Equipment for your Home Micro Lab

Equipment you can make or find

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Preparation of Medium.

Other pages have suggested items you can use. Some are relisted here

Petri Dishes - plastic lids with foil cover.

Bottles: Listerine, Glass soda pop bottees.

  • Plastic soda pop bottles come in many sinzes for measu;re as they are in liters. cut top off and use for culture tube supports. er liter (1.1 quart). Corn syrup is mostly glucose which is a sugar most microbes can use. Recalling that a liter is 1000 ml or 1000 cubic centimeters, we will add 10 cc of corn syrup to a liter of water. Your ruler is marked in centimeters. So we want to add a slug of cornsyrup about 1 cm x 1 cm x 10 cm long. You can estimate this volume easily and you need not be exact for this first experiment.
  • tyndalize milk 3 days in a row. save a conrtol

    The begin some simple experiments and you will learn what you need. Later you may want to buy some supplies, but at first see how much you can do with items from your home, farm, and gifts of discarded items.

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