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The Catherine Eddleman Room - NC?? ==> KY (1778) ==> Indiana(1811)
Other Edelmann Families in Colonial America - Peter, Philip, David, Georg, others
European Heritage Room - European Edelmann lineages, maps, biographic, and historical data
The Historical Maps Room - links to maps related to Eddleman genealogy in USA
Eddleman Keywords INDEX - Keywords linked to web pages
Eddleman Genealogy Directory - Eddleman Genealogists currently online
Eddleman Timelines for several States. CA  PA  
Websites by Edelmann ==> Glenn  Mark  Stephen  j  j  XX
Chronological List of Eddleman Events and History - an Eddleman timeline
Eddleman Workshops - Here we ponder the puzzling aspects of Eddleman genealogy
Eddleman Queries - Post your Eddleman problems here for assistance by others
The Eddleman Data Base - Eddleman family trees
Eddleman Discussion Group (Free) - join if you work on Eddleman Genealogy
MESSEAR (Free) - This service searches newsgroups for mention of surnames of interest to you
Eddleman Family Record - U.S. Mail newsletter for Eddleman genealogists not online
General Geneology Resources - Glenn Eddleman's favorite online sources
The Eddleman Family - Mark Hickman's highly acclaimed Eddleman genealogy site
Eddleman Genealogists who helped most of us get started in the 1950s to 1970s.

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eg.htm - You are on this page now. My site does not have subdirectories. A quick way to jump to any page of Eddleman Genealogy Library is to insert the page number into the URL which your browser is now showing at the top of this page. Or just click the desired link.

100 - Index page to Bible, deeds, wills, and other verbatim Eddleman documents.
450 - Index to the discovery, settlement, wars, early migration routes that shaped Eddleman history
500 - European records of Edelmann families in Alsace, Odenwald, and other countries
600 - Index to Pioneer Edelmann families in America including those having no childern
800 - Index to the Catherine Eddleman family => Current Eddleman and Eddelman families.
900 - Index to Eddleman Genealogy Workshops
999 - Index to Edelmann/Eddleman queries
farms260.htm - Harold's family history traced via his father's farm in Crawford County, Indiana, from Catherine Eddleman ==> 1939 ==> present. Please write a similar history of your family and we will link to it from Eddleman Genealogy Library.

Complete list of other Eddleman websites - not ready

The Verbose Index to Eddleman Genealogy Library

This is a growing online library of authentic international Eddleman/Edelmann documents and trial biographies. The documents mainly cover 1400 to the American Civil War. If all Eddleman work together to build accurate lineages of all Eddleman to the Civil War, then anyone interested in Eddleman genealogy may be able to connect his family to this data. A score of Eddleman researchers have contributed data to this library. Please put copies of your Eddleman data and biographies in this library.

Bookmark this page because it is the main index page. The library materials are generally only available online because I do not have time for copying and mailing items. In additional to genealogy data the library seeks to provide information about the times in which our ancestors lived. First time visitors should read the introductory information formerly located on this page.

I plan to edit all files so speculations and comments are in BLUE COLOR. Authentic, verbatim documents are the goal, but often comments and speculations are useful. If you want to print any documents the blue color may not print. If they do not print, try highlighting the entire page and change color to black by clicking on the color square of Netscape. Netscape 3.01 Gold was used to write these pages.

The Catherine Eddleman Room

Thousands of Americans trace their lineage to Catherine Eddleman who homesteaded in Kentucky in 1778. Since my ancestors have always lived within 20 miles of her Indiana home, I have access to all the local records relating to her Indiana farm and her Kentucky homestead. The primary focus of the Eddleman Genealogy Library will be to place all this local Kentucky - Indiana information online in verbatim form. This data covers 1778 to just after the Civil War when a large portion of her great-grandchildern joined the great migration to the newly opened western states. It seems Eddleman have never been able to resist farming the virgin soils at the frontiers of our nation.

My earliest proven ancestor is Catherine Eddleman who received land just east of Lexington, Kentucky, for homesteading on it in 1778. My documented lineage is Catherine Eddleman ==> John Eddleman (farmer and miller) ==> James Eddleman (farmer) ==> Francis Marion Eddleman (Civil War soldier) ==> Claude Eddleman (tradesman and farmer) ==> Harold Lee Eddleman (author of this website) ==> Glenn Ray Eddleman (author of The Eddleman Data Base).

Catherine's husband may have been David Edelmann, son of Jakob. Jakob may have been the son of David Edelmann of Steinselz-Rott-Cleeberg (Alsace). This David's family may have come from Canton Basel or St. Gallen area of Switzerland (only a guess). If all this is true, my lineage would be: an unknown Edelmann Family in the northern third of Switzerland ==> David Edelmann of Steinselz-Rott (brought his family to Pennsylvania, British Colony, 1773) ==> Filb (Phillip) Jakob Edelmann (Maryland Colony 1750) ==> David Edelmann (North Carolina Colony (1765); husband of Catherine Eddleman (KY 1778, IN 1811)) ==> John Eddleman (sawmill west of New Albany IN) ==> James Eddleman ==> Francis Marion Eddleman ==> Claude Eddleman ==> Harold Lee Eddleman ==> Glenn Ray Eddleman. The circumstantial data for this 10-generation lineage are good enough to warrant further study.

See index page for Stories About the Catherine Eddleman Family in North Carolina, Kentucky, and Indiana. Your non-Eddleman ancestors may have travelled the same routes and had similar experiences. The meager 1700 Edelmann data will be supplemented with historical data and discussion of likely routes and occupations. The lives of Catherine and her two sons are fairly well documented by tax, census, land, and court records, but their spouses are unknown. The Flood of 1937 destroyed many tax records of her grandchildern in Indiana, but deeds and estate settlements are intact in the Floyd County and Harrison County courthouses.

Other Edelmann Families in Colonial America

The details of the lives of many Pioneer Eddleman families are being collected via the Eddleman Discussion List. We are attemptting to reconstruct their lives, including the voyage to America, migration routes and everyday activities. Most Eddleman families arrived in America before the American Revolution, but we plan to write about all Edelmann imigrants. William H. Eddleman believed Old Northampton County of Pennsylvania had 5 unrelated Eddleman families. EGL needs your information about all Colonial Edelman families. There are 200 Eddleman phone numbers from NC to TX, but we don't know how they are related to the Colonial Edelmann. The library seeks stories about those families. The library welcomes stories about any Edelmann in other countries.

European Heritage Room

Index page for stories about our European Edelmann. Joseph Kenworthy Eddleman has supplied dozens of pages of German Edelmann lineages by Dr. Weber, a professional German genealogist, and by the late William H. Eddleman of Dorchester, Massachusetts. Some of these Edelmann lived southeast of Darmstadt, but most of them lived in the mountain valleys between Eberbach and Michelstadt/Erbach. I hope to get all this data online during 1998. Some of these Edelmann families go back to 1590. Weber found one Edelmann mentioned in 1400. Some of them held positions of importance. Fires and wars have destroyed all records of some families. Dr. Weber prepared a list of 24 Edelmann who came, or may have come, to America. EGL contains maps of the areas in Europe where Edeleman came from. I plan to write about historical events and living conditions which affected the lives of these Edelmann. If you enjoy history, please help me write these pages.

The Historical Maps Room

This room will contain some maps I have drawn of sites important in Eddleman history (those maps are not web-ready). The Map Room does contain links to dozens of online historical maps (work in progress). Perhaps our Eddleman ancestors had to travel to new unknown lands without maps. Perhaps they sometimes saw one of these maps on a wall. Our family tradition holds that the family records were in a geography book which was lost coming over the mountains to Kentucky. In the Map Room, we will try to show you the maps they may have seen or used. Perhaps only generals and governors had access to these maps. This remarkable collection surpasses anything I had for my early studies of Eddleman. Glenn and I travelled great distances to see old maps. Now we can use these at home. The Map Room will also contain geography and historical information. My current plan is to list European maps in the pages devoted to the regions where Edelmann lived from 1400 to 1800. I will include the software I use for switching from map to map very quickly.

Other Features of this Library

The Eddleman Keywords Index is useful for finding persons, events, places, and documents in this site and other sites. In early development.

The Eddleman Geneology Directory: e-mail addresses, URLs, phone numbers, US Mail addresses of Eddleman researchers. Please add your name. Gives earliest proven ancestor and main genealogy interest of each genealogist.

Chronological List of Eddleman Events and History. Covers some world events between the Middle Ages and the Civil War which affected Eddleman migrations in Europe and America.

Index page for true copies and digests of original Eddleman documents: wills, court actions, bibles, deeds, ship lists, military records, letters, e-mail archives, family traditions. This index is the card catalog of The Eddleman Geneology Library, but its development is going very slowly. Please send copies of your verbatim records. I have entered about 20% of the documents on hand.

The index for the Eddleman Genealogy Workshops shows the topics for a series of pages dedicated to studying unproven linkages of Eddleman families and other vexing problems, such as, "Which of the Eddleman of 1770s in North Carolina are related". Please send your ideas and questions. There is speculation that Catherine's husband was David Eddleman if you have any information on David, please e-mail this workshop. Are all Eddleman descended from one original (Adam and Eve) Edelmann Paar? Where was this Garten zu Edelmann? What are the variations of our surname? These workshops have become the most important part of EGL.

There is an index for Eddleman Queries where we archive the queries received by EGL. You are asked to help these people and send your queries.

Eddleman Genealogists who helped me get started in the 1950s and 1970s. This page gives a short biography of several Eddleman genealogists. Since Mark Hickman and I frequently credit our data to these people, I wrote this page so you could know more about them.

Genealogy Links which contributed useful information to Harold Eddleman as he wrote pages of this library. (not ready)

Eddleman Resources on Other Internet Sites

The Eddleman Data Base compiled by Glenn Ray Eddleman, my son, has the largest collection of Eddleman family trees in the world. Many Eddleman genealogists have contributed data to make this database so complete. Yet it covers less than 5% of the Eddleman of the world and he welcomes your proven data. Contact Glenn for the easiest method for getting your data installed.

The Eddleman Discussion Group (Free) was organized by Glenn Ray Eddleman. You are invited to join this e-mail discussion group and share your data and learn what others have found. This is an easy way to become acquainted with Eddleman researchers around the world and their data. About 30 Eddleman reseachers have joined the group. Click above for information on joining. Click here to mail a letter to the subscribers of the list. You do not have to be a subscriber to send a message. Usually every member of the group will get a copy of your message within 65 seconds after you send it. I like to start each message with "Dear EDDLEMAN-L cousins" so that everyone knows the letter went to the entire list. My ISP messes up the "from: line" so that most messages look like private e-mail. Eddleman research will benefit if you send all your e-mail about Eddleman to EDL and a cc: to the addressee if you are not sure he is a member of EDDLEMAN-L. If your are reading this page, you should subscribe to EDDLEMAN-L. All the old messages from EDDLEMAN-L are archived at with search capability. At the prompt type in EDDLEMAN-L then click SUBMIT. When the query page appears, type in your query using the examples on the page.

MESSEAR (Free) (MESsage SEARch) is a very useful service conceived and programmed by Glenn Ray Eddleman. It is not limited to Eddleman. You simply type in any surname(s) of interest to you. Glenn has subscribed to a hundred geneology discussion groups around the world and 500 to 1000 geneology messages arrive at his computer every day. Each message is automatically compared for exact match to every name in your list. If a match is found, that portion of the message and the original header is sent to your email address. This is geneology research made easy. You never miss a message, but you don't have to read 500 single-spaced pages every day. However, you may have to learn Porteguese or Yiddish to understand all the messages. So far all messages have been in English, but many foreign news groups are being searched. This is a popular service; on 1997 Sep 2, MESSEAR had 215 new subscribers over one weekend.

An Eddleman Family Record, to be archived in EGL and delivered by US Mail, is planned by William Eddleman of Missouri to aid Eddleman researchers who do not have access to the Web. He plans 3 or 4 issues per year for a $5 donation to cover copying and postage. He welcomes your comments. His Uncle Riley Eddleman, late of St. Louis, published a book of Eddleman data. Bill expects the first issue of Eddleman Family Record to contain. 1) Estate settlements of Peter Eddleman, Sr and Peter Eddleman, Jr 2) Sorting out NC Eddleman 3) Eddleman on the Internet 4) Death records of KY Eddleman 5) Civil War List of Eddleman from Illinois 6) Eddleman Queries. During the summer of 1997, he spent 2 weeks on Eddleman study in NC and TN. During April 1998, he plans to visit the Maryland Archives seeking records to connect the Edelmann of PA with those in NC (1760-1800).

General Geneology Resources this short linked list contains Glenn Eddleman's favorite online sources from his 10 years of online research into 80 surnames.

The Eddleman Family by Mark Hickman was the first web site devoted to Eddleman genealogy and continues to be the most visited. Mark's mother was an Eddleman. Mark is a descendant of Catherine Eddleman's son John and her grandson Noah. Mark's use of old family photographs as sepia-color backgrounds for his pages is one of the attractive features of his site.

????? by _______ traces her family back to Elias Eddleman (1811-1996) in PA => IL => CA Her Edelmann immigrant is not known.

XXXX Rose Challanger's site (Canada) will move soon. More info after the move.

Stephen's Site will go here.

Recent Updates to The Eddleman Geneology Libarary

1997 June 1 - I wrote the first page of EGL.

1997 July 10 - Additions to the Catherine Eddleman Family stories 1770NC to 1811KY .

1997 September 15 - Began German Edelmann of the Odenwald much Germany data remains.

1998 Feb - Began story of the family of Anna Elizabeth (Edelmann) Bausser (Bowser), dau of David Edelmannn of Rott.

1998 March - added PA Time Line written by Trudi Edelman, native of PA.

Why I began Eddleman Genealogy Library

A few years after I began exchanging information with other Eddleman, I began to realize how easily a hypothesis becomes accepted as fact after it is passed via a series of people. Also a simple query often requires one to write several pages of background so that the query can be understood. When local internet service came to my county, I realized a library of Eddleman data would help overcome both of these problems. The present goals of EDL owe much to the encouragement and data provided by Joe Eddleman and Bill Eddleman.

My goal is to get all Eddleman documents such as court, land, and bible records online where everyone can see them and point out errors. Thus errors of transcription are eliminated. Therefore, THIS SITE WILL CONCENTRATE ON QUOTING WRITTEN RECORDS WITH EACH SOURCE CITED. It will take years to get all the citations in place. We will also place family traditions online so other families can point out differences in traditions in hopes that a greater truth will emerge.

The Eddleman of the United States

The 1990 Census of the United States listed 88,000 Eddleman. Click here for a map showing the number of Eddleman per state (not ready). The phone pages of list 350 Eddleman in the USA. Sixty percent of these Eddleman live in the region from mid-North Carolina to the middle of Texas. Very few Eddleman from that region have sent data to EGL. I always knew Texans were proud of their state. Now I know why: Texas has the highest percentage of Eddleman of all the states according to the 1990 Census.

Stephen Eddleman has compiled a list of 80 Edelmann e-addressses.

You can Assist this Eddleman Project

Please send an e-mail now giving a short summary of the Eddleman geneology that you know. With information from others that might point to new avenues of research. Please do this within 30 days, as that will help get things moving. You may add more details later. Clearly label, as unproven, the uncertain items. Unproven family traditions may be very useful.

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Historical sites in Indiana:

Alsace Emigration Book, (1817-1870)  Compiled by C. Schrader- Muggenthaler 1989-1991, Publ. by Apollo, PA USA, ISBN 1558560351 this URL is a list of early Kentucky place names compiled by the KY Historical Society. move this to page eg490.htm

ROOTSWEB LIST FINDER. If you are having trouble finding a surname or lineage mailing list, visit the RootsWeb List Finder at: <>. Type in a surname and this new tool will tell you about any related surname lists on RootsWeb. It makes your searching easier by using Soundex matching to find similar-sounding names.

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