ................... JMarcela@pacbell.net.........EP=Daniel Eddlemon born abt 1798 in NC, married Nancy Roseberry abt 1821 in TN; lived in Washington Co, AR by 1834, migrated to CA in 1860. Editor of the California Time Line page (in preparation)
Lisa Dale Edelmann McLaughlin..... lisa.mclaughlin@alumni.duke.edu ...... attorney, St. Louis, Missouri, known Edelmann ancestors all from Cincinnati Ohio. EP= Joseph F. Edelmann, born Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio (date unknown); married Emma Dickelmeier; died 1914 at Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio. S= Joseph F. Edelmann.
*Alice McRae................mcrae@linknet.net..........EP=Levinia Eddleman born 1816 NC and married in MS. S= Adam Eddleman, possible father of Levinia. In Nov 97 she wrote saying Peter of Erbach may be her ancestor.
*Madge Norton.WA.............mnorton@visnetinc.com.........EP= Daniel Eddleman via his dau Julia Ann. Madge supplied the marriage bonds available at Daniel Eddleman. New 1998 e-address.
Attonia Edelman Sarch.CA..........MTSar1355@aol.com.......EP=William Franklin Edelman b 13 Feb 1874 and died in 1953. He was an orphan from Johnstown PA. See my Query.
*Don Sparling.....sparling@wolfenet.com..has 450 decendents of Elizabeth Cline, dau of John Eddleman, son of Catherine 1778KY, Electrical Engineer.
*Ken Wardell OH .... ken.wardell@neopc.org ... EP= Elizabeth Edelman b. 1824 in NY raised family in Marion, Ohio.

The E-Mail Addresses of Eddleman Researchers below was compiled by Mark Hickman
we hope they send info for Eddleman Directory. I need Email address, Web page URL, your earliest proven ancestor, what genology info you are seeking, US Mail address, phone number.

List of Eddleman Researchers off the internet compiled by Harold Eddleman

Complete list of all Edelmann Websites in the World

The Eddleman Genealogy Library seeks to list every Edelmann immigrant to America and other countries and the first generation or so in America (up to the civil war in some families). I do not have space for the Eddleman of the late 19th and 20th centuries. We hope you will write a web page(s) of the recent generations of your family and link it back to the generations of Early America and Europe given above. Please send me the URL of your Eddleman Genealogy pages so we can link it here.

Rose Challanger - Her mother came to Canada (1953) from Germany. Rose has traced her family to 1620 in Hagenau, Alsace. At the middle of her page she lists 11 Edelmann living in Hagenau from 1355 to 1650 - these may be ancestors of your Edelmann family.

Claude Eddleman Farm (1939) <= John Eddleman (IN1811) <= Catherine Eddleman (KY1778) This family may be descendants of Hanss Edelman of Rott, but there are two unproven gaps.

Glenn Ray Eddleman <= Harold <= Claude; Glenn traces his ancestory thru 80 surnames. His Eddleman DataBase displays family trees for many unrelated Edelmann families. His timeline shows the eddleman births, marriages, and deaths for each decade.

Stephen G. Eddleman - His family info plus biographies of many Texas Eddleman including the long wonderful autobiography of David Jones Eddleman (1834-1922) of KY, MO, TX

John Edelmann - traces his ancestory via several trips to Germany. He speaks and reads German.

Madeleine Perez Edelman married an Edelman descendant of Elias Edelman, (1811-1896) who had German roots and lived in PA and IL. His German roots are unknown. Her website is new.

Roy G. Edelman - "Edelman(n)Genealogy Project" - primarily for the Edelman(n) Surname (and it's derivative spellings). This web site displays sections on selected branches of the Edelman(n) Genealogy Project Family Tree (Reports). A Surname list can be found by accessing the Report page. There are approximately 13,600 names linked in the master data file (sections of the data file are online, inquiries about other data is often available by simple request). There are 9 generations of Edelman(n)s in the file. I am continually expanding the data file adding any legitimate branch or person that I or my fellow researchers find. ALL the persons listed are related by Blood Line, Marriage or Adoption. There is now a message section and complete site contents listing accessible to all persons accessing the site.

Trudi Edelman - Gives information about her ancestors plus stories of interesting Edelmann families and places in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania Time Line gives all the Edelmann data she has been able to find about Edelmann in PA. Other folks are working on Edelmann Timelines for their states, but Trudi's PA Time Line is the only one on line at present.

Mark Hickman - Mark traces his ancestory via John Eddleman from Catherine Eddleman of KY

There are other Edelmann sites but I do not know the URLs. Please send the URL of your site.

These web sites make a minor mention of Eddleman/Edelmann

Tex Dick site; also his wife had ancestors at Ruddles(?) Station. This link gives 404 error.

It might also be useful to have links to pages of Edelmann neighbors as they might give insight into Eddleman history of the time.

Some sites are mainly geneology of other families, but an Eddleman occurs in their lineage. Some web sites are merely pages for businesses run or founded by Eddleman. Some pages are entirely in a foreign language. Some are personal home pages of Eddleman families, but may have nothing about Eddleman Geneology. Some pages are somewhat fictional but related to Eddleman. Some pages do not mention Eddleman, but give the flavor of conditions Eddlemans lived under in history. Some pages are devoted to the factual history of one Eddleman family years ago. Please send me the URL of your Eddleman Family page so I can link from the list I plan to put here.

Some Geneology Sites

http://www.rootsweb.com they welcome your data
http://ps.superb.net/malec/homepage.htm Debbie Malec pages of Indian Captives; no Eddleman
Draper Manuscripts - I am looking for the URL. Gives names of many KY pioneers. No Eddleman.

USIGS has set up a web site at: http://www.dsenter.com/usigs/ Join this new effort to get geneology information on line. Demonstrate your interest by joining free now. See the press release on this site.

Use the form below to search for anything in Germany. Excellent Search Engine. Some suggestions:


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Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

Suggestions, corrections, and comments are appreciated: Contact Harold Eddleman (indbio@disknet.com).


bject: [EDDLEMAN-L] Ohio Eddleman family Date: 29 Dec 97 23:25:34 -0500 From: indbio@disknet.com To: Indbio

Dear EDL I am sorting old messages tonight. This message came to me long ago, but I do not know if he sent it via EDL. I have occasionally seen Eddlemans in Ohio and Northern Indiana in 1800s, but never knew their origin. Can anyone tell us anything that will give us a place to begin making linkages of the WV, OH, Northern Indiana Eddleman families? The message follows: : edelman list Date: 9 Oct 97 02:13:30 -0500 From: ken.wardell@neopc.org To: Indbio

Harold, I'm following the discussions of the Edelmans but it appears that your branch doesn't coincide with mine. You can put me on your list of researchers. I sent this message once before but will repeat it here just in case. I need help on my Ohio Edelmans. Elizabeth, b.1824, in NY (1850 census), d. 19 Nov 1906 in Powell, OH., married Nelson R. Talley in Prospect, Marion Co., Ohio in 1842. They are buried in Thompson Twp. Cemetery just south of Prospect. In the 1850 census, an Elizabeth, b. c1789, lived with them in Wood Co., OH. She may be her mother. The marriage records of Wood Co. also list these Eddlemans: George, Mary Suzanna, Jacob and James. They may be siblings of Eliza. In the History of Union Co., George and El izabeth (Gaumer) Edelman, natives of PA, are listed as James' parents. The Talleys settled in Delaware Co., OH sometime before 1858. A John M. Edelman. b 1814, and his wife are buried in the Prospect Cemetery. He may have been a brother also. I have searched in many counties in PA and NY and there are plenty of Elizabeths around but I have not found a birth record of my Elizabeth. Ken Wardell, Westlake, OH

--- NorthEast Ohio PC User Group BBS - Internet Domain: neopc.org Cleveland, Ohio (216) 835-5763 - FidoNet Node: 1:157/427 U.S. Robotics Courier V.34+ Modem - Running PCBoard v15.3 -- Harold Eddleman, Ph.D.

Change of Address (re850826@mindspring.com, 04/09/99 21:42) To: Indbio

Dear Dr. Eddleman,

I want to thank you again for the fine job you have done with your Eddleman Genealogy web site.

I have one favor to ask if I might.

I have moved my site to Mindspring and a new hosting service.

A lot of the hits I got before actually originated from your site. If you would please be so kind as to change my online information on your site to help those who are looking for the Edelman(n) line I am researching, I would appreciate it very much.

The new site is http://www.edelman-rp.com The new email is re850826@edelman-rp.com or WebMaster@edelman-rp.com

Again thank you for all you're doing.


RG Edelman http://www.edelman-rp.com re850826@edelman-rp.com

Eddleman Geneology Directory (cliffshaw@prodigy.net, 04/18/99 20:45) To: Indbio

EP. Descendent of Daniel and wife Catherine Eddlemann through their son, Daniel and Sarah Rich Eddlemann. I have original land patent envelope for Daniel and Sarah Eddleman in Madison IN. cliffshaw@prodigy.net

Re: Eddleman Geneology Directory (indbio@disknet.com, 04/18/99 21:04) To: Indbio


Icliffshaw@prodigy.net wrote: > > EP. Descendent of Daniel and wife Catherine Eddlemann through their son, Daniel and Sarah Rich Eddlemann. I have original land patent envelope for Daniel and Sarah Eddleman in Madison IN. cliffshaw@prodigy.net I will try to get you entered in Directory very soon. Do you have any informtion about the Eddleman family in KY 1778 to 1783 era? do you have an family traditions for any time prior to 1791? I need to get busy on the Indiana Eddlemans I have spent 47 years look at the pre-Indiana days. -- Harold Eddleman Ph.D. Microbiologist. mailto:indbio@disknet.com Location: Palmyra IN USA; 36 kilometers west of Louisville, Kentucky http://www.disknet.com/indiana_biolab = Agriculture, science projects and info for amateurs, gardeners, farmers, teachers, kids http://wwbbs.otherside.com/PUBLIC/HOMEPAGE/haroldeddleman_303/INDEX.HTM Home Science Projects: fun for parent and child, Computer programs http://ibl.webjump.com/ger.htm <== Simple german for beginners.

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RE: Eddleman Geneology (cliffshaw@prodigy.net, 04/18/99 22:31) To: Indbio


I donot have information on the 1778 to 1783 era. I have a copy of a family tree (drawn like a branching tree) that was probably done after the 1880's. Probably passed down or recalled by Isabella Eddleman.

The Eddleman side of the family started with Daniel (with a caption captured by Indians, grew to manhood with them. Lived to be over 120. ) Lived to 120 is incorrect because he died at the home of Amos Eddleman after the 1860 IN Jefferson County Smyrma Federal Census and his age was listed at 90 born KY. He married in Bourbon County KY to Sarah Rich, daughter of Isiah Rich. The 1850 IN Census listed him as 75 born KY. So he probably was born between 1770 and 1775 KY. That would put Catherine and Daniel in or near KY in part of the time frame that you asked about.

I have census records for Daniel Eddleman: My Daniel married Apr 1798 Bourbon Co. KY to Sarah Rich.

1800 KY Bourbon Millerburgh Twp. males 4-0-0-1/females 2-1-0-1. Oldest 26 to 45 years (need to check this record?) 1810 KY Bourbon. males 3-0-0-1-0 /females 1-1-0-1-0 Oldest 26 to 45 years 1820 IN Jefferson males 2-1-1-2-2-0 /females 1-1-0-1-0 Oldest 26 to 45 years by 1840 they moved to Decateur County IN and Daniel born 1770/5 KY moved to Jefferson County IN in 1850's after the death of his wife.

Back to the family tree--Leonardis Cushman, Amos Eddleman's daughter Isabella Eddleman, married John Cushman, son of Leonardis Cushman. After Leonardis's name is a caption (Lost in California Gold Rush 1849.) I found Leonardis in Nevada County CA, near the famous Sutter's gold strike listed as a miner for 30 years. He never did come home and he never remarried. So I feel that both of the captions for Daniel and Leonardis were passed down through family traditions.

Betty Shaw Cliff Shaw