700 - Bird Migrations

Notes on bird migrations; especially in Southern Indiana

Spring and fall migrations are interesting to study, but they also offer you the opportunity to see birds which do not nest in your area. This page includes notes from many friends and birding mail lists. I would like to link to your bird pages or enter your notes here.

Links on Bird Migrations

15 Critical Bird Areas Most Threatened by Climate Change
Chart showing a map, migration routes and birds.

Administrative Waterfowl Flyways
Map of the different waterfowl flyways in the United States.

Birding Spectacles
Click on the season to for locations where the concentration of birds will be large enough to capture the imagination of even non-birders.

Bird Migration
Myriads of birds migrate over Lithuania through the East Atlantic migration flyway.

Calendar of Bird Activity
For birders in the eastern U.S., a month-to-month summary of what birds will be doing.

Eating on the Run
For songbirds, migration not only means getting where they're going, it also means finding the right food and lodging along the way.

Facts & Figures
Interesting information about Bewick's Swans and their migration. From the BBC.

Have Wings, Will Travel: Avian Adaptations to Migration
Great article from the Smithsonian Institute with facts about migration.

Hawks Migration in Shinshu
From Japan, photos and data about the migration of hawks.

All about bird migration and navigation.

The Importance of Migratory Stopovers
Migrating birds need these critical stopover locations in the same way we take stops during long trips. From the Chipper Woods Bird Observatory.

Journey North
Follow hummers, loons, oriole, whooping cranes, monarch butterflies - even whales as they migrate with the seasons. A must see site!

Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries
Studies show that 500 million birds cross Israel twice yearly during migration.

Migration Maps for Some North American Neotropical Migrants
Maps of fall and spring migrations for 48 species.

Migration of Birds
Great info for the beginning birder to the more experienced.

The Migratory Behavior of the Monarch Butterfly
Find out some interesting facts from this article.

The Migration of the Monarch Butterfly
Texas Parks & Wildlife has this nice article with pictures of the migration through Texas.

Migration Over the Gulf
Louisana State University's Museum of Natural Science is conducting a fascinating migration study using the oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Migration Status in Texas
Information about the Spring 1997 migration.

Migration: Your Questions Answered
Bird migration, a mysterious phenomenon.

The Migratory Behavior of the Monarch Butterfly
Find out some interesting facts from this article.

Moving Day
Why birds migrate.

The Mystery of Bird Migration
From your Mining Co. Guide. Why do birds migrate? How do they know where to go? How high do they fly?

Operation Migration
This group is working very hard to help a variety of different birds.

Redeye to Peru
Follow a migrating Scarlet Tanager during its migration south.

Play the Migration Game
Pick a bird, fat level, stopover habitat, then see if you live or die.

Shorebird Migration Pages
Sandpiper and Plover migration through the lower 48 states.

Spring Migration Guide
Spring migration of water birds through Nebraska is unmatched by any other place in North America. At least this is the opinion of Nebraskans.

Sun Sheds Light on Butterfly Migration Mystery
Maybe an answer to how monarchs migrate 2,500 miles to a place they have never been.

Threat From Global Warming
What will affect migration?

Watching Migration Hawks
Each fall, hundreds of thousands of raptors move to their wintering grounds, some as far away as southern South America. From Chipper Woods Bird Observatory.

Wild Wings Heading North!
Pick your favorite goose and track it's progress as it actually migrates northwards.

Wonder of Bird Migration
Introduction to migration.

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