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Eddleman Geneology INDEX
By Harold Eddleman, Ph.D., Palmyra, Indiana, USA

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Adam Monroe Eddleman life long native of Indiana, Farm IN, Civil War, 18th Regt IN,
Catherine Eddleman 1778 KY, 1811 IN, 1770s NC, T
Daniel Eddleman carried away by Indians, Farm IN,
David Eddleman. 1736 PA, 1770s NC, 1778 KY, unproven
Eddleman Bibles: John IN,
Eddleman Deeds:
The Eddleman Database - Glenn Ray Eddleman's Family Trees and Timeline
Eddleman Discussion Group (Free) - Organized by Glenn Ray Eddleman. Enroll now by e-mail.
Eddleman Ships:
Eddleman Family Trees: Glenn Ray Eddleman's Eddleman Database
Eddleman WWW sites: Glenn, Harold, Mark,
Eddleman Wills and Estates:
Eddleman Family Newsletter proposed by William Eddleman of Missouri.
Eddleman Geneology Directory: e-mail addresses, URLs, phone, US Mail. Add your name
Eddleman Land Patents: John 1811, Daniel 1811, Catherine IN, Catherine KY,
Family Traditions (geneological):
Francis Marion Eddleman lived in Indiana entire life, Farm IN, Civil War, 18th Regt IN,
James Eddleman Milltown IN,
John Eddleman Mill IN, Youth KY, Birth NC,
Eddleman Mill on Little Indian Creek IN,
Europe Eddleman: Austria, Odenwald, Munich, Switzerland,
Geneology Resources linked list of Glenn Ray Eddleman's favorite geneology resources
Indian Raids: NC, KY,
Kentucky Eddleman: Catherine, Peter, Aaron,
Kentucky Historical Society
Linkages: Possible,
Mark Hickman's Site is the best known site for data on Early Eddleman in America.
Messear (Free) - Message Search - any family name - most geneology discussion groups.
Pennsylvania Eddleman
Ruddell's StationKY
Variations of spelling: Edelmann, Eddelman, Eddleman, Edlemon, Edelman, Eiddleman,

My earliest proven ancestor is Catherine Eddleman who received land just east of Lexington, Kentucky, for homesteading on it in 1778. My proven lineage is Catherine Eddleman ==> John Eddleman ==> James Eddleman ==> Marion Eddleman ==> Claude Eddleman ==> Harold Lee Eddleman (author of this website) ==> Glenn Ray Eddleman.

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