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Bird Notes of Palmyra, Indiana

This page lists assorted observations of Harold Eddleman and his friends of birds in and near Palmyra, Indiana, USA.

Feeding Birds

Suet Feeding

1997 April 19 - We saw the following eating suet: yellow bellied sapsucker, Carolina wren, Downy woodpecker. During recent days we have also seen Blue Jays, Flicker, and nuthatches eating suet.

Bird Observations

Cowbirds, 1997 April 21
Cowbirds are common in much of North American Plains. It is said they followed the Buffalo herds and had no time to rear their young because they had to move on with the buffalo. Whatever the reason, they build no nests. Instead they lay their eggs in the nests of other birds, the eggs hatch quickly and the young cowbirds push the rightful owners of the nest out so they get all the food rom the foster parents. ADD DETAILS OF TODAYS OBSERVATIONS OF 2 FEMALES AND A MALE SEARCHING FOR THE NEST OF A CAROLINA WREN. //Song Sparrow feeding a cowbird fledgling 3 times its sice.

Pied-bill Grebe
There is large low field just south of Indiana Biolab. It sometimes holds water much of the summer. In 1996, a pair of pied-bill grebes were there most of the summer. We suspect they nested, but have no proof. Folks often call them "mud hens", but I had never seen them before.

Scarlet Tanager
I have never seen this bird, but Jim Voyles enjoyed watching a nesting pair at his home just north of Palmyra. He had 30 birdhouses and gets tufted titmouse, chicadee, bluebirds, and .. nesting in them.

Several hundred Sandhill Cranes migrate over Palmyra each fall and spring.

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Written by Harold Eddleman, Ph. D., President, Indiana Biolab, 14045 Huff St., Palmyra IN 47164

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