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This mail list is devoted to helping anyone having questions about any kind of microbe (bacteria, fungi, yeast, bacteriophage, virus, or prion). You may send an e-mail message or question to BacteriaStudyList and it will automaticly go to everyone who has subscribed to BacteriaStudyList. When subscribers get your question, some of them may reply and send you their methods for solving the question you have asked. Dr. Eddleman also replies to every message--usually within a few hours. You may send answers to any question that appears on this list and your answer will go to everyone on the list.

This list was established primarily for K-12-college students and other nonprofessionals. We also welcome homeowners, farmers, and and anyone else having a question about microbes. Teachers and microbiologists have joined the list to encourage students in their self-directed studies and science projects at home. We encourage students to exchange e-mail about their projects via the list so that other students will benefit.

Join this list and you will learn about isolation and identification of microbes, their culture, suitable media, for science projects, for good health, and career information. Students and beginners using this list will develop their vocabulary and learn things too new to be in textbooks.

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