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The main concern about working with microbiology at home is the possibility that you will accidentally isolate a pathogen (disease causing) organism. There are many bacteria found in nature that can cause human disease. Therefore, you need to use much greater caution than you used in isolating bacteria from foods. Please go to page B080 and study about pathogenic bacteria before you isolate any bacteria from habitats which might contain human pathogens.

The best insurance against a human pathogen is to avoid isolating bacteria from habitats known to carry pathogens. Secondly, do not isolate bacteria from the Genera known to contain human pathogens. Thirdly, do not isolate using medium and isolating conditions used for isolating human pathogens. Fourthly, learn all you can about human pathogens. Page LINK COMING is the index page for pathogenic bacteria. You can search the web for +bacteria +pathogenic +human for further information. and select the majority organism, not a strange unusual colony. Therefore, you need to read about bacteria before you isolate them so that you are armed with much knowledge. For that reason, this website will have pages describing many safe common bacteria and lists and info about those that cause disease. It will take months or years to complete those pages. Meanwhile, read any bacteriology books you can find.

B203 - Isolation of Vibrio (Photobacterium) phosphoreum from fresh sea fish - glows in dark
B204 - Isolation of Desulfo bacteria which reduce sulfur compounds as electron acceptors

If a page is not clear, or the method is too difficult for you or you don't have the supplies and equipment, write me. I will try to make the page more useful to you.

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