Introduction to the
Classification of the Bacteria

These 10 pages will present the main information that a beginning student or tradesman needs to know about the classification of the bacteria.

This section undertakes to present a classification of the bacteria on a student level. I hope to keep it simple enough for students, farmers, and others to benefit. It is intended for such people. The professionals have their own reference books. These pages can never replace those books. This section is intended for those who do not have any reference books.

It will take most of 1999 to complete this section

You can help get these pages started by sending me an e-mail stating what you needed to know on this visit. I will work first on those sections to help the visitors.

An even simpler introduction titled Some Bacterial Genera has been written to introduce the beginning student to the simplest to remember genera. b095.htm

------- To be Continued -------

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